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ATTENTION: For Kettlebell Lifters Who Thrive On ‘Next Level’ Physical & Mental Challenges

Are You Up For The Toughest Kettlebell Challenge of Them All -
Mastering The Long Cycle
Clean + Jerk?

The Soviet Special Forces - Spetsnaz - forged their wiry physiques and their “no quit conditioning” from multiple 20 to 30 rep sets of [snatches and] double kettlebell clean and jerks. 

Russian, and other Eastern European Brazilian Jiu Jitsu clubs reportedly include a 20 rep set of the C+J using a pair of 32kg as a right of passage to earn their black belt.

And powerlifting world champion, Donnie Thompson (the first man to total 3000lbs in 3 lifts), used the long cycle to pack on 15 pounds of muscle on an already overly developed frame.

Hard men (and women) “in the know” select this tough-as-nails exercise to test, develop, and refine their mettle.

Truth be told, in recent years, I’ve held back from extolling the virtues of the repetitive double kettlebell (long cycle) clean and jerk to help guys (and gals) get “quick wins” in strength, hypertrophy, and stamina (and even fat loss) using the clean and press.

So Why The Clean + JERK Now?

In a recent email exchange, a close friend, (and probably the most well-known kettlebell expert on the planet, whose name I will not drop), was shocked that I did NOT include the double kettlebell Clean + Jerk in my top 5 list of kettlebell exercises.

My reason, I told him, was simple:

Most people - probably 99% - don’t have the patience or desire to throw off their physical restrictions and limitations that the modern western sedentary lifestyle has imposed upon them so they can perform the Jerk properly.

And that got me to thinking...

What about that other 1%?

Those men and women who demand more from themselves? 

Who are constantly looking for a physical challenge?

What about people who DO want to aggressively recapture lost mobility so they can drink from the fountain of exercise cruelty that is the long cycle clean + jerk?

Is that you?

Are You Part Of That 1%?

If so, then keep reading, because today is your day - this is for you.

Other than being a part of this elite group...

You Need 3 Things To Be Successful
With The Clean & Jerk

  1. 1
    The right learning sequence
  2. 2
    The right restoration exercises, in the right order 
  3. 3
    The right programming

[1]  The Right Learning Sequence

For example: There are 3 “D’s” that make up the Jerk - 

  1. The Dip - the quick knee bend to load the legs.
  1. The Drive - the quick reversal to thrust the kettlebells off the shoulders and get them airborne.
  1. The Drop (not “Dip” - it has to be aggressive!) - the quick reversal of the body down and under the kettlebells, catching them overhead at arms length.

And there are specialized drills to learning each one of the D’s. 

Sure, on the surface, the first two D’s may appear easy.

However, if you use the wrong cues, and many people do -

(Like “hinging” into the Dip…)

You screw up the trajectory of the “drive,” which although recoverable with lighter bells…

Becomes practically impossible with heavier ones, practically guaranteeing you’ll injure your shoulders or lower back.

Ignore this at your own peril.

[2]  The Right Restoration Exercises, In the Right Order.

Most Westerners can’t Jerk because they have immobile thoracic spines (middle and upper backs) and “sloppy” shoulders - 

Shoulders that have limited range of overhead motion.

They also have weak abs, tight hips, and fragile lower backs.

So, they need to do specialized restoration exercises in a certain order to get their bodies to work correctly again.

I’ll show you which ones and exactly how to do them.

[3]  The Right Programming.

Most people make the mistake of going for endurance first.

There’s a correct order to train your Clean + Jerks in, and it doesn’t start with light weight and high(er) reps.

And that’s because with lighter weight, you can, and most likely will, “muscle” the weight up.

You need to use the correct size of kettlebells and program your body to “break in” to the C+J, cement in proper technique, minimize fatigue, build your confidence, and then enlarge your capacity.

That’s why during this Black Friday Weekend, I’m releasing an updated version of:


RMF stands for Real Muscle-Building Fat-Burner.

