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Kettlebell MAXIMORUM: Strength & Muscle Building, Fat Burning Kettlebell Programming For B̶u̶s̶y̶ ̶M̶e̶n̶ ̶O̶v̶e̶r̶ ̶4̶0̶ Any Man (or Woman) Who Refuses To Be Physically Average

The “ultimate” kettlebell strength and conditioning program - one that covers “all the bases” without feeling like you were missing something…

It’s called MAXIMORUM as a “hat tip” to Dr. Vladimir Zatsiorsky.

Dr. Zatsiorsky was the chief biomechanist for all Soviet sports teams from 1980-88 and later emigrated to the United States, where he became a professor of biomechanics at Penn State University.

He published a book in 1995 which changed my life: The Science and Practice of Strength Training.

In it, he talks about the difference between a maximum and a maximum maximorum, with regards to strength training.

A maximum is the heaviest you can lift at any given time.

A maximum maximorum is the heaviest you can lift in competition and it is more often than not, the heaviest you’ve lifted of all time, or ever.

And there is usually up to a 10% difference between the two in elite level weightlifters.

While you will not be lifting maximum or maximum maximorum loads in this program, the name is derived from the Latin, maximorum = “the greatest.” And based upon that fact, the point, goal, and outcome of this program is to make you the strongest or “greatest” you’ve ever been - or maximorum.

And in order to do so, over the course of a 12 week period, you will be training the following biomotor abilities and outcomes:

  1. 1
    Power: The ability to produce as much force in as little time as possible. Also known as explosiveness. For example: Sprinting or jumping.
  2. 2
    Maximum Strength: The ability to generate maximal tension against an external resistance. For example: Lifting a heavy object.
  3. 3
    Power Endurance: The ability to be repeatedly explosive. Example: Boxing or grappling, or repeatedly tossing your kids in the pool for hours on end.
  4. 4
    Strength Endurance: The ability to exert force over a given or prolonged period of time. Example: Rucking with a 50 pound / 22 kilo pack over 10 miles / 16 kilometers, or helping your friend move without breaking a sweat or getting tired.


[+]  These biomotor abilities / outcomes make you a more productive and useful human.

[+]  Plus, you improve your health - your cardiovascular and cellular  fitness, and you improve your muscularity.

[+]  And all three increase your longevity and youthfulness.

And to achieve those outcomes, Kettlebell MAXIMORUM is built around the best 3 of the previously mentioned 5 exercises:

[1] Double Clean + Press

[2] Double Front Squat

[3] Snatch (Single)

(And yes, it includes the Goblet Squat and Turkish Get Up as part of your specific warm up if you wish to use one.)

And as a result, from using Kettlebell MAXIMORUM, you can expect:

[+]  Measurably stronger, more muscular legs, back, shoulders, and arms

[+]  Leaner, tighter midsection

[+]  More explosive legs and hips

[+]  Higher levels of conditioning

Here’s The Program Details

The original program is a 4-day a week program that spans 12 weeks, broken into two 6-week phases.

(Yes, there’s a modification for 3-day a week if your schedule just can’t fit the four. So that means it’ll be a 16 week program.)

And that’s because the #1 question I’ve had over the last 10+ years about my programs is this:

“What can I do on my ‘off’ days?”

And that’s because most of my programs are 3 days a week.

I’ve made phenomenal gains in the past using 4-day a week programming.

And Westside Barbell is famous for their 4-day a week template.

The Truth is that 4-day a week programs work great, IF you program them correctly.

So, how is Kettlebell MAXIMORUM programmed “correctly?”

Great question.

We’re going to use the time-tested “Light-Heavy” template.

There will be two “Light” sessions and two “Heavy” sessions.

And each of those will be “lighter/heavier” than the other because of the way the training day is structured, which is around the outcomes, and therefore the exercises that are used.

For example, Days 1 and 4 (Light / Heavy) in Phase 1 train “power.”

You’ll be using lighter loads on these days than you will on the other days.

On those other days, 2 and 5 (Light/Heavy) in Phase 1, you’ll train “strength / maximum strength.”

