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Why ‘Training To Failure’ Ages Men Over 40 Faster, Forcing You To Lose Muscle, Gain More Fat and Drain Your Energy Quicker Leading to Injury, Libido Loss and Even Insomnia

And why “High Intensity Interval Training” was never designed for weight loss (or weight training)... And why high caliber power athletes are able to eat junk food and not get fat (and you can't).

Dear Friend,

Men over 40 have been misled by well meaning trainers who have been fed ‘misinterpreted’ research, and deceitful marketing experts who purposefully defraud consumers with sad-sob stories, hype, and downright lies about products that only line their pockets with your hard-earned cash.

Over 70% of American men are now categorized as ‘overweight’ or ‘obese’[1]. And the #1 killer of men is heart disease - which directly correlates to obesity.[2],[3]

And yet, according to marketing research, the global weight loss industry was projected to make $259 billion (with a “B”) in 2021… something is severely wrong. (I couldn't find 2021's final stats. I guess they're not done counting their money...)

In this short letter, you’ll learn a “new-to-you” way to workout that’s been “hidden in plain sight” for the last 70 plus years, probably longer, and used by the greatest athletes in the world to stay lean, strong, supple, and young

… And validated by multiple research studies, including some even sponsored by the US Department of Agriculture, over the last 30+ years.

And it has nothing to do with High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) or getting your heart rate up into the “orange zone”...

Nor is it “high reps for cuts,” or any other bodybuilding bro-science (like carrying around a cooler filled with chicken and broccoli stuffed tupperware)...

And it’s not Keto, Paleo, or even Intermittent Fasting.

It’s none of that.

And it doesn’t look like any of the “weight loss” stuff you’ve tried in the past.

In fact, when you learn how this research has been “hidden in plain sight,” there’s a very good chance you’ll get pissed off from wasting so much of your time, energy, and money.

First, a quick story…

According To The "Experts," This Shouldn't
Have Worked - But It Did!

My name is Geoff Neupert. I’ve been training folks from all walks of life, from all over the world, since 1993. When I was a broke post-graduate college student, training fellow student athletes and working in the school gym back in 1996, I was competing in the sport of Olympic Weightlifting. I was stuck between weight classes and was trying to qualify for the National Championships.

So, I decided to drop down to the lower weight class.

But there was a problem: I only had 3 weeks to drop 10 pounds of fat, and could not lose any muscle or strength.

So, I hired Dr. Tom Bilella, who’d just won the NPC New Jersey Bodybuilding Competition, Light Heavyweight division, and been helping some of the Rutgers wrestlers make weight.

He designed the nutrition plan, and prescribed the usual steady-state cardio that bodybuilders use. I told him I had the lifting part covered.

But his mouth dropped open - dumbfounded - when I told him I couldn’t do any cardio because traditional long, slow, steady-state cardio, makes power athletes like me slow and weak.

Dr. Tom Bilella, DC, MS (RIP)

“Alright,” he said, “But I can’t guarantee your results if you’re not willing to do any cardio.”

I told him I’d take my chances because the “research was clear” that “high power” training like Olympic lifting and long slow cardio didn’t mix.

Imagine his shock (and mine) when after 3 weeks of his nutrition plan and my workout plan, I’d dropped from 210 pounds and 10% body fat to 200 pounds and 3.3% body fat!

I was ripped - bodybuilder shredded - muscle striations and veins everywhere - without doing any cardio whatsoever. (And no, I didn’t do HIIT either.)

Unfortunately, I don’t have any pics, because that was pre-digital camera, poor college student, couldn’t-afford-to-develop-a-roll-of-film days.

I’ll tell you exactly how I did it in a minute.

I need to share a warning and tell you about…

My Brush With 
Professional Suicide

Fast forward 14 years...

I remember it like yesterday, because the moment is burned in my memory.

