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ATTENTION: Men & Women Who Want to Burn Stomach Fat With Kettlebells...

Kettlebell Burn: The World's #1 Kettlebell Fat Loss System

Step-By-Step, Guesswork-Free, Single Kettlebell Training Program That Strips Up To 10 Pounds / 4.5 Kilos of Unwanted Body Fat Per Month

  • Strips off 1-3lbs / 0.5-1.3kg per week
  • Increases your upper body strength and muscularity
  • Improves your stamina so you're no longer out of breath doing regular chores like shoveling snow
  • Burns off unwanted stomach fat and lovehandles
  • Boosts your confidence, command more respect from your peers, and receive more attention from your spouse... 

Trying to figure out how to put together a fat-burning kettlebell program is hard.

How many sets, reps, exercises, rest periods, days per week, and when to change these things for optimal results is downright confusing. 

In fact, unless you enjoy "trial and error," doing this a waste of your valuable time that you could be spending with your family or friends, doing more of the things you enjoy.

However, simply following along a proven process is easy.

The Kettlebell Burn Strength-Base Fat Loss System
Is Your Proven Process

John Lost 40 Pounds (18kg) And
Changed His Life

And there are 100s more testimonials like Johns' you can see in the "Reviews" tab below.

Imagine where you'll be in just 4 short months from now:

Looser pants and tighter shirts across the shoulders... 

More energy, more time to play with your family and friends, and more attention from your significant other...

More confidence at your job and around your peers...

How Kettlebell Burn Works

  • the training Plan

  • The nutrition plan

  • accountability


You will train either 3 (2.0) or 6 days (Reloaded) a week.

  • Each training session is 30-45 minutes long (2.0), or 15 -30 minutes long (Reloaded) depending on the week
  • Each training session stacks 3x "segments" each focused on building strength and/or burning calories
  • Requires one, maybe two, kettlebells, approximately your 5RM press
  • Allow you to move at your own pace so you don't burn out

The 4x 4-Week Cycling:

  • Builds momentum one phase on top of the other, each phase building the foundation for the next
  • Becomes progressively more challenging, so you get stronger, more muscular, and of course - leaner
  • Makes your 5RM kettlebell feel like a toy by week 16
  • Leaves you feeling like a million bucks when you're done, wondering why you didn't do this sooner

(NOTE: New wardrobe / clothes not included with your purchase of the Kettlebell Burn Training System.)

Here's Everything You Get In
The Kettlebell Burn Strength-Based Fat Loss
System Today

Module 1: The Kettlebell Burn 2.0 Training Plan

  • 16-week program (4 different phases)
  • 3 days a week
  • 45 minutes a day
  • (Value: $297)

Module 2: The Kettlebell Burn 2.0 Fat Burning Nutrition Plan

  • A no-nonsense, superstition-free, science-based fat-burning plan, customizable for any man or woman at any age.
  • 30 years of “in-the-trenches” nutrition distilled into a simple system that allows you to burn fat immediately – customized for you.
  • Designed to help you burn fat faster.
  • (Value: $97)

Module 3: The Kettlebell Burn Exercise Instruction Index

  • The exercises you’ll perform, pictures of how to perform them, and detailed descriptions of how to perform them, including expert cues to shortcut your learning curve.
  • Spend hours scouring the internet and using "trial-and-error" or get the details from someone who's been coaching and instructing internationally for over 20 years.
  • (Value: $197)

Module 4: The Kettlebell Burn Exercise Training Journal

  • Another major factor in fat loss is the ability to do more and more work. More work = more calories burned = more fat loss. Simple. This is how you track your ability to do more work each and every workout.

  • If you don’t know where you are, you can’t know where you’re going.
  • All my Private Clients use one.
  • (Value: $29)

Module 5: The Kettlebell Burn Nutrition Journal

  • Accountability to yourself. That’s a major factor in the success of any fat loss program. Anybody who’s made dramatic changes in their appearance has used this method.
  • Geoff used this exact method to get to 3.3% body fat! Success leaves clues – follow them! (Old School "check the box" is still the best!)
  • (Value: $19)

Module 6: The Kettlebell Burn Exercise Shortcuts Videos

  • 11 "Technique Shortcuts" videos for the exercises used in Kettlebell Burn programs.  
  • Each less than 15 minutes long for quick viewing.
  • All "meat," no "filler" so you can get up and running immediately if you're not familiar with the exercises.
  • (Value: $99)

Module 7: The Kettlebell Burn RELOADED Training Plan

  • 16-week program (4 different phases)
  • 6 days a week
  • 10-30 minutes a day
  • Includes "alternate" nutrition plan
  • (Value: $297)

For Less Than A Cup Of Coffee A Day

Unlike many other kettlebell fat loss workouts that are just thrown together based upon "Bro Culture" and "Pop Fitness"...

