For Active Men & Women Over 30 Who Want To Get Rid of Stiff, Sore, Tight Joints and Muscles...

NEW: The Sore Joint Solution Gets Rid of Muscle and Joint Stiffness, Soreness, Tightness, and Even Pain For Some In As Little As 5 Minutes... 

... Without Self Myofascial Release, Stretching, or Traditional Joint Mobility Drills.

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Did you know the fastest way to get rid of muscle and joint stiffness, tightness, and soreness is NOT by stretching or doing mobility work

I know it sounds crazy because we’ve been conditioned to believe that we’re sore and tight because we’re not flexible, and so, more stretching or joint mobility work is the answer.

But the truth is...


Your body’s most powerful organ is the key to getting rid of your stiffness, tightness, and soreness.

And today, I’m going to share three secrets that will unlock your body almost immediately.

I’m Geoff Neupert. I’m a Master Trainer, Strength Coach, and author, and I conquered 25 years of chronic knee pain, and helped 1000s of others get rid of their joint and muscle issues too.

So what is your body’s most powerful organ I’m talking about?

It’s actually your brain.

And I know what you might be wondering: What does my brain have to do with my stiff muscles, sore joints, and limited range of motion? How’s that going to loosen my shoulder? Fix my sore lower back? Or get rid of the stiffness in my knees?

And I don’t blame you - I thought the same thing.

But what I found is even after doing lots of foam rolling, various forms of stretching, and core training, I still seriously injured BOTH my hips.

And after 4 years of dynamic joint mobility work, I almost blew out my lower back for the second time.

But I’m going to show you a way to “hack” into your brain to recapture and restore lost ranges of motion and feel like your soreness, stiffness and tightness just melt away… without stretching or mobility work.

Secret #1 is that your brain controls EVERYTHING in your body, including your tight muscles. 

Why is this so important?

Because when your brain feels like it’s lost control of areas of your body - which is called “motor control” - Your subconscious “brain-body connection” - it limits the ranges of motion in those areas as a protection mechanism.

So when you stretch a tight muscle, or mobilize a tight joint, you’re just addressing a symptom of the underlying problem...

Which is a loss of motor control - your subconscious brain-body connection.

And this is why the muscle or joint tightens up again - you haven’t restored motor control, and your brain only feels momentarily safe.

Secret #2 is that the way you restore motor control is to restore your head’s natural resting position and restore your natural breathing patterns.

And that’s because the head leads the body: Where the head goes, the body follows. And most people have what’s called “forward head posture."

Forward head posture has been scientifically proven to immediately decrease your ability to breathe correctly.

And when you breathe incorrectly, you destabilize your spine and pelvis, which research has demonstrated, decreases your motor control.

And the third secret is that there’s a natural and systematic process, called the Human Developmental Sequence, you can revisit, to fix your anterior head position, restore your natural breathing and spinal stability, and regain motor control.

And that’s important because revisiting the Human Developmental Sequence in a systematic way, removes all guesswork and provides positive, near-instantaneous increases in flexibility and range of motion… 

And most importantly, decreases in stiffness, tightness, soreness, and for some, even pain.

So, if you’re looking to get rid of sore, tight, stiff muscles and joints, you definitely need to recapture your lost motor control.

And you might be asking, “Ok, well how do I do that - how do I recapture my motor control?”

My wife, Courtney, and Doctor of Physical Therapy, and I, have actually created a system called, “The Sore Joint Solution,” based on the Human Developmental Sequence, to help you do just that.

It’s a systematic series of gentle exercises that are done in the comfort of your own home anywhere you have a bit of floor space.

Also, you might be wondering how this is different from other movement restoration systems. The "Sore Joint Solution" is systematic and step-by-step, and provides a clear path of progress. You can measure immediate improvement in the reduction of your stiffness, tightness, and soreness, without guessing what you should do next, or wondering whether it will work for you. You’ll know immediately.

So you might be wondering, "Ok, well how do I get access to the Sore Joint Solution?"

We’ve actually created an easy-to-use course that you can use and access at any time, from anywhere, on any device.

Simply watch the short instructional videos, or follow along, do the gentle exercises, and feel your stiffness, soreness, and tightness start to melt away.

So go ahead and click on the link below and you can start getting rid of your stiffness, tightness, and soreness in the next 30 minutes or less.

The "Sore Joint Solution" is always available, but not at this exclusive discounted price, because we’re doing this as part of a marketing test.

So if you come back tomorrow, the test may be over, and the price may have increased.

So again, click on the link below.

We will see you on the inside.

Here's How This Is Different

Almost every other method to get rid of joint and muscle stiffness, soreness, and tightness uses the "Allopathic Approach."