I laid on my back on the green rubber sport floor in a gym in Lansdowne, PA, just after lunch, on a Friday in late September 2010, with red hot throbbing pain running down the back of my left leg and across my lower back.

Moving my leg was excruciating.

That was bad enough. 

What was worse, was I'd just spent the last 7 years rehabbing a lower back (spine) injury, torn labrums (connective tissue) in both my hips, and 20 years of bilateral knee pain, that at times hurt so bad, I couldn't sit in or get out of a chair without using my hands to hold on.

And apparently, I'd failed.

What was even worse:

Marty Gallagher, World Champion Powerlifting Coach Extraordinaire

I was about to demonstrate the barbell squat lifts for world champion powerlifting coach, Marty Gallagher, at a workshop, in front of a group of my peers, in a strength & conditioning community where I was a leader and a rising star, who’d just published a best-selling book.

If I couldn’t demonstrate, I’d be committing professional suicide because I was supposed to be able to move well and be strong, lead from the front.

As I laid there, I thought about my wife who was 3 months pregnant and about being a cripple for our soon-to-be-born son. 

I had visions of being an old dad, unable to play with my boy, standing by the sidelines, while he was playing games with his friends, and embarrassed by his old man who looked and moved like his grandpa.

I swore that from that moment on, I would change everything I was doing and recapture my health, so I didn’t rob my son of his childhood.

By some miracle, I was able to get off that floor, put my game face on, and do the demo.

But my workouts changed forever.

Even though I refused to listen for 14 years because I was delusional and thought I was "Superman"...

I Was FINALLY Forced To Admit
My Weightlifting Coach Was Right

Thrown out of Cuba in 1980 as a political prisoner, Alfonso Duran landed in Miami, with the other refugees. He then made his way up to New Jersey, and settled in West New York.

"Al," was on the Cuban Weightlifting Team in the late 1960s early 1970s. He was trained by the Soviet World Champion, Alexey Medvedyev. 

And he was a renaissance man. He boxed, swam, ran, cycled and lifted. He was fluent in Spanish, English, German, and Russian. He coached Track & Field in Cuba, where applying Coach Medvedyev’s principles, he received the Master of Sport degree in exchange for his ideas.

I always remember the conversation we had when I was 24 and quit my post-graduate study, and headed to work full time.

I was mad because he cut my workouts (training as we call in lifting sports) down from 5 days a week to 3. 

I protested because I loved working out hard and heavy, pushing myself to near limits all the time, which he despised, because it’s a great way to burn out and get injured.

He then told me -

And this is the part I ignored and paid the price for...

A lower back (spine) injury, torn labrums (connective tissue) in both hips, and ever-increasing knee pain in both knees…

Regular guys cannot and must not use the training methods of elite athletes, like the Soviet training programs I’d studied so hard.

(I’ll tell you the major ones to watch out for in just a few minutes.)

The reason, Al said, was:


When he was lifting in Cuba, Alfonso's only “job” was to lift weights - to work out. 

Show up at the gym every day, train, go home.

And make sure to get his weekly shot of “penicillin.” (Steroids.)

And on the last day of every month, he went down to the local factory where he “worked,” and picked up his “paycheck.”

And it’s these types of situations from which all these sexy “Eastern Bloc” programs were developed.

Regular guys, men like you and me, we don’t have that luxury, he explained.

  •  We have jobs we get paid 40 hours a week for that we’re expected to work 50+ for…
  •  Mortgages, car payments, and bills that need to be paid…
  •  Spouses that need attention, and kids that need love, braces, and to be hauled around town to after-school activities almost daily or multiple times a day (my daughter has gymnastics and dance on Thursdays)…
  •  Not to mention overly-demanding bosses and lazy co-workers or businesses to run.

And since we’re already pretty stressed out or stressed out to the max, and working out is another stressor…

We Can't Use The Highly Stressful Methods Used By Elite Athletes And Expect To Survive For Very Long

And don’t think copying some Hollywood star’s “transformation program” he used to turn himself into a Navy SEAL or Superhero is any better.