The Kettlebell Burn Fat Burning System is based off my 25,000 hours plus of one-on-one private client training sessions, over 15 years of training for the sport of Olympic Weightlifting, and training advanced athletes as a Strength & Conditioning Coach at Rutgers University. 

It's tested and true and best of all, it delivers results for anyone - regardless of age or gender - who follows it, as you can see from clicking the "Reviews" tab below.

At a bare minimum, this system should cost $297 total.

But you won't pay anywhere near that today.

For less than $1.40 per day - which won't even buy you a small - excuse me - tall - cup of Starbuck's coffee, you transform the way you look and feel for a one-time discounted payment of only

$297 $67

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There are varying degrees of success and some people sent in multiple testimonials documenting their progress along the way.

Every time I read any of these I smile. I am blessed to have been able to help out so many people and I consider it a true honor and privilege.

I hope you enjoy reading these as much as I do – they will give you hope – hope of what is possible – of what you could do.

Imagine yourself in the same position – writing to me about your story – what will it say?

I recommend you read through these and then write your story in advance – imagine where you’ll be 16 weeks from now and write about your progress. It’ll inspire you.

I truly look forward to receiving your story.


“... Impressed...”

I have been impressed with Geoff Neupert's program design skills since the two of us worked together on a professional athlete's kettlebell regimen. Neupert's plans are logical, efficient, and comprehensive. Which perfectly describes Kettlebell Burn. It is a rare fat loss program which will make you not just leaner but also a lot stronger.

—Pavel Tsatsouline, author of Enter the Kettlebell!, Chairman, StrongFirst, Inc, Father of the Western Kettlebell Renaissance


“Bodyfat melted...”

"I just finished week 16 of Kettlebell Burn. It was disgustingly challenging and I cursed your name (in my mind) with each session. Usually, this would happen with the finishers. Checking my log after each session revealed a true PR every single workout. Bodyfat melted and flexibility increased, too. I immediately ordered Kettlebell Express." - Bobby Spencer, 12/7/12


“Went from a 4 to a 0 without trying...”

I love the program, I became so much stronger and leaner, with that program I went down from a 4 to a 0 without trying or eating anything special, I just followed the program to the letter and Wa La. - Nancy Caceras


“5 pounds down the first week...”

5 pounds down the first week...can't wait to see more positive results...Mike Zapicchi


“Doctor Approved”

"I have gotten more out of Kettlebells and your workouts than I thought possible. I have recommended them to many people, most of whom want an easy fix, which doesn't work, i.e. they want diet pills. I ALWAYS writewww.dragondoor.com "Enter the Kettlebell", followed up with Kettlebell Burn 2.0 on a prescription. They are not happy!

This is after 2 years for me of weights and aerobics, with very little results. (Also after years of not working out for close to ten years). Now 45 lbs lighter and 6-7 inches smaller in the waist. Still a little bit on the belly, but arms and legs are totally ripped. But I have a great new book on 6-pack abs a friend/instructor just wrote.

Actually you can say the new book, your diet book and every course I have gotten from you are "Doctor approved."

My day in the ER would be much less busy if people would follow your advice (and mine, which is to listen to you!)

(Diabetics, Hypertensives, Heart attacks, basically the metabolic syndrome.)

One thing has irritated me, however. And that is the people who say that you send out the lead-ins for what turns out to be a book or something, and never teach or tell them anything. I suppose these people cannot read. I almost always get something valuable out of your E-mails. Probably the times I didn't, I missed it.

Thank you again

Calvin (Poole, MD) "


“Most useful and valuable fitness info...”

Dear Geoff
I have found your blog to be the most useful and valuable fitness info I receive.

Started ( and almost finished) your suggested 2H KB SW intervals. Left on holidays after 1 X 40sec 2H KB SW; 20sec rest.

I attribute the attained fitness with allowing me to complete an unplanned aprox 14 mile hike/grind near White Tanks in AZ in near 100 degree temp. A definite "what the heck" moment.

Your "free" tip on not swinging too far backwards enabled me to make near 540 2H SW X 24K in 20 min.

While I own Kettlebell Burn I have been too busy utilizing your other "free" tips on KB SQ's, KB Press etc. to start.

This oversight will change but not my very deep thanks.

Very best regards Phil van rijt


“Receiving lots of compliments lately...”