The Allopathic Approach treats the site of pain or dysfunction, which is great for a broken bone, a gunshot wound, or liver cancer.

But experience and research demonstrates it repeatedly fails when dealing with joint and muscle issues, which are really "nervous system" issues.

Here's why:


The Allopathic Approach is an “outside in” approach.

The Allopathic model for joint and muscle problems is to look at the musculoskeletal system to find what’s tight, weak, stuck, or too loose. It then tries to fix it through medications, surgery, stretching, wiggling, adjusting, mobilizing, and strengthening.

Some methods give credit to the Central Nervous System in terms of “re-patterning,” but not in “rebooting.”

The Sore Joint Solution uses the P3 Protocol to recapture the fluid movement you had as a kid. It uses an “inside out” approach which “reboots” motor control.

Here's What This Is All About

The Sore Joint Solution is a video series and training manual that walks you through gentle movements in a specific and systematic sequence which restores motor control, and alleviates your stiffness, tightness, and soreness. 

Learn More

As a result your flexibility also increases unlocking previously lost ranges of motion, and in some cases, you will recapture lost strength - almost immediately.

The Sore Joint Solution uses the P3 Protocol, a systematic and systematized sequence, based on the Human Developmental Sequence.

Here's How It Works

The Sore Joint Solution uses the P3 Protocol to restore lost motor control.

Motor control is your “brain-body connection” - the ability to move how you want, when you want. It’s subconscious and voluntary.
Losing motor control is like...

Learn More

Losing motor control is like blowing fuses or tripping circuits in your home’s electrical panel.

Sure, you still have electricity, but you temporarily lose it at one or more outlets. Flip the switch back on, or, worst case, replace the circuit, and all the lights and outlets are back on once again.

And the good news is -

Just like flipping the switches back on in your electrical panel, you can “flip the switches back on” in your brain...

So you can move your body the way you're supposed to...

The way you want to - running, jumping, hiking, lifting, playing sports... 

How The P3 Protocol Works

The P3 Protocol is based upon the Human Developmental Sequence (HDS).

That's the pre-programmed "growth" sequence every human follows the moment he or she is born to the time he or she is about 3 years old.

You start as a helpless sleeping, milk-drinking, pooping machine that needs near constant attention and supervision and develop into a fireball of energy that runs around the house smiling, laughing and getting into pretty much everything.

As you follow the HDS, your body develops the ability to move however you want it to.

But, because we live sedentary lifestyles, these movement "patterns" (also called "neural pathways") are no longer used as much as they used to.

So, in order to conserve energy, your brain bypasses them or gets rid of parts of them altogether (called "neuronal pruning.")

Therefore, by simply “revisiting” these pre-programmed patterns, from the comfort of your own home, you “switch on” or "reboot" these dormant patterns, much like flipping on a circuit breaker and restoring the electricity to a room or appliance in your house.

Recapture your lost motor control and your body starts working naturally again.

And as a result, your soreness, stiffness, and tightness... disappears.

The P3 Protocol Is Systematic and Predictable

You may have seen other approaches that use the HDS - or parts of it. I have too. And some of them are great...

(I even co-created one of them.)

P3 is different from everything I've seen and used. 

That's because it's both systematized and systematic.

And most importantly - simple.

In other words, there's a place you start...

... specific things you do that form a repeatable, measurable process...

... that are done in a specific order...

... And there's a specific place to finish.

No "you can try this... or this... or that... or play with such-and-such..."


Start here. Follow the process. Cross the checkpoints. Make the progress. Get results.

Like this -

P1 - Position. Start in a position.

P2 - Pattern. Do specific drills that help recapture lost motor control. (The main ones that helped you develop it in the first place.)

P3 - Power. Move from that position.


Again, systematized, systematic, and simple.

Here's Who This Is For

The Sore Joint Solution is for active men and women who have struggled to get rid of sore, stiff, tight muscles and/or joints, and have failed using traditional methods, including, but not limited to: 

Learn More


Self-Myofascial Release

Voodoo Flossing


Chiropractic / Physical Therapy

Deep Tissue Massage



Animal Flows

... Or any other modality.

Here's What The Sore Joint Solution
Does For You

The Sore Joint Solution uses the P3 Protocol, a roadmap, to get rid of your stiffness, soreness, tightness and for some, active and chronic pain.

By routinely using these gentle exercises, user have:


  • Eliminated pain and restored full ranges of motion in their shoulders
  • Bypassed neck surgery for cervical stenosis and eliminated tingling and numbness shooting down arms, hands, and fingers
  • Beat the doctor's diagnosis of having bilateral knee replacement surgery and returning to a full healthy life
  • Restored full function of hip after labrum surgery and partial function using modern physical therapy methods
  • Erased nearly two decades of lower back pain and started swinging kettlebells at age 50
  • Fixed golfer's and tennis elbow in less than an hour
  • To name but a few...