Remember, those guys are independently wealthy...

Don’t “need” to work...

And the movie studio usually pays for their trainer and nutritionist and food preparation service. 

Which means that's one less thing for them to worry about.

And many of them get a little extra "help" in the form of TRT (Testosterone Replacement Therapy), which helps them build muscle and burn fat faster than normal.

Hopefully this is all starting to make sense. 

Like I said before, I found all this out the hard way by playing the fool and ignoring my coach’s wisdom.

I also learned the hard way that:

Our Stress Hormones
Sabotage Us

You have two primary stress hormones – cortisol and adrenaline.

And when you get stressed out, there’s a part of your brain – your hypothalamus – that sends an alarm signal to your body. 

And in response, your body releases adrenaline and cortisol. (This is called the “fight or flight” response.)

Adrenaline increases blood pressure and signals your body to release extra energy (blood sugar) to overcome the potential threat.

Cortisol also mobilizes blood sugar for energy use, and basically shuts down your reproductive and digestive systems.

But, on the opposite side, having too much blood sugar will hurt even kill you. 

Therefore, your body releases insulin to deal with any excess blood sugar that’s not used and to return it to your body’s cells for storage.

But when you experience too much stress, without relief, including self-inflicted workout stress and emotional or mental stress, your body is placed in a chronic “fight-or-flight” state.


Your Stress Hormones Are Always
Elevated - 
Which Is BAD.

How bad?

When cortisol levels are chronically high:

  1. Your digestive processes are basically shut down, so that your body no longer fully digests your food… 
  2. And therefore whatever it can’t eliminate, it stores as fat.
  3. Your insulin levels become chronically elevated, so you develop insulin resistance,
  4. Which means your body can’t properly use insulin to shuttle blood sugar into your muscle cells…
  5. So it stores it as fat instead and shows up as love-handles.
  6. Your sex drive drops (We don’t need to say much more about that, do we?)
  7. Your sleep is interrupted or cut short,
  8. So you're left feeling groggy, and grumpy, cutting short your productivity, further increasing your stress levels.


Research Shows That Chronically
Elevated Cortisol Produces
Stomach Fat 

And research has also shown that excess stomach signals your body to release more cortisol.

And that in turn creates more stomach fat.[2]

And if that's not bad enough, chronically elevated cortisol levels destroy muscle tissue.[3]

But it gets worse: Research has also demonstrated excess stomach fat and elevated cortisol both contribute to heart disease[4] and type 2 diabetes[5].

Therefore, we have to remember, the wrong types of workouts increase stress, and drive you're already elevated cortisol levels even higher, for even longer, making you store even more stomach fat.

Hidden From You In Plain Sight:
The “Olympians’ Secret”

To A Lean, Strong, Muscular,
Functional Body

If you’ve ever watched the Olympics, you’ve probably seen sprinters like Usain Bolt, jumpers, throwers, male gymnasts, and maybe even light/middleweight Olympic Weightlifters. 

You may have noticed that not one of them is overweight.

No, not one.

In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

They’re all lean.

(Except the shot putters - they’re the exception to the rule - many of them are “thick.”)



And their physiques are pleasing to the eye, right?

As in, “I wouldn’t mind looking like that…”

Am I right?

Their physiques, unlike professional bodybuilders, seem… 


What is it they do? 

Not what you’ve been told to do, that’s for sure.

The Truth: Here’s Why Most Men
Who Use The Gym Rarely
Significantly Change Their
Appearance - If At All

It’s simple - and infuriating.

It’s a combination of a “paradigm shift” and “semantics"...

... The way you view things and the meaning behind the words you use.

Here’s what I mean:

First, gym goers “work out.” 

Athletes practice - or “train” - to compete - so they can WIN.

