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It's John's Fault.

I've "known" John Grahill for almost a decade now.

He's been a long-time customer - purchased several of my products and beta-tested others, including Kettlebell STRONG!, Kettlebell RMF, and Kettlebell EXPRESS! (twice). 

Here's a recent email exchange he and I had:

He was doing the "Double Giant" - which is the doubles version of a single kettlebell program called, "The Giant."

As you can see, in only 3 weeks, training 30 minutes a day, 3 days a week (90 minutes total), John -

  • Dropped 4.5 pounds...
  • Wearing a pair of 35 inch waist jeans that were "slightly uncomfortable" and are now "spot on" - demonstrating that some of the weight he lost was stomach fat - the most dangerous kind - the stuff that contributes to heart disease...
  • Did this without "significantly altering his diet"... 
  • His arms are "more vascular" - which means he's seeing more definition in them...
  • Improved his conditioning levels by nearly doubling the amount of work he performed...

Here's what else John said -

John emailed me after Day1, Week 4. He was able to improve his reps from 55 in one session to 72 in one session... in only 4 weeks.

That's a 24% increase in total work performed!

In other words, John saw a 24% increase in his strength-endurance levels in only 4 weeks!

Oh, and I failed to mention -

John is a "high mileage" individual who's in his mid-50's!

But that's not all...

John Continues To Set Non-Stop PR's -


John just emailed me again (we keep in touch multiple times per week) with his latest update.

Since John started 'THE GIANT', he's moved up a full kettlebell size from a pair of 32kg's to a pair of 36kg's.

That means he continues to get stronger and stronger, month after month.

Not only that, his heart rate is lower...

... which means he's improving his heart health, and decreasing his risk of cardiovascular disease...

... Which is something every man over 40 has to be concerned about.

And nearly every week, every month...

He's setting personal strength records, each and every week, while getting more and more muscular...

... And shockingly, he's  -

Losing Fat Without Dieting!

John's not the only one who's experiencing these types of results...

Not by a long shot.

Other guys -

Many over 35... Over 40... Over 50... And even over 60...

... Are stoked because they are experiencing some amazing results too, without having to workout long hours like they did when they were in their 20s...

Yet in many cases they're seeing better results!

Look -

"... getting leaner in the abdominals and bigger shoulders...

"... intense and great for shredding the belly fat."

"Feeling stronger and looking a lot better."

"The Giant seems to have made all my shirts smaller, particularly in the shoulder and arm areas. The program has also made all my pants bigger in the waist."

But that's not all.

There are many others who report - 

Getting Stronger and More Muscular Without Killing Themselves
In The Gym

"I feel leaner, stronger and what is more important, feeling zero pain in my shoulders."

".... after a month of the giant 1.0 and I gained almost 3kg of muscle... bodyfat maintained..."

65kg Mark Limbaga "casually presses" 32kg in one hand...

(I need to point out that Mark weighs a "whopping" 65kg (~140 pounds) or so and he's casually pressing HALF HIS BODYWEIGHT with ONE HAND, without practicing!)

"I got stupid strong and was able to rag doll people on the mats in Jiu Jitsu."

After Just 4 Weeks, Ron DOUBLED His Reps On His
Double Clean + Press
 - From 10 to 20!

And You May Be Even Be Accused of Taking Steroids, 
Like Michael... 

I could continue to show you screenshot after screenshot after screenshot after screenshot of emails and forum posts of guys' results from 'THE GIANT.'

(Feel free to head over the StrongFirst forum and poke around yourself.)

But I think you might get the point.

There are many kettlebell workout programs that claim to get results.

'THE GIANT' brings the goods, especially for those of us over 35.

But why?

Reason #1: One 'BIG' Lift

Once you've built a solid foundation from doing Swings and Turkish Get Ups, it's time to fight the Law of Accommodation (the physiological law that explains why progress stalls) and overload your body with another "big" exercise - 

The Clean & Press.

Yes, you're right - technically it is TWO exercises. But many sports scientists and coaches categorize the Clean & Press as a "Compound Lift" -

Two or more compound exercises performed together. 

(Unlike traditional bodybuilding-style isolation exercises - compound exercises are lifts that use multiple muscle groups during their performance, thus making them more efficient.)

Think of the Clean as the delivery system for placing the kettlebell in the rack position - 

Upon the shoulders -

So you can hoist it overhead. 