Those are the primary goals / outcomes of the training days, but of course there’s going to be some “bleed over” into secondary outcomes like “conditioning” and “hypertrophy” (muscle building) because of the loads used and the fatigue that’s created.

What about Phase 2’s set up?

I’ll leave that as a surprise. 

However, it will be challenging.

In fact, when you see the plan, you wouldn’t be the only one who stared at it in disbelief. Several of my beta testers said they couldn’t believe they would / could hit those numbers. 

But remember, you’re going to be doing a lot of intelligent work over the next 6 weeks to prepare you for it.

Once you get there, you’ll already be stronger, more powerful, and better conditioned, so it won’t be nearly as daunting.

So just remember, the person you are now is not the person you’re about to become.

(Just like my beta testers discovered.)

Gaps / Holes In The Beta Test: FILLED.

Probably the two biggest “negatives” I received from some of the beta testers were:

[1]  They felt like the couldn’t recover, and,

[2]  They didn’t lean out as much as they wanted to - because, and all of them admitted this, it was the Holidays, and they ate and drank more than they should.

Which is saying something, because 85-90% of them reported positive results - definitely stronger (many doubling their Rep Maxes), more muscular, and a bit leaner (it’s amazing how alcohol slows your progress).

As a result, I’ve included:

[a]  A full blown research-based nutrition program (which I’ve been using successfully for over a decade), that takes care of #2…

… And will help you not only get leaner and stronger at a faster than normal rate, should you choose to do so…

It’ll also help you with #1 - Recovery.

Speaking of -

[b]  There’s also a full section on different forms of recovery that when used, will speed up your results.

I included these sections because they are the “low hanging fruit” for getting the results you want.

Making one or two simple changes that take barely any time at all can go a long way between wild success and results that are “OK…”

Do you “have to” use these components?

Of course not.

But if you’re the kind of person who’s serious about his/her training, then you’d be foolish not to, in my not-so-humble-been-doing-this-for-30-years opinion.

Finally, I’ve decided to include some very special bonuses that will help you get the most out of your Kettlebell MAXIMORUM training.

RESULTS: 3 Beta Testers’ Feedback

As I mentioned, I ran a Beta Test for Kettlebell MAXIMORUM last year.

Here are some reviews from 3 of the Beta Testers:

REVIEW # 1 from Jason Briggs (copied and pasted from his emails to me):

“I pressed the beast and completed my snatch test in 4min 30sec.”

“Simply wanted to say thanks. I passed my SFG1 this weekend, and was surprisingly able to press the beast (having never done so before and only trained with the 70# doubles doing maximorum for prep). I also was able to complete my snatched test in four minutes and 30 seconds (shocking). Huge thanks.”


  1. 1
    Strength: I am much stronger (start 10 reps, end 16 reps C&P)
  2. 2
    Endurance: It helped me prep for my SFG1 with 1 bell size above my test weight
  3. 3
    Size: I have had numerous comments about my physique (leaner, stronger, more powerful looking). I take them for what they are worth. I did increase my bicep size by .75" and my legs by 0.5-1". My waist was leaner and my hips wider (increase glute size). Overall a win.
  4. 4
    Diet: I didn't do anything other than eat as much protein/greens as I could and cut alcohol.
  5. 5
    Pro: it was simple and effective. My form certainly improved.
  6. 6
    Con: it was really hard. My shoulders and elbows are tired and will need a shoulder-friendly break.

Circumference measurements:

  1. 1
    Shoulders before = / after = didn't measure as I forgot.
  2. 2
    Arms before = r15.5 l15.25 / after = r16.25/L16
  3. 3
    Chest before = 46 / after = 46.5
  4. 4
    Waist before = 36.25 / after = 36
  5. 5
    Hips before = 41.5 / after = 40
  6. 6
    Legs before = r 26 l 25.5 / after = r26.5 l 26.5
  7. 7
    Weight: before = 219 / after = 225

Snatch test (throughout):

  1. 1
    1/21/23, 2 weeks into program: 5 min snatch test, 70#, reps = 80 total.
        a. min by min count: x20, x20, rest 30sec, x20, x10, x10 (40l+40r)
        b. ~150bpm, ^165bmp, 88kcal burn
  2. 2
    3/8/23, 95 reps in 5 min @ 70lb.
        a. rep count: 20 l/r, 15 l/r, 10 l/r, 5 l/5 (100 reps in 5min 30sec)
  3. 3
    4/10/23, 95 reps in 5 min @ 70lb.