Second, most gym goers have been brainwashed into thinking that if you’re not exhausted after a workout, then you didn’t get a good workout. (Maybe you’ve thought that way too…?)

And third, athletes practice, or train, in a very specific order, unlike most gym goers or health club attendees.

Here’s that order:

  1. Warm up
  2. Skill / Technique / Tactics
  3. Speed / Power
  4. Strength
  5. Specific Conditioning / Endurance

They don’t do ALL OF THAT in EVERY practice, but practices follow that “rhythm,” based upon what the head team coach decides to focus on that day.

Some days there’s speed work. Other days there’s not.

Some days there’s strength work. Other days there’s not.

Some days there’s “specific conditioning.” Other days there’s not.

You get the point.

I know this as a fact because:

(a) I trained for almost 20 years as a competitive Olympic weightlifter, became a state champion, and qualified for the national championships, and -

(b) I studied, trained, and worked as a Division 1 College Strength & Conditioning Coach, responsible for the strength & conditioning programs of 26 different teams.

However - 

Depending On Who You Listen To,
Here’s What The Average Guy
Over 40 Is Told To Do

  • Warm up
  • Some kind of circuit work - either free weights or machines - using high-ish reps and shorter rests, going to failure - or pretty close - to “keep your heart rate up”...
  • Some form of cardio - usually HIIT (“Tabatas” are still a favorite misused form of HIIT)...
  • Cool Down

Power Athletes Do
The Opposite

Right after I got down to 3.3% body fat - my “fat loss epiphany,” I worked in one of the most exclusive fitness centers in New York City, filled with Wall Street traders, bankers, and lawyer types.

Near-daily, one of these really smart and successful, but overweight people, would ask me, 

“What do you do to look like that?
A lot of cardio, right?

And usually, they were sweating their butts off on a piece of cardio equipment, when they asked.

My response was always,

“No… I do ZERO cardio.
I only lift.”

They’d always shake their heads in disbelief because they’d been brainwashed by bodybuilding mags and “fitness tabloids.”

The Truth is, the great power athletes that we admire - 

Don’t do “Cardio”...

… Don’t do “HIIT”...

And don’t do “MetCons”...

At least not the elite ones.

ALL their activities are designed to make them stronger and faster by training very specific muscle fibers…

… While minimizing fatigue.

They don’t “chase the pump”… “feel the burn”… or “train to failure.”

And these specific muscle fibers - Power fibers” - if you will - not only create their explosive performances, but are also responsible for the way they look.

And what most people don’t know is that most of these athletes do way less “biohacking” than your average Silicon Valley nerd, and don’t obsess over their calories, and have been known to indulge in junk food without any negative effects.

But as crazy as that sounds, research over the last 70+ years has confirmed this

The Truth About

HIIT - or "High Intensity Interval Training," is an incredibly popular form of exercise for men over 35.

But the truth is, HIIT has been bastardized.

And its misuse is practically killing guys.[4]

Misapplying HIIT to resistance training, instead of using it for cyclic training like running, rowing, and cycling, and using the wrong rest periods…

…Changes the strain on your heart. It actually thickens the heart wall, making it less elastic.[5]

This loss in elasticity reduces the amount of blood your heart pumps on each beat. And that can lead to heart attack and stroke - practically dropping dead while working out.

The fact is, interval training, was “invented” by New Zealand Track & Field coach, Arthur Lydiard, and by definition, is “High Intensity.” He’d have his athletes run - at certain defined periods of the year, after building up a great aerobic base to condition the heart…

…  A series of short accelerations or sprints, with 15 minutes of rest between them - and here’s the kicker -

… because he believed they needed this amount of time to recover.

Read that last word again:


Almost every single mainstream fitness prescription for men over 40 misses that part -


It’s what Power Athletes have “baked in” to their training and practice (NOT workouts). 

And it’s what allows them to run faster, jump higher, throw further, and lift heavier than the average person.