First off let me start by saying that I was a little skeptical about the Kettlebell Burn Program in general. I have never been a "Weight Lifting" type guy, more into
the cardio and body weight exercises. I have got to tell you that I finished Phase 1 and am sold. I am thoroughly enjoying my training and can see the results. I have even been receiving lots of compliments lately. It is amazing that for only 3 times a week that you are able to have noticeable results. I did not take measurements at the beginning, but I am down about 7lbs and feel great. I was not that big to begin with about 200lbs @ 6' and did a lot of running, biking, and swimming and pretty much pulled a calf muscle late last year that shelved my running, so I started doing KB training to supplement my running and do something while I was recovering, but noticed that I was starting to really enjoy the workouts as opposed to running. (BTW I spent 6 yrs military and all that time running, rucking, and jumping out of planes puts a hurting on your knees and other joints.) I still run, but have cut back to either short runs or short interval sessions. My overall health goal is to be healthy, feel good, and be around for my kids.

I also wanted to tell you that at first when I received emails from you I thought that they were just some automated spam system, and they may be, but I enjoy reading them. It seems to me that you truly care about helping people, I appreciate that.

- Kristopher Burn


“... Lost 15lbs and 8% bodyfat already!”

"Im doing your kettlebell burn and i started phase 3 today! Man what a program!!!! I've lost 15lbs and 8% body fat already! Thanks!!!!" Mike Sousa, RKC


“... Lost about 17lbs...”

I love this program. I've lost about 17 lbs. I'm stronger. I've dropped a couple of sizes. Lovin' it!!! - Karen Nelson


Thanks a lot for the great program KB Burn 2.0. I had lost around 35 lbs and waist size 42 to 37. - Ganesh Rajagopalan


“... 15 pounds and 2” off waist...”

"Down almost 15 pounds and 2" off waist since then while also doing Geoff Neupert's KB Burn program." - Duane Dinham


“Lost 6” off waist and 20+ pounds!”

Let me say that this program has been great for my strength and body composition. I was a 44" waist in pants and 225.5 lbs when I started and right now I fit comfortably into my old 38" jeans and I weigh 204 lbs! I was hoping to be lighter weight wise but given the way my body looks and how I feel I'd definitely say I've put on some muscle. I started out with the 16kg for presses and TGUs and right now I'm working with my 24kg Russian Red and feel that on some of the exercises, (like the rows), I could use the 28kg, (which I don't have right now). - Peter Murphy


“... Lost 10 lbs, gained muscle, better condition and stamina...”

Hi Geoff,

I finished Kettlebell Burn 2.0, finally! My phase 4 went like clockwork for the first 2 weeks but work caused the last 2 weeks to take 3 weeks but I got all the workouts in, ending on 15 October. By the end I was noticeably leaner and have kept it (the jeans and belt are the same as I said below) but the scale said my weight went up to 186 or slightly above. That would make sense, as I’ve gotten more muscular (legs, shoulders, back/traps).

Feedback: I liked the timed sessions of the workouts and the EDT progressions paired with the RPE scale. Also liked the pairing of execises in the 2nd 15 min block for the metabolic training, but some of the single exercises in that second slot were just as tough...the clean-squat-press had me sucking some serious wind! You included some of my favorite lifts like clean and press ladders and threw in some “curve balls” (TGUs in the 2nd time block) that I had to adjust to physically and mentally, as I always do them first. In the written plan there was no mention of the RPE numbers to stick to at any given point, but to rest as needed. At some point (2nd phase?) you emailed about monitoring the RPE and that made a big difference. I would suggest writing that into the plan book.

The negative: LOTS of overhead work and my right shoulder is telling me about it now. I tweaked it back in the 90’s whitewater kayaking and slightly separated it about 8 years ago in a martial arts class, so those are the biggest causes of its complaints. I know the KBB 2.0 is a kb only program but I was really wanting to throw in some pullups (didn’t). I read some of your blog posts about bodyweight work and have started a new cycle of pushups, inverted rows, airborne lunges on one day and battling ropes and burpees on the next day, sticking to the 3 days/ wk alternating 2 different workouts structure.

The bottom line for me: Your KBB 2.0 program is GREAT! It was very challenging and the emails you sent out during the process were timely and helped keep focus. Your program was well worth the money and delivered results (at 5’11” lost 10 lbs, gained muscle, better condition and stamina) even though I didn’t follow the eating plan. I would highly recommend your program, thanks for a great product.

Sincerely, Doug Boutot


“5 pounds in 2 weeks...”

Hey Geoff,

Fat loss is good. When I started on Sept. 5 I was 225.5 and this past Monday, (Sept. 19), I was 220! Going great guns so far.

Peter Murphy


“Lost 10 pounds and over 2.5 inches from waist!”

Geoff - I’m 38 years old; my height is 5ft 7”. When I started this program, my weight was 143 & my waist measured at 29.5” Currently, my weight is fluctuating between 133 & 134.2 & my waist is between 26 3⁄4” & 27”. My energy levels are great & my physique is noticeably more muscular. Craig Bargman


“Feel better and look better than I have in years.”