The Military Press is THE kettlebell exercise of choice for building a strong, muscular upper body.

It works your lats, your biceps, your triceps, your shoulders, your upper back, your upper chest - even your abs.

Making it a "one-stop-shop" for direct and indirect upper body work.

Back to the Clean, which is no slouch in its own right. 

Often overlooked, when performed for enough reps - especially the double kettlebell clean - will pack on muscle in the arms, shoulders, and upper back.

It even strengthens your grip as a pair of heavy kettlebells work to peel your fingers open on each and every backswing, dropped from the rack, making it great for grapplers.   

Furthermore, according to research by Professor Arkady Vorobyev, 2-time Olympic Weightlifting Gold Medalist, 5-time World Champion, and sports scientist, a set of 10 double cleans performed with 2x32kg kettlebells, kept elite Olympic weightlifters' heart rates elevated for almost 10 minutes -

So it's good for your heart health too! 

(We all know that heart disease is a major health issue in those of us over 40.)

Finally, research by sports scientists like Dr. William Kraemer, and others, seem to indicate large, compound exercises and lifts like the Clean & Press, performed at specific effort levels and volumes...

Stimulate post-workout releases in anabolic hormones such testosterone, growth hormone, and IGF-1... 

... Which are responsible for building strength, muscle, and burning off body fat.

Reason #2: Simplicity

Life is now more complicated than ever.

Especially if you have a family, work 50+ hours at a 40-hour-a-week job, and have kids.

Energy is at a premium.

And many times, with such a busy schedule, you just can't muster the willpower to do complicated workout programs.

'THE GIANT' focuses all your available energy on the Clean & Press...

Like the sun focused through a magnifying glass on an ant pile by a 10-year old boy.

With zero distractions - unless you want them. 

Whether you choose to train before work, or after, the only thing on your agenda is the liberatingly efficient Clean & Press.

Worried about being "bored" with "just" one exercise?

Reason #3 fixes that.

Reason #3: The 'R.V.A.' Programming

The programming inside 'THE GIANT' is built upon 3 main concepts - 

R = (The) Repetition Maximum (RM)

... Is how many reps you can do at one time, with great form. 'THE GIANT' uses RMs based upon the strength training guidelines and ranges of elite Soviet weightlifters that are demonstrated to produce the greatest gains in strength.

V = Variable Overload

Progress in most Western programming is based on the concept of Progressive Overload - just a little bit more, each and almost every time you work out. For example, as the weight gets heavier, you do less total sets and reps. 

The Soviets found that you could achieve up to 61% greater gains in strength when you varied the sets, reps, and weight - regardless of how heavy the weight was.

'THE GIANT' uses Variable Overload, which is one of the reasons why guys report such amazing gains in strength in such a short period of time.

A = Autoregulation

Simply stated, "Autoregulation" is doing what you can on any given day based upon that day's explicit training guidelines (built off your RM and Variable Overload).

Sounds simple enough, right?

Yet, this R.V.A. Programming was born out of 25+ years of empirical data of what works, and what doesn't - 

Especially for those of us over 35... 45... 55... and even 65...

Interestingly enough, this R.V.A. Programming also includes the correct training parameters observed by Dr. Kraemer and his colleagues to stimulate the release of testosterone, growth hormone, and IGF-1 - 

Which are the hormones that build your strength, your muscle, and burn off your body fat.

Again, one more reason why guys are packing on muscle, and stripping off body fat at shocking rates - without dieting.

Finally, when you use the R.V.A. Programming in 'THE GIANT,' you too have the opportunity to achieve similar results to John and all the others who've used the program so far...

Those who have reported...

  • Shirts that fit tighter across the chest and shoulders...
  • Sleeve-stretching vascular arms, and forearms that look more like turkey drumstick than chicken legs...
  • Noticeably visible stomach fat loss, a tighter midsection and looser fitting jeans...
  • Extra daily energy from improved conditioning...
  • Extra attention from the wife or girlfriend...

You may think THE GIANT is one program.

It's not.

It's actually FIVE different programs.

John used #4.