See, without recovery…

Without minimizing fatigue…

They cannot fully access their “Power Fibers” which are responsible for the actual sprinting, jumping, throwing, tumbling, and heavy lifting.

These “Power Fibers” are called Fast Twitch muscle fibers and they’re the biggest, strongest, most energy-hungry muscle fibers you have.

They are fueled by an energy substrate called phosphocreatine, glycogen (stored carbohydrate), and oxygen. 

They also fatigue easily.

They are like Monster Trucks.

You also have “Endurance Fibers” called Slow Twitch muscle fibers. 

As their name suggests, they allow you to perform endurance activities. They are small, weak, and very resistant to fatigue. 

They are fueled primarily by oxygen.

They are like hybrid electric/gas cars.

It’s critically important that you understand this point, so I will repeat it again:

Power Athletes - Sprinters, Jumpers, Throwers, 
Gymnasts, Olympic Lifters - Train Their Fast
Twitch “Power” Fibers, Which Not
Only Produce Their Performance,
But Also Their Appearance

A 2008 Boston University research study by Izumiya[6], et al, confirms this. 

Researchers discovered that an increase in the number of fast twitch muscle fiber mass:

  • Reverses obesity
  • Improves your metabolism (the rate at which your body expends energy / burns calories)
  • Reduced current fat level - independent of physical activity or changes in food intake

And that the positive effects of increased fast twitch muscle fiber in reducing fat occurred -

Despite a reduction in physical activity.

Let me spell this out for you:

The more fast twitch muscle mass you have, like these power athletes, the better your metabolism runs, and the less fat you’ll have on your body -

Regardless of your diet or activity levels.

(This is not a license to eat like a pig and live at McDonalds.)

Now you understand why power athletes look the way they do.


Information For Men Over 40
To Understand!

And that’s because other research has demonstrated that once a man crests the ripe old age of 30…

… He’ll lose 3-8% of his muscle mass per decade[7].

And worse -

That muscle mass loss comes predominantly from your fast twitch muscle fibers! [8]

Which means once you’re over 30, you’re slowly losing your body’s ability to naturally reverse obesity and increase your metabolism.

No wonder so many guys feel like it’s “all downhill” after 40 - because it is!

Here’s Why Most Men
Don't Know This

Most “Pop Fitness” as I call it is based on bodybuilding and aerobic fitness methodology.

The goal is to burn fat and improve heart health, which decades-old research has demonstrated to be misguided

(More on that in a moment…)

In order to do so, many men use a combination of bodybuilding style workouts - training to failure - and HIIT - High Intensity Interval Training.

This is more than misguided -
It’s Dangerous!

And That's Because:

[1]  Research has demonstrated that training to muscle failure increases cortisol levels[9].

Cortisol is a stress hormone that has been directly linked to the increase in stomach fat, especially when it’s chronically elevated, like it is in many men over 40.[10,11]

And worse, research has shown that excess stomach fat signals the body to produce more cortisol.[12] 

And that in turn produces more stomach fat. 

And that means you’re stuck in a negative feedback loop. Training to failure elevates your already elevated cortisol, which in turn creates more fat. 

[2]  Chronically elevated cortisol levels destroys muscle tissue.[13]

Remember, the destruction of muscle (sarcopenia) is not only something we’re trying to avoid at all costs, but reverse!

[3]  Training to muscle failure suppresses anabolic growth factors such as testosterone and IGF-1.[9]

And we don’t want testosterone and IGF-1 levels suppressed because they’re essential for building muscle and maintaining our sex drive!

[4]  Training to muscle failure ramps up AMP levels - a signal of cell exhaustion and a decrease in muscle protein synthesis [14]:

Muscle protein synthesis is necessary to build muscle! 

[5]  Training to muscle failure over-taxes your Central Nervous System (CNS) and increases “central fatigue” [15,16]...

And that then decreases your ability to do work during the rest of your workout.