Dear Geoff,
Have not lost but 2 lbs, BUT am quite happy with Kettle Bell Burn 2. Have lost 2 inches off the waist. Went from being able to do a Turkish Get Up with a 25 pound KB, to using a 24 Kg. KB for 5 reps. Much more Vascular and defined. Endurance has increased. Feel better and look better than I have in years. Blood Pressure is almost back to normal, 130-132/80-82 range. Now doing the Snatch with 32 Kg and Clean and Press and Front Squat with 32 Kg.

I don't know if I was supposed to increase the weight this much, but I am stronger and leaner than I was, so I guess it is working well.

Calvin P. Poole, Jr. MD


“Loses 12 pounds while drinking wine or beer”

Feedback to this point: I’ve been using kettlebell exercises/methodology since 2002 and kettlebells since 2003, and KB Burn 2.0 is some SERIOUS work. I have to admit though, I didn’t do any measurements at the beginning and I haven’t done the diet as written as I eat good food (lean beef, chicken, salmon/ seafood, veggies/salads) most of the time anyway, occasionally pizza and very rarely other fast food. My 2 biggest diet “no-nos” are eating in the evenings after supper sometimes (nuts, but sometimes chips or freeze pops during the heat this summer J) and I drink a glass of wine or a beer a few evenings a week. I will say that after a suppertime workout I’m hungry later into the evening. I’ve been using my beltline, the mirror, and my scale for measurements. To date, at 5 ft 11 inches.

I’ve dropped from 196lbs to 184 -185lbs and my 33 waist jeans fit loose enough out of the dryer that I think I could go with 32 waist and have tightened my belt a notch. - Doug Boutot



Geoff - I haven't obtained the "AMAZING" results some people might get from your program but I blame myself for the lack of 'weight loss' (I've lost only 5 pounds so far): I missed a few sessions (I'm a police officer and sometimes our shifts sometimes carry on longer than expected). My food is also not dialed in yet.

The main result I got from your program so far is simple : SOLID MUSCLE ! That would explain the lack of 'weight loss', and I feel like a pile of bricks : your program helped me pack on pounds of muscles and even if I still carry some fat around, I could definitely see the muscles under it ! My posture improved drastically and I can get up from the prone or supine position like a cat even with all my gear on (thanks to the getups !). - Luc Lamontagne, RCMP Officer


Your books/eBooks and programs are some of the best stuff money can buy. - Andreas JauB


“Fat loss benefits besides the point...”

I finished Kettlebell Burn 2.0 this morning – 16 weeks, 48 workouts, 20,718 reps and 708,783 lbs. later, I strongly recommend this program.

KBB is branded as a fat loss program, with both a KB program and a nutritional component. I started KBB a week after having a baby and decided not to follow the diet. Nevertheless, I lost about 15 lbs while doing the exercises and eating a much more liberal diet.

For me, the fat loss benefits of KBB were almost beside the point. The bigger benefits were (1) I got much stronger, (2) my conditioning went through the roof, and (3) my technique significantly improved, especially on swings, get ups, presses, snatches and SL DLs.

Before KBB, I used 16kg for single arm swings and 20kg for double arms swings.

During the entire KBB program, I never used a weight heavier than 16kg for single arm moves. Nevertheless, I recently discovered that single arm swings with a 24kg now feel the way 16kg used to. Same with doubles: 28kg feels like a 20kg. And that’s without ever going heavier in practice. With TGUs, 16kg used to be my challenging weight. Now it’s my bread and butter. Amazing.

Conditioning improvements are a given. I think it would be impossible to seriously work the KBB program and not see big benefits in this area.

I was most surprised, though, by what KBB did for my form. This isn’t automatic. In fact, it would be easy to have KBB deepen the groove of a bad pattern. But I found that spending so much time on a single movement highlighted energy leaks/alignment problems and forced me to make changes to avoid injury. My swings and SLDLs used to be much more tippy-bird, but my back insisted I clear up that bad habit. My snatches were brutalizing my hands until I learned the truth about the hook-grip catch. But the biggest change relates to presses. In the course of trying to understand a big left-right strength asymmetry, I learned about bad movement patterns I’ve been using since an accident almost 18 years ago. By fixing that problem, my posture has changed, my mobility has increased, and my strength has really leapt forward.

So big thumbs up for Kettlebell Burn 2.0. I can’t wait to see what lies in store with Kettlebell Burn Extreme. - Laura McNally, HKC


“Bigger strength and form improvements than the previous 14 months of twice-weekly sessions with an RKC.”