REVIEW # 2 From Andy Alley (Copied and pasted from his email to me) -

“Overall loved the program. I didn't not take any pictures, I regret not doing it now.  I am 32 years old, 6 ft, started at 208 finished at 220. 

32s start 4 rm finished 6rm.

28s start 8 rm finished 12rm.

While on my last trip I did not have access to KB, but I did a gym.  Set some new PRs 

Front squatted 255 3x1

Standing overhead press 155 3x1; 165 1x1

The attached file is me testing 405 Deadlift right before my trip I have not deadlifted since starting the program.

Just wanted to finish up this email with the most sincere thank you.  I have not seen a jump in strength like that in years and this is an all-time heaviest I have ever been and I feel and move great.   Again thank you.”


REVIEW # 3 From Josh Harris (Copied and Pasted from email and the log he sent me):

“This was the best 12 weeks of training that I have ever experienced.  I'm 51 (turning 52 in Sep), and have been a passionate kettlebell practitioner for around 7 years now.  

I learned about you and your work through Pat Flyyn and Aleks Salkin.  I have spent time over the years doing many of their programs with great results, as well as gaining a deeper understanding of workout programming, which I felt gave me a good foundation before diving into your programs.  I've also done a few of your workouts in KB Hard.  Great stuff and very challenging.  One of the things that attracted me to your work, in addition to your knowledge and experience, is the fact that we are close in age.

About 2 years ago, I felt burned out from pushing myself with KB complexes and grinds, so I shifted my focus to rings for strength work and began a movement practice (a la Ido Portal).  I kept kettlebells in the picture, but they were the supplemental tool, as opposed to the main tool. 

My goals for this program were to increase strength, increase work capacity, lose 3-5 pounds, and do a little recomp along the way.  Having been away from high volume, autoregulated programs for a couple of years, I wasn't sure how my body would respond.  By the start of phase 2, I felt like my mojo was back.  And, weeks 4-6 of phase 2 took things to another level.

Anyway, I loved this program, and here are my results, along with a dropbox link to see pics and go inside the numbers for my weight/measurements, along with numbers for each workout.”

5RM: 2x24kg 10RM: 24kg

New RM for DC&P using old 5RM: 11 reps (120% increase) New Snatch RM using old 10RM: 20 reps (100% increase)

Age: 51 Height: 5'10"

Start Weight: 189.0

Leg: 24"

Arm: 14"

Waist (measured at belly button): 37" Chest: 38"

Shoulders: 48" Hips: 38"

End Weight: 186.0

Leg: 23"

Arm: 15"

Waist (measured at belly button): 35" Chest: 40"

Shoulders: 48" Hips: 37"


If you’re looking for a kettlebell workout program that “delivers it all”...

Then grab your copy of Kettlebell MAXIMORUM by clicking the button below.

Stay Strong,


P.S. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at “support@chasingstrength.com”.


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Due to recent statements from the Federal Trade Commission, I must disclose what “typical” results using these programs will be. Typically, most people will become really excited after reading this sales letter and will purchase this product thinking it’s some sort of magical pill. They will either never print out the programs and do them, or do one workout and think it’s “too h-a-a-r-r-d” (said in the best whiney voice ever) and abandon their attempts.

So, the typical person will do nothing and “hope” for change. So their results will be zero. Your results, should you wish to “not be typical,” are completely dependent on your ability to actually do the work and follow through. Again, this is not a magic bullet. Unicorns do not exist. And there is no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Testimonials, case studies, and examples found on this page are results that have been forwarded to us by users of 'EASY MUSCLE' products and related products, who have actually done the work, and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results, only show what's possible with follow through.