And central fatigue increases that “low energy” feeling you’re trying to avoid, leaving you tired after your workout and the next day.

But that’s not all: Central fatigue also increases cortisol levels because your body needs more energy.

But it gets worse.

[6] Training to muscle failure can create extreme muscle soreness, which drains your energy.

This makes it difficult to move sometimes for several days after your workouts. That’s because there’s acute muscle damage and your body is diverting its regular energy into the repair process.

And muscle soreness can create decreased glucose tolerance. This means that any carbohydrates you eat are less likely to be stored as glycogen and more likely to be stored as fat.

[7] Training to muscle failure can cause injury because as you fatigue, your proper exercise mechanics change. 

This means you end up out of position to produce the most force and can damage your joints, or muscles, or both. 

This leads to inflammation, which also leads to your body releasing cortisol to fuel the healing process.

[8]  Training to muscle failure can suppress libido due to increased cortisol levels.

High cortisol levels suppress your testosterone levels. 

And testosterone is responsible for maintaining your libido.

[9]  Training to muscle failure can cause insomnia or aggravate current sleep issues. 

Sleep is critical for recovery. Training to failure elevates cortisol. Elevated levels of cortisol are linked to sleeplessness. 

And worst of all:

[10]  Research has demonstrated chronically elevated cortisol levels destroys predominantly your fast twitch (power) fibers![18]

And that means routinely training to failure, can sabotage the very thing you’re attempting to do - 

Build your fast twitch power fibers - your fat-burning machinery!

As if that weren’t bad enough…

It Gets Worse!

Many HIIT Programs
Create Muscle AND
Heart Failure!

A very popular HIIT protocol is to use traditional calisthenics or even lighter weights for 30 seconds of work, followed by 30 seconds of rest. This cycle is often repeated for up to 30 minutes.

One of the problems you saw before is that research has shown that using resistance training for HIIT, changes how blood flows into the heart and how the heart contracts.

As a result, the heart wall becomes thicker, and less elastic.

This decreases the ability of your heart to pump blood on each beat and can lead to heart attack, stroke, even death.[19]

Bob Harper, celebrity trainer for the TV show, “The Biggest Loser,” had a “Widow Maker” heart attack while working out in 2017. He was 51. He survived, but drastically scaled back his HIIT workouts.[20]

Furthermore, as you approach 30 seconds, depending on your strength levels, your repetition speed will drop.

Recall, as this happens, your fast twitch muscle fibers are fatigued and no longer participating in the exercise. (They start to fatigue out between 6 and 15 seconds.)

So your slow twitch muscle fibers start working to take up the slack.

And we don't want to do that! 

We want to train your fast twitch fibers!

Blue line = Fast Twitch (2x)
Green line = Fast Twitch (2a)
Red line = Slow Twitch

And furthermore, as you approach then cross the 30 second barrier,  lactic acid accumulates.  

But what most people don't know is that too much lactic acid can damage, even kill your “Cell Powerhouses” - your mitochondria.[22,23]

And, like training to failure, HIIT workouts also increase cortisol, which can cause insomnia or exacerbate sleep troubles.[24] 

So, too much HIIT, can destroy your heart… destroy your fast twitch fibers… increase your cortisol levels… kill your mitochondria… and make you fat.

Therefore, HIIT, taken out of context, can really hurt you!

So, you must go out of your way to train your fast fibers.

Unfortunately, most men - even “fitness experts,” don’t know there’s only two ways to train your fast fibers:

You Must Train Heavy
AND Explosively!

And NEVER to failure!

And you must do it while minimizing fatigue.

And this is EXACTLY what I stumbled upon way back in 1996 when I trained as a power athlete, but got shredded like a bodybuilder!

But how exactly are you going to do that since you aren’t training for any Olympic lifting meet, throwing the javelin, sprinting 100 meter repeats, or working on your Iron Cross?