I finished! I have to say that the sense of accomplishment I feel for completing this program is right up there in the top 3 in my athletic career. You wrote a truly excellent program, and the results have been much greater than I expected. I went in thinking this would be a good fat loss experience, but I ended up revamping my form in all lifts and seeing some serious strength gains. In fact the 4 months of KBB gave me bigger strength and form improvements than the previous 14 months of twice-weekly sessions with an RKC. - Laura McNally, HKC


“Lost 3-4 kilos but got very much more toned”

I finished kettlebell burn a couple of weeks ago. Felt really great to really go back to basics and do the immense volume that the program demanded. Last complex was really something =). I lost 3-4 kilos but got very much more toned and gained some musclemass judging from the mirror. Thank you for a great program! - Johann Pettersson


“... Lost a lot of my storage of fat.”

Hi Geoff,
at first I want to express my congratulation for your training plan again! I'm a little late with the program, in fact I've just finished part 2 and I'll be starting 3, but I've seen a great muscle gain with very very little weight gain (befor starting I had not particular problem with my fat also because I'm a long distance runner) so probably better certainly I lost a lot of my storage of fat.
And I'm much stronger! In fact now I could c&press the 32 kg bell that before was just a dream! - Elio Dardi, Italy


“Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

Geoff -
Thank you so much for this missives on the weekends. They really help so much. It's like I have a real coach pushing me forward and that means a lot (accountability is my biggest problem.) I finish up Phase 1 tomorrow and I'm very proud of myself. I've been pushing the workouts more than the nutrition - but that will come. I'm coming back from a huge emotional pit that involved two months of too much food and too little working out. How I feel now vs. how I felt at the end of April is amazing and I owe it all to you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Ellen Goodwin


“Loses 7.5 pounds in 4 weeks”

I started phase 2 yesterday and I am very happy w losing 7,5 lbs during phase 1! And I am getting stronger!
Thank you! - Bente Maalen


“...Informative and personal – very helpful and inspirational.”

Thank you for creating these [editor: Kettlebell Burn] videos. I have been suffering a lower back injury that happened when I was cleaning a 16K. It has been sad and frustrating...it doesn't bother me like it used to. I wasn't able to do any exercise for about 5 months (not even swimming) after the injury. At first sitting on the couch was tough, but you get mighty used to it after awhile. It's been over a year now, but I stilfeel it. And I feel really strongly like it has prevented me from moving forward and getting stronger. I love kb, but I have to say, that starting over has been tough and a little scary.

Thank you for all your info and blog posts. They are informative and personal- very helpful and inspirational. I sure do wish you were in my neck of the woods.

Margo Kornemann


“Down 20lbs of fat in 12 weeks!”

I am in week 13 of your Kettlebell Burn program. No kidding, you say you kick it up a notch during this phase! But I am loving the whole program! Thank you for the offering. I also read your blog posts and trying to swing it in my budget to join your inner circle.

At the end of 12 weeks I am down 20 lbs of fat, according to my own body fat testing with a caliper, I have lost no muscle. My goal was to lose 25 lbs fat total at the end of 16 weeks. Feeling really strong and really good! - Pat Stream


“In three months I lost 15 pounds of fat...”

Hey Geoff,

I want to say, "Thanks" once again for the free copy of Kettlebell Burn 2.0. In three months I lost 15 pounds of fat (which could have been more but my schedule made it so my eating habits were terrible). But what was more amazing to me were the rapid strength and conditioning increases. I started the program struggling with the 35 lbs. bell but by the end of the second month, I was using the 53 lbs. bell for all exercises and even made it through all the swing sessions. It really is an incredible program, not easy, but incredible. Ten minutes of swings after 15 minutes of get-ups is brutual!!! However, my new level of conditioning has prepared me for the pre-deployment training I begin this weekend.

Thanks again, Geoff and congratulations on your soon-to-be fatherhood. There is no greater joy in the world.

Mark Becking


“I like...”

What I like so far...

I like having someone who knows what they are talking about plan out my training for me so I don't have to guess.
I like that there is an actual plan, and not just a set of random workouts.
I like that I have been "good sore" from toe to top after the first 2 workouts. I like that nothing is hurting.

I like all the additional materials.
I like having only 3 workouts per week (although I did add in some easy yoga)
I am hoping within the next year to become an RKC trainer, and I like that this is putting me on that path!

I am looking forward to using more of your materials in the future. That's it for now, more updates in the future (I am only in week one!!)

Karilee Marcikic


“... Lowered my bodyfat... can tell in the mirror.”

I have just completed the KB burn program. For workout 1, I can snatch 120 in 5 min. and in 15 minutes- still accomplish 312 ....plus 180/180 reverse lunge and staggered leg Rowing, plus 28 TGU (all in 40 Minutes)... Workout 2 got me to 180/180 contra DL - plus 240 C/Squat/Press (30 Min). I wacked off a few pounds and lowered my bodyfat as well. Don't have a caliper, but can tell in the mirror.I have more synergy in my body, and my endurance levels have ramped up a ton! I am a 52 year old female RKC so I REALLY appreciate the challenge as 'Re- Cert" is upon me this summer. To my fellow Victims...."This is your future"!!