And that’s what you can expect the long cycle clean + jerk to do for you - 

Build muscle and burn fat.

And make you stronger.

More explosive.

And exceptionally conditioned. 

From your fingertips to your toes.

Kettlebell RMF is a full blown “how to” video series and training program - 3 training programs to be exact. Let’s take a closer look.

Kettlebell RMF is:

  • A 2 hour and 10 minute, step-by-step, "how to" video series
  • A Full Training Manual to compliment the video series, so you can read along and take notes (Ready Friday, December 2, 2022.)
  • A Training Program that includes 3 different training schedules

Here’s what you’ll discover inside the video series:

Each video “chapter” has one or more videos, breaking down in specific detail, the exact steps to safely learning each component of each lift.

For example, here’s what’s inside the Clean:

Here's What Else You'll Learn...

  • The 4 different kettlebell start positions
  • Which popular kettlebell set up position derails the body’s natural movement and opens the door to injury
  • Which KB start position works with the body and gives you a more powerful clean
  • The KB start position which naturally protects the lower back
  • The position that automatically contracts the lats, to stabilize your spine, to transfer more force to your hips and hamstrings for a more explosive clean
  • A preferable position for guys and gals with big chests or torsos
  • Discover your best back position based on your natural design
  • Use the “Jersey Shore” cue to load your posterior chain
  • The best position to near effortlessly place your KBs in your rack 
  • The perfect position for your feet relative to your KBs how to protect your lower back, create a neutral pelvis, and use more of your abs by optimizing your foot position
  • The best drill for maximally loading your hips to make your cleans lighterHow and when to use your breath to stabilize your spine for maximum safety and power
  • The best type of “breath” to increase Intra-abdominal Pressure for stabilizing the spine
  • How to tame the arc when releasing your KBs from the rack
  • How to control the kettlebells instead of letting them control you
  • Most common mistake in the Clean
  • How to avoid hurting your back on the backswing
  • How to increase the speed of learning new movements and corrections of old movements
  • How to avoid banging your forearms and shoulders on the catch
  • The #1 position you need to learn in order to manage discomfort of double kettlebell lifting
  • 6 cues for mastering the transition between the Clean and the Jerk
  • How to protect your lower back before you move them overhead
  • The #1 wrist position to increase stability and therefore protection of your shoulders
  • The best transition and preparatory exercise or “intermediate” exercise for the Jerk
  • Learn how to synchronize leg drive, torso position, and overhead lockout necessary for the Jerk
  • Why initiating the push press with a “hip hinge” is a major technical error that can hurt your lower back or shoulders - or both - and what to do instead
  • Heels on the ground, or off during the Push Press drive?
  • What to do with your feet after the Clean for maximum efficiency and economy…
  • Discover the relation between the width of your stance and your ability to move your arms over your head…
  • Which head position is better - up, down, or straight ahead - when the kettlebells are over your head - and more importantly - why…
  • How to create a stronger, safer, more stable shoulder position by changing your head positionThe best position for your hands when you’re overhead
  • The problem with the “arms in line with your ears” cue
  • Two different ways to get the kettlebells from the lockout position to the rack from the Push Press
  • How to use your breath to catch your kettlebells in the rack from the lockout position so that you don’t hurt your shoulders
  • The top 3 problem areas with the Jerk and how to overcome them
  • The #1 part of the Jerk that messes everybody up and how to fix it
  • Take the “Jerk Test” to determine if you have the prerequisite shoulder, spine, and hip movement
  • The 4 drill series to work on in order to train and master the “Drop” position of the Jerk
  • The #1 drill to build confidence for the Jerk.
  • Unlock the 4 key areas holding you back with these specialized restoration drills (NOTE: MUST use them in a specific order for maximum results!)
  • My #1 drill for getting under the kettlebells as fast as possible in the Jerk, which works for 90% of people (HINT: You’ll need a doorway)
  • The drill that teaches you to create the perfect amount of space in order to drop under your kettlebells for the Jerk

… And much, much more.