DISCLAIMER: These results are not "typical." In fact, they sound "fantastical." The persons who obtained these results were actually motivated enough to do the work. Unfortunately, most people are not willing to put in the work. Moral of the story? Don't be typical.

Here's What Others Are Saying About
The Sore Joint Solution

Robert "Fixes" His Shoulder 
and His Hip

Doomed By A Doc To A Life Of Knee Pain,
Wesley Sees Relief In A Week

Brandon Hurts His Hip On Day 8 Of A 21-Day Hip Mobility Challenge... Fixes It In Minutes Using P3... Improves His Hip Mobility For BJJ...


Watch This Live Demonstration with Fabio Zonin, a 50-Something Bodybuilder, Powerlifter, World Class Strength & Conditioning Coach, and Master Instructor for StrongFirst and the Italian Fitness Federation

NOTE: This video was edited. It was originally a live broadcast to an Italian audience. We edited out Fabio's translations from English to Italian.

How To Get
The Sore Joint Solution

The Sore Joint Solution is available for immediate access.

It comes as a step-by-step video series, and a 128 page eBook that explains in detail "why" the system works, and then "how" to perform each of the gentle exercises found in all three phases of the P3 Protocol.

Upon enrollment, you will be taken to a portal where you will immediately be able to access the Phase 1 video series of the P3 Protocol and download the eBook, for viewing and reading at your convenience, on any device. 

NEW: An Uncommon and Enjoyable Method for Men Over 40 To Burn Fat and Build Muscle In Just 90 Minutes A Week, Without Painful Dieting

  • Spend more time with your family and less time working out
  • Have more energy to play with your kids or grandkids or hang out with your friends
  • Rewind the clock and feel like your formerly "capable" self

Paul, a newly-married 28-year old personal trainer, who was opening a brand new personal training studio, and sleeping around 4-5 hours a night, packed on 8 pounds of pure muscle in only 30 days without any increase in his waist size.

Another client of mine, 35-year-old Carl Sipes, also a personal trainer, was in the middle of expanding his facility, and used the same program, and built 6.5lb of muscle, and lost 5.5lb of fat - in the same 30-day period!

And John Grahill, a 56-year old, high-mileage retired law enforcement officer, lost 4.5lb in only 3 weeks, while increasing his strength-endurance by 25%, without any significant change in his diet.

And you’ll want to use what my close friend, 41-year old father of four, and CEO of a local roofing company, Michael O’Malley, used to pack on almost 25 pounds of muscle and see 50% strength gains in the last year (Michael’s 18-year old son told him he looked like he could be one of “The Avengers”...)
*NOTE: Yes, Michael is trying to flex his biceps while driving to show off his increased "gun" size...

What's Different About

  • Avoids working to failure like the plague - instead you ruthlessly manage fatigue and lactic acid buildup, so you can do lots of high quality work, which is the key to seeing rapid changes in your body composition
  • Employs specific reps, sets, weights, and rest periods to ensure you train your Fast Twitch muscle fibers instead of converting them to weak, slow twitch muscle fibers…
  • Engages specific rep ranges for super strength and muscle building discovered by Soviet sports scientists and applied by Soviet weightlifters when they ruled the world, so you get stronger and do more work than you would using conventional wisdom…
  • Applies specific “guardrails” to ensure you do the optimum amount of work to grow and get stronger, without burning out your nervous system, damaging your heart, or destroying your mitochondria, and overstressing your body

Here’s What You Get Today
Training Manual

COMPONENT 1: Easy Muscle Training Programs: SCHEDULE A, SCHEDULE B, SCHEDULE C (Value: $297) - 3x 8-week training programs (24 weeks total)

COMPONENT 2: Easy Muscle Training Journal (Value: $19)
Remember Peter Drucker’s words: “What gets measured gets managed.”

COMPONENT 3: “One Best [Power Fiber] Exercise” Quick Start Videos ($98)

COMPONENT 4: The Advanced "One Best Exercise" Deep Dive Videos ($199) - A battery-powered drill with multiple bits will help you screw the boards on your deck faster than a regular screwdriver. This advanced version of the "One Best Exercise" is like the battery-powered drill.

COMPONENT 5: The "Second Best Power Exercise" Deep Dive Videos ($199) - As the name describes, here's the #2 best power exercise for men over 40.

COMPONENT 6: EASY MUSCLE Exercise Video Resource Center ($99) - Demos and instructions for the exercises you'll be using inside the 'EASY MUSCLE' programs all in one easy-to-use, easy-to-find place.


Your Discount: 95%

What’s Your Investment In

How much will this cutting edge 24-week training program, training manual, special reports, and quick start videos cost you?