- Dawn Karlon


“6 pounds lighter and 1.5 inches off waist in 3 weeks”

Wanted to let you know I'm less than three weeks into the kettlebell burn program and I'm seeing some significant results already. Over an inch and a half off my waist and I'm six pounds lighter. I find this amazing because I feel like I'm force feeding myself.

- Jason Scott Skeens


“Absolutely Brilliant”

hey Geoff,
how are ya buddy ?
Im pretty good
just finnishd up on friday n I gotta say burn was absolutely brilliant
I droped around 5- 10kg and about 10 - 30 cm off my stomach.
im just wondering what Im gunna do next....
I just wanted to say thanks for the experience it was very much appreciated, Take care mate,
Joe Crisafi


“Lost 12-13kgs”

Dear Geoff

Thanks for a great program where I lost 12-13KGS. I'm done with the program and will take the well earned weeks rest.

Started feeling quite sore the last(16th)week of the program.

Now the next question is what can I do next and how do I maintain my gains and add more?

Kind regards

Dimitri Mitropapas


“Gave me a great sense of accomplishment!”

Hi Geoff,

I probably should have sent this e-mail near the end of last year when I completed the KB Burn 1.0 on December 6 to send you my feedback. I purchased KB Burn 1.0 and finished all 16 weeks of the program.

Finishing it gave me a great sense of accomplishment! I think it's fantastic program delivering promising results.

My goal in doing the program was to try it out and see what it felt like to complete so that I could use it with my clients. In the end, I got a lot stronger (28kg snatch), leaner, burned fat (from 12% to 10%, from 156lbs to 151lbs) and learned to push my pain threshold. I'm sure I could have done better with the fat burn if I chose to be more selective with my diet.

Some highlights:
•I went from doing maybe 5 snatches in my career with a 28kg to snatching it over 100 reps in 15 minutes. The 24kg felt too light after completing KB Burn! •14 GUs per side in 15 minutes @ 24kg.
•I struggled with the 40:20 two hand swings @ 24kg finisher for the whole week. In the later Phases, I was able to complete 40:20 and 20:10 one hand swings @ 24kg without fail. It wasn't easy but I never had to take additional rest.
•I hurt my shoulder in March of last year and couldn't do C&P. I did GUs to maintain shoulder strength and resumed C&P with KB Burn. I started the ladders with a 20kg and built my way back to pressing the 24kg and 28kg.

Thanks Geoff! I really enjoyed the program.

Here is a link to my blog in case that you want to check out the details. Hopefully, you don't mind that I blogged it.


I look forward to meeting you and talking to you more in person.



“My pants are falling off my hips...”

I just started Phase 3 and it is a BURNER!! What fun!! I had a few setbacks (illness) but continued on with the program as soon as I was able. I haven’t lost the lbs. but my pants are falling of my hips, my thighs are getting smaller, my arms are looking ripped and the rest of my clothes are getting bigger! I am short, curvy shaped female and let me tell you my hips and arms are the hardest to trim down, but they are!!! I have been exercising for over 20 years and my arms have never looked this good. The best part of it all is that I’m lifting heavier for TGU, Cleans and Snatches. I feel my form improving every week. I have been using KBs for about a year now and can tell when my form is wrong or right.

Talk to you later,

Maria Welters


“I use it for professional conditioning.”

Hey Geoff thanks for the reply!

Doesn't sound arrogant at all. I don't mean this as a big deal, but I'm using your system for more than just working out. I use it for professional conditioning. I'm a TL on a Police tactical team and I was looking for a system that is more total body strength, not just metcon, and not just random KB exercises. Your system is giving me just enough variety to satisfy my workout ADD, but consistency that I hope will improve my form/technique.

I'm 39 (bleck) and put one of my 20 something teammates through a session A workout of week 1, last week ...he about puked!...and definitely couldn't finish (victory for me!!).

We train at DARC, which is the Direct Action Resource Center, and it's tough as hell. They grind the hell out of you and it takes total body strength and conditioning to be successful (feel free to google it or check you tube if you're curious about what it is). I started 2.0 to coincide with my next visit to the facility and so far I'm right on track. I'm not strong with TGU's but your program is making me spend the time to get the groove. Feeling stronger already!

I won't blow up your inbox, just wanted to give some feedback from an end user! Thanks man,


“Eating more... lost 3 pounds last week...”

So... I feel like I have been eating more than I used to and lost 3 pounds last week. Also been increasing my kettlebell work a little so I am assuming this is not muscle loss. Was doing a pretty intense bootcamp for awhile and kept increasing in weight. The PN stuff is pretty cool.

