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ATTENTION: For Men and Women Over 40, 50, Even 60 Who Want To Get Rid of Annoying Stomach Fat

"Use Kettlebells To Boost Your Growth Hormone And Burn Off Unwanted Stomach Fat Without Dieting"

Keep Reading To Learn How...

Stomach fat - a.k.a. Visceral fat - is the most dangerous fat to have.

It increases risk of heart disease, stroke, Type 2 Diabetes (and the "fun" complications that come with it, like E.D.), and early death.

Plus, many think it just looks downright ugly.

Research has consistently shown a link between stomach fat and the suppression of Growth Hormone (GH) release.

Stanley (2015) found that increased visceral fat is associated with reduced GH secretion.

Isozaki (1999) found that GH-releasing hormone treatment can reverse visceral fat accumulation.

Roelen (1997) demonstrated visceral fat is associated with high levels of circulating growth hormone-binding protein, which may contribute to the suppression of growth hormone release.

And Björntorp (1993) suggested that visceral obesity is linked to a range of endocrine aberrations, including the suppression of growth hormone secretion.

This is bad news because GH is one of your anabolic hormones that builds muscle, burns fat, and keeps you looking and feeling young - when it’s operating optimally.

Stomach Fat Blocks GH From Doing Its Job.

Most people attempt to lose stomach fat and fail - even with kettlebells.

And that’s because they use the wrong tools for the job.

There Are 3 Ways To Coax Your Body To Release
More GH So You Burn Off Stomach Fat:

1. Get More High Quality Sleep.

GH is released in pulses throughout the day, with most of it being released during sleep. Most of your GH is released in stages 3 and 4 of Non-REM sleep. 
So, get more non-REM sleep.

Especially if you find yourself reaching for another cup of coffee after lunch.

This may or may not be an effective solution, depending on your schedule.

2. Fasting.

Fasting for over 18 hours increases GH release.

And fasting for 48 hours demonstrated a 5-fold increase in GH secretion.

However, research also demonstrates that fasting decreases your IGF-1 levels, which means more than likely, you will lose muscle - your body’s “metabolic gold,” and reduce the number of calories your body burns at rest.

3. Exercise.

Specific forms of exercise, for specific durations, make the body release GH.

Felsing, et al (1992) found that 10 minutes of intense exercise above the anaerobic / lactate threshold increased GH levels in adult males.

Kraemer, et al (1991) found GH levels increased in both males and females using specific heavy resistance training parameters.

And most importantly, research by Yamaguchi (2010), Thomas (2013), Braden (2012) and others, has conclusively proven that the right exercise releases GH, which measurably decreases stomach fat, and overall body fat percentage.

Furthermore, research also demonstrates that unlike traditional approaches that require heavy dieting, willpower, and a large time investment of 5+ hours a week…

The Right Exercise Protocols Burn Off Stomach Fat In As Little As 60 Minutes A Week, 
Without Any Change In Diet.

This is great news and the obvious choice for the time-crunched man or woman.

And the better news is:

There’s a science-backed, “field-tested” kettlebell training protocol that can be used by any kettlebell practitioner, man or woman, of any age, regardless of experience, (Novice, Intermediate, Advanced) to successfully strip off dangerous, unwanted stomach fat without having to go on a diet.

It’s called: 

Kettlebell GHFL Program Details

  • Frequency: 3 Days a Week, 20 Minutes a Day
  • Duration: 12 Weeks
  • Kettlebell Size: Multiple, depending on program selection

There are 3 DIFFERENT Kettlebell GHFL programs.