There’s 2 hours and 10 minutes of videos, chiseled down to only the most relevant information to make you competent and confident in your clean and jerk technique -

Especially the jerk technique, which every person I’ve ever met struggles with.


3 Different Cutting Edge Training Programs
To Practice, Develop, and Hone
Your Clean + Jerk

Inside, you'll get immediate access to three different training programs. (Programs 1 and 3 are new.)

Here are their details:

Program 1: Novice

  • 14 Weeks 
  • 3 days a week
  • Based off 5RM
  • 20, 25, and 30 minute sessions

Program 2: Intermediate

  • 12 Weeks 
  • 3 days a week
  • Based off 10RM
  • 30 minute sessions

Program 3: Advanced (and Abusive)

  • 4-6 Weeks 
  • 2 days a week
  • Based off 10RM
  • Session length varies; no longer than 40 minutes

And yes, each program can be repeated with a heavier set of kettlebells.



When you reserve your copy of Kettlebell RMF this weekend, you’ll also get the following bonus:

"Armored Abs"

Ab work. Core work. Whatever you want to call it.

For many, if not most kettlebell users, direct abdominal work is often overlooked. I know - I made that mistake for over a decade in my training and it cost me BIG time.

One of the best abdominal / core strength exercises you can do is the Hollow Hold. However, many, if not most people butcher this, potentially harming their lower backs

This video shows you how to improve your Jerk, by using this systematic 3-step sequence to correctly build a solid, stable, truly functional Hollow Hold position.

Kettlebell RMF Results?

Here's what John Grahill and Hazen Alward said about the Kettlebell RMF program:

My chest now measures 48 even but I lost two inches around the middle... I have gone down a pants size and retained the shoulders. The program rocks. (Lost 11lbs.) 

John grahill

At present I am in the third stage for the RMF program using 50lb bells.  The program has been great.  I am eating to add mass so I am putting on a bit of weight while my waist line is staying the same, and my shirts are fitting tighter.


What kind of results can you expect? 

And how fast can you expect to see them? That all depends on you - your ability to learn, your training background, injury history, and your commitment to the program.

To date, everyone who's used Kettlebell RMF and reported back has reported improvements in strength, conditioning, body fat reduction, and muscularity.  

And I expect similar results for you too.

How To Get Kettlebell RMF

During this Black Friday Weekend, you can get the updated Kettlebell RMF at 50% off for a one-time only payment of just:

$99 $49.50

60-Day Money Back Guarantee

Test out these new drills and skills and the training plan of your choice. (I recommend the Novice version.) If you don’t see noticeable improvement in your ability to Clean and Jerk, and you don’t see and feel noticeable changes in your strength and physique within 60 days, just send me a copy of your training journal detailing the work you did, and I’ll happily refund you. Deal?


Q: Is this a digital product only, or will you be shipping a product to me in the mail? 

A: This is a digital product only. That means you get immediate access across multiple devices. This also means you can train anywhere, not just in front of your TV and DVD player. It also saves on shipping and handling and trees.

Q: What size kettlebells will I need for this?

A: I recommend training with multiple pairs - medium and heavy - 10RM and 5RM loads. Jerk technique is best acquired and mastered when there’s some load to push against, otherwise you’ll just “muscle” the weights up.

Q: How long before I can expect seeing results?

A: That depends on you, your training background, and your injury history. Some people see results immediately from doing the drills, and some take a little while longer. 

As far as the training programs, you’ll see results usually in your first 2-3 weeks.

Q: Do you recommend I do anything else along with the training programs?

A: Just mobility work and other restoration work like daily walks. There’s zero need to add other exercises because you’ll feel like you’ll be missing out on something. The long cycle is so demanding, you’ll walk away feeling like no muscle was unscathed. 

Q: What’s different between this version of Kettlebell RMF and the previous one?

A: The two extra training programs - the Novice and the Advanced. 

Thanks for reading this letter.

I'm looking forward to hearing how you conquered the Long Cycle Clean + Jerk.

Stay Strong,