Are you going to do box jumps and blow out your achilles tendon like my buddy Kris, who was 40 pounds overweight?

Or tear your rotator cuff doing kipping muscle ups like those young bucks do in CrossFit?


You’re going to use the same thing Paul Lyngso used.

Paul, a newly-married 28-year old personal trainer, who was opening a brand new personal training studio, and sleeping around 4-5 hours a night, packed on 8 pounds of pure muscle in only 30 days without any increase in his waist size.

Another client of mine, 35-year-old Carl Sipes, also a personal trainer who ran his own facility, but was also expanding it, used the same thing, and built 6.5lb of muscle, and lost 5.5lb of fat - in the same 30-day period!

And John Grahill, a 56-year old, high-mileage retired law enforcement officer, lost 4.5lb in only 3 weeks, while increasing his strength-endurance by 25%.

And you’ll use what my close friend, 41-year old father of four, and CEO of a local roofing company, Michael O’Malley, used to pack on almost 25 pounds of muscle and see 50% strength gains in the last year (Michael’s 18-year old son told him he looked like he could be one of “The Avengers”...)
*NOTE: Yes, Michael is trying to flex his biceps while driving to show off his increased "gun" size...

They used -

"The PFT Method"

"PFT" stands for "Power Fiber Training" and its sole goal is to target, train, and increase your Fast Twitch Muscle Fiber Mass, so that you get more muscular, stronger, and leaner, without extreme dieting, or ruining your health in the process.

But here’s what’s shocking: Using The Power Fiber Training Method, none of these aforementioned men “dieted.”


Each of them was under higher-than-average stress levels at the time, which for most men, adds stomach fat and strips off muscle.

Paul was opening his first facility. Carl was expanding his facility. And John was the primary caregiver for his terminally ill father, who had Alzheimer’s Disease. And Michael was not only running a multi-million dollar roofing company - he was "burning the midnight oil" writing his first book!

And No, Despite What The “Experts” Proclaim,
You Don’t Need Go Out Of Your Way
 To “Lose Weight” or
“Work On Your Heart Health”

After years of research at the Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging (HNRCA), at prestigious Tufts University, and sponsored by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Dr. William Evans, PhD, and Dr. Irwin Rosenberg, MD, published their 10 Biomarkers for Vitality.

Here’s what no one is paying attention to, even though their evidence is conclusive:

# 8 was Blood Pressure.

# 7 was Cholesterol/HDL ratio.

And #5 was Aerobic Capacity.

And all three of those are related to “heart health.”

Weight loss?

That was #4 - Body Fat Percentage.

#2 was Strength.

And #1, was Muscle Mass.

And that’s because without muscle, you have no strength. And without strength, you can’t move. And without moving, your heart health goes down the toilet…

But your poop doesn’t - it ends up in your diaper cause you’re in a nursing home about to end life the same way you entered - incapable of taking care of yourself.

How The PFT Method Works To Build
Muscle and Strength Without
Training Like An Elite
Power Athlete

The PFT Method is radically different from traditional “Over 40 Men’s Workouts.”

It applies the PRINCIPLES of athletic power training, not only the METHODS, which is commonplace these days (box jumps, sled pushing, kipping muscle ups, elevating your heart rate to the “orange zone”... that sort of thing).

The PFT Method:

  • Avoids working to failure like the plague - instead you ruthlessly manage fatigue and lactic acid buildup, so you can do lots of high quality work, which is the key to seeing rapid changes in your body composition
  • Employs specific reps, sets, weights, and rest periods to ensure you train your Fast Twitch muscle fibers instead of converting them to weak, slow twitch muscle fibers…
  • Engages specific rep ranges for super strength and muscle building discovered by Soviet sports scientists and applied by Soviet weightlifters when they ruled the world, so you get stronger and do more work than you would using conventional wisdom…
  • Applies specific “guardrails” to ensure you do the optimum amount of work to grow and get stronger, without burning out your nervous system, damaging your heart, or destroying your mitochondria, and overstressing your body

The Power Fiber Training Method is only found on this page in the EASY MUSCLE training manual.