Here's what's inside:

  • THE GIANT 1.0 - A basic 10RM program for those with lower endurance...
  • THE GIANT 1.1 - An intermediate 10RM program for those with average endurance...
  • THE GIANT 1.2 - An intermediate 10RM program for those with better than average endurance...
  • THE GIANT 2.0 - An advanced 10RM program for those with average endurance and high levels of strength...
  • THE GIANT 3.0 - A 5RM program for those who want to make a heavy pair of kettlebells feel light...

And the best part is - 

You can run all these programs back-to-back for 20 weeks of high quality programming!

All You Need Is ONE Kettlebell

And it doesn't even have to be HEAVY.

All you have to do is be able to Clean & Press it 10 times.

And now, suddenly, you have 16 weeks of programming at your fingertips allowing you to transform your body with the kettlebell Clean & Press in only 90 minutes per week.

Better yet - 

Accelerate your results and grab A PAIR of kettlebells - they don't even have to match - you're simply limited by the "heavier" one.

How much does THE GIANT cost?

That depends on whether you get the Basic version or The PREMIUM version.

Here's what's included with each:


Here's what's inside:

  • THE GIANT 1.0 - A basic 10RM program for those with lower endurance...
  • THE GIANT 1.1 - An intermediate 10RM program for those with average endurance...
  • THE GIANT 1.2 - An intermediate 10RM program for those with better than average endurance...
  • THE GIANT 2.0 - An advanced 10RM program for those with average endurance and high levels of strength...
  • THE GIANT 3.0 - A 5RM program for those who want to make a heavy pair of kettlebells feel light...



Here's what's inside:

  • THE GIANT 1.0 - A basic 10RM program for those with lower endurance...
  • THE GIANT 1.1 - An intermediate 10RM program for those with average endurance...
  • THE GIANT 1.2 - An intermediate 10RM program for those with better than average endurance...
  • THE GIANT 2.0 - An advanced 10RM program for those with average endurance and high levels of strength...
  • THE GIANT 3.0 - A 5RM program for those who want to make a heavy pair of kettlebells feel light...


BONUS #1THE BIG 6 - 'How To Kettlebell Clean' Videos

(Value: $97)

Here’s how you:

  • Keep the kettlebell from smacking you on the back of your wrist
  • Avoid slamming the kettlebell into your shoulder
  • Prevent hurting your back in the Rack position
  • Position your arm to avoid Golfer's or Tennis Elbow
  • Grip the kettlebell for maximum comfort and stability
  • “Tame the arc” for the perfect landing position
  • “Tame the arc” on the backswing so you don’t hurt your lower back
  • And much, much more...

BONUS #2: THE BIG 6 - How To Kettlebell Press Videos

(Value: $97)

Inside, you’ll discover - 

  • How to build a “Pillar of Power” upon which to project a strong and stable Press
  • The role of your feet for stabilizing a big overhead lift
  • How to use your quads for more strength
  • What your abs and gluts should be doing to protect your lower back so you can hoist heavy weights overhead
  • How to protect your shoulders - and especially your rotator cuffs, by learning how to engage your lats both on the way up AND more importantly, on the way DOWN
  • Where your eyes and head should be for an immediately stronger and shoulder-healthy Press
  • And much, much more...

BONUS #3: THE BIG 6 - How To Swing… Turkish Get Up… Goblet Squat… and Snatch Videos

(Value: $388)

Here’s Why:

  • So if what you learn in the Clean videos doesn't fix your Clean, fix your Swing.
  • The Goblet Squat “greases” your hips and knees for maximum power in the Swing...
  • The Turkish Get Up is perfect for restoring movement in stiff, tight shoulders that hurt when pressing... 
  • Plus - the Turkish Get Up is a perfect exercise for opening tight hips, and teaching your core and shoulder to "play together" for shoulder safety and longevity - critical for long term success in the Press...
  • And the Snatch is perfect to alternate after 3 or 4 months of training with the Clean and Press...
  • And much, much more...

*Digital Videos - Available For Immediate Access!


Get It All Right Now

ONLY $37 


"Best $20 I've Ever Spent..."

"Still Really Feels Like the Best $20 I've Ever Spent, By Far."

"Crazy gains and I'm only on week 3."

"I'm steadily gaining lean muscle..."

"Everyone I know is commenting on how muscle I've put on my upper body..."

"I haven't done anything but the program for the last 6 weeks. Today... I set a PR with 14 x 97lb get ups."

As you can see, THE GIANT delivers.

If you want to see measurable improvements in your strength, and a decrease in your body fat, without spending hours a week working out, then grab your copy today.

