Kettlebell Courses

Single Kettlebell Deep Dive Workshop

Single Kettlebell Exercise Technique Video “Masterclass”

Looking for the fastest, safest way to learn the basic kettlebell exercises?

‘THE BIG 6’ is an in-depth “Masterclass” on everything you need to know, including technique corrections, about the Big 6 single kettlebell exercises: The Swing (2-Hand, 1-Hand, Hand-2-Hand), Goblet Squat, Turkish Get Up, Clean, Military Press, and Snatch.

Kettlebell STRONG!
How To Get Strong As An Ox Using a Pair of Kettlebells

Double Kettlebell Exercise Technique Video “Masterclass”

The Double Kettlebell Exercises play by “different rules” than the single kettlebell exercises.

Kettlebell STRONG! is an in-depth “Masterclass” on everything “double kettlebell.”

Lifts include: Swing, Press, Snatch, Front Squat, Clean, Push Press, High Pull, Jerk, Clean & Jerk.

Also included: Common mistakes and how to fix them.

Kettlebell RMF
The Real Muscle-Building Fat Burner: A Deep Dive Into The Double Kettlebell Clean & Jerk

Here's how you get the fastest results from your kettlebell training - learn and perform the double kettlebell Clean & Jerk.

Physical Restoration & Mobility Courses


The Sore Joint Solution Gets Rid of Muscle and Joint Stiffness, Soreness, Tightness, and Even Pain For Some, In As Little As 5 Minutes... 

... Without Foam Rolling, Stretching, or Traditional Joint Mobility Drills.