Less than $40.


That’s right, less than dinner for you and your significant other at any halfway decent restaurant pretty much anywhere in the world.

30-Day "Easy" Guarantee

30-Day Guarantee

I'm so sure that Easy Muscle will work for you, if you don’t see and feel measurable results like Paul, Carl, and John did in your first 30 days, I'll happily refund you your purchase price.

Simply email me a copy of your training journal showing me you did the work, and we'll part friends. Deal?

Get started by clicking the button below.

2 Options If You’re On The Fence

Look, I get that what you read is… different. It’s certainly not the same thing anyone else I’ve seen is talking about.

Everyone else is spooking you with “Low T” stuff and then hooking you like a crack dealer on their monthly auto-ship supplements, that may, or may not work, depending on their “proprietary blend.” (They’re not telling you that their “spokesmen” are on T.R.T. - Testosterone Replacement Therapy.)

But right now you have 2 options:

Option 1: Keep doing what you’re doing.

Since you’re still reading this letter, chances are better than good you’re unsatisfied with your physical appearance or health, or both.

And what you’ve done in the past hasn’t worked for you, which is why, like many guys, you’re frustrated with your lack of results and your current situation.

And you need a change.

But if you keep walking down the same road, nothing is going to change, except you’ll get older.

And change - recapturing a strong, muscular, healthy body, and the confidence that comes with it…

… Change will get harder and harder and harder, until it’s virtually impossible.

Or, there’s -

Option 2: Let me do all the heavy lifting for you.

I’ve been training people from all over the world for the last 30+ years. Shoot, between 2001 and 2013, when I actually took the time to count them - I racked up over 25,000 hours of one-on-one personal training sessions.

Some of my clients I trained those entire twelve years, and one, I’ve been training since 2001! And I’ve even trained members of the US military special operations units. (My best friend is an Army Ranger and he just told me he wasted 8 years of his life doing CrossFit and HIIT style workouts, before he met me and we started training together.)

I’ve published books, created certifications and coaching programs, and presented at certifications and workshops all over the world - from the United States, throughout Europe, even Singapore and Australia.

I know what works, and what doesn’t.

When you grab your copy of 'EASY MUSCLE', you get a proven training plan, based upon decades of experience, that’s worked for over 4,159 other men just like you.

More importantly, you’ll know what NOT to do.

At this point, the ball’s in your court.

$39 isn’t going to make-or-break my life, but it may turn yours right-side up.


Q: How long is each workout?

A: Each training session is 20 to 30 minutes long. You decide.

Q: How long is the 'EASY MUSCLE' program?

A: There are three (3) programs and each is 8 weeks long - so 24 weeks - 6 months worth of programs.

Q: What exercises are included?

A: Exercises that make you muscular, strong, and powerful. Popular exercises like squats, parallel dips, the “One Best (Power) Exercise,” the “Second Best (Power) Exercise,” and variations.

Q: What if I can’t do all the exercises listed in the program?

A: No worries - I’ve been doing this a long time. So I’ve provided alternative exercises for you.

Q: Do I need to work out at the gym or can I work out at home?

A: You can train at home or in the gym with dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells, bands, even sandbags. Your choice.

Q: Will Easy Muscle  work for people over 50?

A: Yes. John Grahill is over 50. It worked for him, it'll work for you. Incidentally, I'm in my late 40s, and Easy Muscle  programming seems to work BETTER for me the older I get. They seem to work better for my recovery.

Q: How long do I have to try this out?

A: You can have a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. I fully expect you to see similar gains to Paul Lyngso, Carl Sipes, Michael O’Malley, and John Grahill. If for some strange reason you don't - email me at with a copy of your training log showing me your lack of progress, and I'll happily refund you and we'll part friends.

Thanks for reading this letter.

Stay Strong.





















[20] Evans, Rosenberg, Biomarkers, The 10 Keys To Prolonging Vitality, 1991. Simon & Schuster, Inc.

Due to recent statements from the Federal Trade Commission, I must disclose what “typical” results using these programs will be. Typically, most people will become really excited after reading this sales letter and will purchase this product thinking it’s some sort of magical pill. They will either never print out the programs and do them, or do one workout and think it’s “too h-a-a-r-r-d” (said in the best whiney voice ever) and abandon their attempts.

So, the typical person will do nothing and “hope” for change. So their results will be zero. Your results, should you wish to “not be typical,” are completely dependent on your ability to actually do the work and follow through. Again, this is not a magic bullet. Unicorns do not exist. And there is no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Testimonials, case studies, and examples found on this page are results that have been forwarded to us by users of 'EASY MUSCLE' products and related products, who have actually done the work, and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results, only show what's possible with follow through.