30-Day "Extra Strength" Guarantee

I'm so sure that you'll get "Extra Strength" on your Clean & Presses AND actually SEE a visible difference in your body in the next 30 days, like John Grahill did, that if for some strange reason you don't, I'll happily refund you your purchase price. 

Simply send me an email showing me your training journal and we'll part friends. Deal?


Q: How long is each workout?

A: Each workout is 20 to 30 minutes long. You decide.

Q: How long is THE GIANT program?

A: There are FIVE programs and each is 4 weeks long - so 20 weeks - almost 5 months worth of programs.

Q: What size kettlebell do I need?

A: Something that you can Clean & Press for a max of about 10 times. Or a PAIR of kettlebells you can Clean & Press 10 times.

Q: What's better - using a single kettlebell for THE GIANT or a pair of kettlebells?

A: A Pair. They create greater systemic demand and therefore faster, more noticeable results (like John's).

Q: If I use a pair of kettlebells, do they have to be equal?

A: No, you can use mixed-matched kettlebells.

Q: Do I really need the videos?

A: Probably. Even as a nationally qualified Olympic lifter, I was still banging my wrists and shoulders on the Cleans. I had to go to the RKC Kettlebell Cert. to overcome that. I've distilled that info down and passed it on to you.

Plus, tightening up your technique can make you near-instantly stronger - adding an extra rep or two per set. That means you get stronger and better conditioned in the long run too.

Q: Will THE GIANT work for people over 40?

A: Yes. John Grahill is over 50. It worked for him, it'll work for you. Incidentally, I'm in my late 40s, and these types of programs seem to work BETTER for me the older I get. They seem to work better for my recovery.

Q: How long do I have to try this out?

A: You can have a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. I fully expect you to see similar gains to John Grahill, who is over 50. If for some strange reason you don't - email me at support@chasingstrength.com with a copy of your training log showing me your lack of progress, and I'll happily refund you and we'll part friends.

Q: How soon do I get access?

A: As soon as you finish checking out. Simply check your email for your access link.

Thanks for reading this letter. 

I hope you decide to take me up on my offer and grab 'THE GIANT' programs today.

Stay Strong,



Geoff Neupert has been training people from all walks of life since 1993.

He’s been training his clients and himself with kettlebells since 2002 and has been called by some, a “Kettlebell OG.” He was a Master Instructor with two different kettlebell instructor certifications - the RKC (Russian Kettlebell  Challenge) and StrongFirst. He was also the StrongFirst Education Manager from 2013-2014. 

He has travelled the world teaching others how to become kettlebell instructors and has taught his own intermediate and advanced Kettlbell Burn, Kettlebell Muscle, and Kettlebell STRONG! kettlebell workshops.

He’s published books like Kettlebell Muscle, training courses like THE BIG 6 and Kettlebell STRONG!, and popular kettlebell workout programs like Kettlebell Burn, Kettlebell EXPRESS!, and Kettlebell Burn EXTREME!...
Geoff is the co-creator of Original Strength Systems, a movement restoration company called, which helps people restore and rebuild their ability to move like a kid again, and taught that system all over the world too.

Geoff is a former Division 1 Strength & Conditioning Coach at Rutgers University where he trained athletes from 26 different teams. He also is a former National Qualifier and State Champion in the sport of Olympic Weightlifting.

He’s married to a beautiful woman and has two kids.

DISCLAIMER: Due to recent statements from the United States Federal Trade Commission (FTC), I must disclose what “typical” results using these programs will be. The results expressed in this letter are the results of one man, the results of others who have used the program, and my results as a professional coach, who's trained people for 27 years. You should not expect you will experience the exact same results, as we are all different people. Different people have different results. Just good common sense. Back to the FTC: Typically, the average person will become really excited after reading this letter and will purchase this product thinking it’s some sort of magical pill. They will either never print out the programs and do them, or do one workout and think it’s “too har-d-d-d” (said in the best whiney voice ever) and abandon their attempts. So, the typical, average person will do nothing and “hope” for change. So their results will be zero. Your results, should you wish to “not be typical,” or "not be average," are completely dependent on your ability to actually do the work, as written in the programs - not your "interpretation" of the programs - and follow through. Again, this is not a magic bullet. Unicorns do not exist. And there is no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.


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