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That’s right, less than dinner for you and your significant other at any halfway decent restaurant pretty much anywhere in the world.

30-Day "Easy" Guarantee

30-Day Guarantee

I'm so sure that Easy Muscle will work for you, if you don’t see and feel measurable results like Paul, Carl, and John did in your first 30 days, I'll happily refund you your purchase price.

Simply email me a copy of your training journal showing me you did the work, and we'll part friends. Deal?

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2 Options If You’re On The Fence

Look, I get that what you read is… different. It’s certainly not the same thing anyone else I’ve seen is talking about.

Everyone else is spooking you with “Low T” stuff and then hooking you like a crack dealer on their monthly auto-ship supplements, that may, or may not work, depending on their “proprietary blend.” (They’re not telling you that their “spokesmen” are on T.R.T. - Testosterone Replacement Therapy.)

But right now you have 2 options:

Option 1: Keep doing what you’re doing.

Since you’re still reading this letter, chances are better than good you’re unsatisfied with your physical appearance or health, or both.

And what you’ve done in the past hasn’t worked for you, which is why, like many guys, you’re frustrated with your lack of results and your current situation.

And you need a change.

But if you keep walking down the same road, nothing is going to change, except you’ll get older.

And change - recapturing a strong, muscular, healthy body, and the confidence that comes with it…

… Change will get harder and harder and harder, until it’s virtually impossible.

Or, there’s -

Option 2: Let me do all the heavy lifting for you.

I’ve been training people from all over the world for the last 30+ years. Shoot, between 2001 and 2013, when I actually took the time to count them - I racked up over 25,000 hours of one-on-one personal training sessions.

Some of my clients I trained those entire twelve years, and one, I’ve been training since 2001! And I’ve even trained members of the US military special operations units. (My best friend is an Army Ranger and he just told me he wasted 8 years of his life doing HIIT, before he met me and we started training together.)

I’ve published books, created certifications and coaching programs, and presented at certifications and workshops all over the world - from the United States, throughout Europe, even Singapore and Australia.

I know what works, and what doesn’t.

When you grab your copy of Easy Muscle, you get a proven training plan, based upon decades of experience, that’s worked for over 4,159 other men just like you.

More importantly, you’ll know what NOT to do.

At this point, the ball’s in your court.

$39 isn’t going to make-or-break my life, but it may turn yours right-side up.


Q: How long is each workout?

A: Each training session is 20 to 30 minutes long. You decide.

Q: How long is The Easy Muscle program?

A: There are three (3) programs and each is 4 weeks long - so 12 weeks - 3 months worth of programs.

Q: What exercises are included?

A: Exercises that make you muscular, strong, and powerful. Popular exercises like squats, parallel dips, the “One Best (Power) Exercise,” the “Second Best (Power) Exercise,” and variations.

Q: What if I can’t do all the exercises listed in the program?

A: No worries - I’ve been doing this a long time. So I’ve provided alternative exercises for you.

Q: Do I need to work out at the gym or can I work out at home?

A: You can train at home or in the gym with dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells, bands, even sandbags. Your choice.

Q: Will Easy Muscle  work for people over 50?

A: Yes. John Grahill is over 50. It worked for him, it'll work for you. Incidentally, I'm in my late 40s, and Easy Muscle  programming seems to work BETTER for me the older I get. They seem to work better for my recovery.

Q: How long do I have to try this out?

A: You can have a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. I fully expect you to see similar gains to Paul Lyngso, Carl Sipes, Michael O’Malley, and John Grahill. If for some strange reason you don't - email me at support@chasingstrength.com with a copy of your training log showing me your lack of progress, and I'll happily refund you and we'll part friends.

Thanks for reading this letter.

Stay Strong.


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