Each is designed based upon kettlebell skill level:

OPTION 1: Novice
[+] Exercise Choices: 2-Hand Swing or 1-Hand Swing

OPTION 2: Intermediate
[+] Exercise Choices: Snatch, Single KB Thruster (Front Squat-to-Press)
[+] 3 different programming options - A, B, C

OPTION 3: Advanced
[+] Exercise Choices: Double KB Snatch, Double KB Thruster, Double KB Clean + Push Press, Double KB Clean + Jerk
[+] 5 different programming options - A, B, C, D, and E

What Kind Of Results Can You Expect? 
Here's What
Kettlebell GHFL 
Users Have Reported:

Bernd Stripped Off 5kg (11.1lbs) and 7cm (2.76 Inches) of
Fat From His Waist

Gretchen Dropped 7 Pounds, 2% Body Fat,
and 1 Inch From Her Waist

Asim Dumped 12 Pounds, Lost 2.7% Body Fat, And 
Cut An Inch From His Waist

57-Year Old Janet Loses an Inch Off Her Waist, and
1.5 Inches In The “Below Waist” Area

Ryan Ward, MD, Pediatric Resident, Working 70+ Hours A Week,
Drops 5.2lbs Without Tracking A Single Calorie

43-Year Old “Yoga Momma” Kim Drops 11.4 Pounds, 2 Inches
From Her Hips, And 1 Inch From Her Waist And
“Can See Definition In Places That
Didn’t Exist Before”

What Kind of Results Will You See Using Kettlebell GHFL?

There’s only one way to find out, and that’s to start using the program today.

Simply select the Kettlebell GHFL Option that’s right for you.

And the price?

Less than $20.


Go ahead and select your option now.

60-Day Money Back Guarantee

Follow Kettlebell GHFL as outlined for 59 days. Take your measurements. Log your workouts in your training journal. If you don’t see any results - inches lost around the waist, or pounds / kilos from the scale - email me showing me your work and your before/after measurements, and I’ll promptly refund your investment.


Q: What size kettlebell or kettlebells will I need?

A: Medium to medium-light. You need to use a kettlebell or kettlebells that you can move quickly and explosively at a fast pace.

Q: How many times per week will I be working out?

A: You’ll train 20 minutes a day, 3 days a week.

Q: Can I do any other exercises with this program? And where do I put them?

A: Yes. You can do 1-3 strength exercises before, 2-3 sets of 2-5 reps per exercise. Or on alternate days using the same guidelines. The more exercises you do, the less sets and reps of them you should do. However, you may find that these days are “enough.”

Q: Will I lose strength if I only workout 20 minutes a day, 3 days a week?

A: No, not if you follow the program as outlined. Every person who’s reported back their results has reported that they have gotten stronger.

Q: Do I need to “diet”?

A: No. Just eat normally. If you want to speed up your fat loss, prioritize eating protein over everything else. However, just make sure you don’t use the GHFL program as a “license” to eat like a pig.

Q: Does this program work for women over 40?

A: Absolutely! I’ve had women report back that they were delighted with their results. They lost inches off their waist, hips, and thighs.

Q: How much stomach fat can I really expect to lose?

A: That’s completely individual so there’s no way of knowing for sure. Results have been all over the place from as little as one pound (but simultaneously losing 1 inch off the waist) to as much as 12 pounds.

Q: Will I lose fat from other areas of my body?

A: Again, this is individual. Users have reported losing inches off their stomach, hips, legs, and chests.

Q: Will I gain any muscle on Kettlebell GHFL?

A: Growth Hormone (GH) is responsible for muscle growth. Some GHFL users report simultaneous muscle growth along with their fat loss. Some users have reported more muscle growth in their forearms, upper arms, shoulders, chest, legs, and glutes. How much muscle you gain and where depends on which exercises you use.

Q: Do I need to take measurements?

A: Only if you want to see your results. Scale weight and circumference measurements are best: Waist at navel, upper thigh, chest, shoulders, arm. Before and after. Pictures are great too.

Q: Do I need to send you my results?

A: Only if you want to. I always appreciate my customers’ feedback. And their results help encourage future customers to better themselves.

Q: Can I reuse this program / these programs? And if so, for how long? And how would I go about doing so?

A: Yes. But I’d take a 2 to 4 week break between 12-week cycles to let your body rest and recover. This “resensitzes” your body to the training stimulus. If you choose to use the same exercise, you will most likely need a larger pair of kettlebells.

Go ahead and select the right variation of Kettlebell GHFL for you and get started today.

Thanks for taking the time to read this letter. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at support@chasingstrength.com.