- Gerald Guidroz


Elite Powerlifter Puts 15lbs On Bench In Just 8 Weeks

“Hi Geoff
Thanks for such a great product!

Let me start by telling you a bit about who I am as I am not the typical kettlebell user. I am the current Australian and Oceania Bench Press Champion in the 125+kg class. I compete in the IPF and am 100% lifetime drug free. In 2010 I placed 10th at the World Bench Press Championships. My bodyweight at the start of the program was 171kg and today is 168kg which is negligable given my starting weight. However, weight loss was not my goal, building a big squat, bench and deadlift is. I train using a 4 day/week split for powerlifting and follow a Sheiko system. I use kettleburn 2.0 on the off days (Tues, Thurs, Sat) as a conditioning tool. The effect on my powerlifting training has been dramatic. My workout time has been reduced significantly as my fitness improves. Obviously the same amount of weight moved in a shorter time should yield better results - and it has! My raw bench has risen from 560lb to 575lb in just 8 weeks. 15lbs in such a short time is awesome. I attribute this mostly to the Turkish Get Ups the improved shoulder positioning they provide. My upper back now stays much tighter through the entire lift (bench press) and my work capacity has improved out of sight. Although my weight has dropped very little, I have been able to bring my belt in 3 notches which would suggest my bodyfat is going down while retaining, or even perhaps gaining lean muscle.

I live in Karratha, Australia and train outdoors. The temperature tonight whilst training was 39C or 108F and the humidity was over 60%. The combined effect of this heat, humidity and pairing front squats with clean and presses had me tasting lunch for a second time 5 minutes into the 15 minute block - first time I puked in training in over 10 years lol. What a killer combo for producing tons of lactic acid quickly. Loving the program but can't wait for week 17 :-)

Once again, thanks for putting out such a great product.

Nathan Baxter”


“Down just over 10 pounds...”

Down just over 10 pounds, with a few delays due to travel for work etc.... Love it so far!! - Robb Reed


“Best fitness decision I ever made...”

That is why I love KB's. Work, family, chores (snow shoveling), fitness makes it difficult to find the time. I was never a big fan of working out and kept searching for the right tools and plan for me. About a year I discovered KB's. I was suffering from a bulge in my neck and stiffness in my back, really everywhere and realized that I needed to get moving again and most importantly needed a plan.

So, I purchased KB 2.0. and it was the best fitness decision I ever made. KB 2.0 plan is simple, time efficient and effective. At 44 years old I needed to lose a few lbs around the middle and get some some strength back for hockey, softball and golf. KB 2.0 was the answer. It was the first program that I followed all the way through with out deviation. KB's are here to stay in my life and I thank Geoff for that.

- Tony Petiprin


Lost 25 Pounds

"Hey Geoff. I'm nathankrudop@yahoo.com and have purchased your kettlebell secrets and kettlebell burn 2.0 products. 16 weeks into the burn and down from 205-180 @ 6'1". Great stuff."

- Nathan Krudop


Lost Fat, Gained Muscle

geoff everything goin good program working very will my uper body strength is unreal,ive lost fat and gained muscle iam pretty sure about 10# of muscle ill do my numbers again @ the end thanks again

sam faulkner


“Down to about 11% bodyfat”

Hey Geoff--

That complex was amazing! I've been loving the workout regime so far--I have tons of energy, feel great and have lost over 9 pounds! I recently got some calipers and am down to about 11 percent body fat. I'm not sure where I was before, but I can definitely feel the change!

Thanks again for the great workouts and advice and I'll keep you posted on the results!

Brian Dixon


“... Dropped closer to 10 pounds so far...”

Hi Geoff,
Things are working pretty well, I've dropped closer to 10 pounds so far, quite pleased with that.
Trust me, swinging the bell for me is close to a 9 now anyway, actually I'm getting much better and the number is dropping, even the wife has noticed.
This is going great, thanks a million. Due to the doc in April (April 15, great sense of humor my doc) and I think he'll be shocked.
Thanks again,
Tom Owen


“Starting to press the 16kg”

Hi Geoff,
I am so glad I decided to purchase the Kettlebell Burn program.
Before Kettlebell Burn: stuck at pressing the 12kg only; TGU-same thing
After starting Kettlebell Burn: starting to press the 16kg (so far I can do 1 and 2 reps ladder; not 3 reps yet but I am sure I will get there)
Now this is the amazing part....I started the Get Up-Sit Up with the 16kg.

Sabrina Lee


“I notice more definition.”

