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Speaking of results…

In order for you to get the most out of your workouts, I wanted to make a resource available to you that will help you get faster results from your kettlebell workouts. “Leveling up” your “Kettlebell Game” so-to-speak.

Just like using gym machines or other pieces of equipment like barbells or dumbbells…

Kettlebells have a certain “skill” associated with them.

Pretty much like anything you do, come to think of it.

For example, many guys see the Kettlebell Swing and think they have to use their shoulders and arms to lift the kettlebell.

But the truth is, the Kettlebell Swing is performed correctly (and safely) by using your hips…

Or as I say,

“The hips drive and the arms guide.”

This is critically important when trying to lose your gut because driving with your hips instead of using your arms makes your body burn more calories during the exercise.

And that’s because your hips are stronger than your arms, so you move the kettlebell faster and more explosively.

Again, this uses more calories than if you tried to use your arms and shoulders to help your legs.

Plus, research has demonstrated that “explosive” leg-dominant lifting burns more calories than slower, traditional, leg-dominant lifting.

And, using your hips is also safer - much safer for your lower back, which many people who don’t know what I just told you about the arms and hips, end up hurting.

Does that mean you shouldn’t use your arms on the kettlebell lifts?

No, not at all!

It depends on the lifts.

You’ll use your arms to hold the kettlebell over your head in the Turkish Get Up, which is another MONSTER calorie burner - because it uses ALL your muscles at once.

(Many guys are shocked at how hard this ‘simple’ exercise makes them breathe! Remember: Breathing hard = burning more calories.)

It’s also a great core / midsection strengthener, making your middle look tighter, instead of a sloppy spare tire hanging around your midsection.

But there are nuances involved to help you protect your shoulders, just like there’s a way to bench press or do push ups correctly so you don’t hurt your shoulders’ rotator cuffs.

(I can’t tell you how many gym rats and ex-military guys I’ve run across who have bad shoulders from benching too heavy or doing too many push ups - or both.)

And the great news is, if you have hurt your rotator cuff(s) from heavy benching or doing too many push ups, the Turkish Get Up, when performed correctly, can for many guys, fix their shoulders.

Safely Squat [Again] Without
Hurting Your Knees, Too!

Many guys our age have stiff or sore knees. And those knees hurt worse from traditional squatting with a bar.

That’s why the Goblet Squat is the “near-perfect” squat for working around and alleviating pain that comes from squatting.

However, like all exercises, there’s a way to do it correctly and a way to do it incorrectly, which more often than not makes your knees worse.

But when you learn how to squat correctly?

You strengthen your legs and your midsection, making you feel athletic again.

What About Upper Body
Kettlebell Exercises?

Besides the Turkish Get Up, the main upper body kettlebell exercise is the Military Press.

Performed correctly, it’ll pack on muscle across your shoulders, upper back, upper chest, and of course, your arms (especially when combined with the kettlebell Clean)...

Filling out your shirts in the shoulders and in some cases, even stretching your t-shirt sleeves.

In fact, I’ve received several emails and forum post links to guys “complaining” that they had to buy bigger shirts. Terrible problem to have if you ask me…

And, here’s a “secret” most guys don’t know:

Your gut automatically looks smaller when you have a bigger upper body and broader shoulders. 

So, there’s that.

Look, I’m sure you’d agree, that just like riding a bike, playing Nintendo, the piano or baseball, learning the fine art of cabinetry-making, or even deep sea fishing…

Everything worth doing in life takes at least a little bit of practice.

No one is an expert or even great on day one, right?

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Geoff Neupert has been training people from all walks of life since 1993.

He’s been training his clients and himself with kettlebells since 2002 and has been called a legend by some, and a “Kettlebell OG” by others. 

He was a Master Instructor with two different kettlebell instructor certifications - the RKC (Russian Kettlebell  Challenge) and StrongFirst. He was also the StrongFirst Education Manager from 2013-2014. 

He has travelled the world teaching others how to become kettlebell instructors and has taught his own intermediate and advanced Kettlbell Burn, Kettlebell Muscle, and Kettlebell STRONG! kettlebell workshops.

He’s published books like Kettlebell Muscle, training courses like THE BIG 6 and Kettlebell STRONG!, and popular kettlebell workout programs like Kettlebell Burn, Kettlebell EXPRESS!, and Kettlebell Burn EXTREME!...

Geoff is the co-creator of Original Strength Systems, a movement restoration company called, which helps people restore and rebuild their ability to move like a kid again, and taught that system all over the world too.

Geoff is a former Division 1 Strength & Conditioning Coach at Rutgers University where he trained athletes from 26 different teams. He also is a former National Qualifier and State Champion in the sport of Olympic Weightlifting.

He’s married to a beautiful woman and has two kids.