Halfway through (actually it's seven weeks) your Kettlebell Burn with Wendy Pond and you are right. I am noticeably stronger and leaner. I had to get much stronger but the lean component comes as a surprise. I was a marathon runner up until six months ago when I fell in love with KB's and there really wasn't too much room to get leaner! But sure enough I notice more definition. What I like best about the program is that I can smoke myself on one day and the next day not be the least sore or stiff!

Great program! Thanks.

Ralph A. Salamone HKC


“Lost my ‘holiday fat’...”

just completed phase 1...lost my "holiday fat"...shirts are tight in the shoulders... belt is 1 notch down, the scale is not the best indicator of progress, even though weight is down...I approached this with kb's heavier than I needed, cuz I've got that" must lift heavy" attitude... mistake...I intend to back down a little bit on kb weight in phase 2,and try to increase my volume of work on timed sets, cutting rest time....by the way I'm a 62 yr old, old school weightlifter who never really concentrated on fat lose,another mistake. Who says old guys can't put on muscle and lose fat...thanx Geoff Tony p.s. get-ups are nasty, but a necessary evil

(this may sound sick, but I'm startin' to like 'em )

 - Tony Jarona


“Lost 11 pounds and an inch off my waist and my hips”

Mario here checking in as you asked. Just about to start week 10. I have lost 11 pounds and an inch off my waist and my hips. I don't use or have fat calipers so I am not sure about the percent of fat loss at this time. What I know for sure is that pants that fit when I started the program (size 44) I can now take off without unbuttoning them. I started out in August at 277 by using the lost it application for the Ipad and following the Enter the Kettlebell routine. When I started Kettlebell Burn 2.0 I was 253 and am currently 242.

Mario Rabaza


Dropped 10kg (22lbs) in 11 weeks

Dear Geoff
Thanks for an amazing program.

Just some feedback..weighed 108.5kg when I started and weighed myself yesterday and I weigh 98.5kg. Can I expect more gains in the next 5 weeks?

Kind regards



“Perfect for me...”

Hey Geoff

Download went without complication. Just kickstarted the program and I ́m doing my third workout today. Been kettlebelling for close to two years but although these are the same exercises I have done, the format is a lot diffrent. Perfect for me since I have small kids and train late at night in my livingroom. My muscles are aching but I ́m really looking forward to tonights workout. Will get back yo you on my progress.

Johan Pettersson


“... I lost 11 pounds... jeans are looser...”


Just a quick note to let you know how I've been doing on the Burn 2.0 program. Since I started I lost eleven pounds - 205 down to 194. My jeans are looser, my watch is looser around my wrist, but most importantly is that I feel great physically AND mentally! More energy and I've been sleeping like a log...

What makes this program so unique is the nutritional part. Eating 5 times a day was difficult at first but after a while (by the beginning of phase 3) I was actually getting hungry every three hours! I took your recommendation and purchased two cannisters of Beverly International protein powder and started drinking two shakes a day and that really made a difference. Also eating anything you want three days a week is a great motivational tool; gotta have that cheeseburger or pizza at least once a week!

When I first started the TGUs were tough but now I'm progressing to the point where I'm a lot smoother and fluid. Ditto with the finishers although I think I've only finished the whole ten minutes twice this whole time. I usually stop and cough up a hairball by the sixth set. Right now its the single leg deadlifts that are killing me; haven't found that "groove" yet but its better than it was two weeks ago. At least they're not the reverse lunges. I hate those but those are what made my TGUs a whole lot better!

As I write this waiting for my son to finish his Cub Scout den meeting I am reminded that perhaps the greatest thing (well besides the whole program itself) is the fact that you really emphasize the recovery portion. I know that this week is a "9" and I really pushed it hard this morning but the knowledge that tomorrow I can rest is so mentally positive that it really sets me up for the rest of the week. In the past I would've done some additional swings or maybe a bit of VO2 max training but now I just do a little super joints and my body is responding great and feeling fantastic.

Also, I have to say the weekly emails on Sunday with tips for the following week that you send out is a HUGE help. Great idea!

Geoff you've been a positive influence in my life so far, to the point where I am thinking of signing up for the HKC here in Chicago in April, and if finances permit, the RKC in September. Thanks again for all your hard work and effort. I shall keep you posted in the following weeks and let you know what's happening. Sorry for the long email but I had a great workout this morning and I'm still pumped up!


Alan Gaa


“The program is awesome.”

Honestly I don't need to burn too much fat but I like to try different programs to help me design sessions for my clients. I have to admit it is really tough and I love it. I did your kettlebell muscle program and gained so much I stopped my fourth week in. I have recommended your programs to a lot of people, you really are an effective program designer. I will say I don't like buying ebooks and was disappointed that’s what this book was. But whatever the program is awesome.

Meredith Patterson


“My wife and I LOVE the workouts.”

Hi Geoff,
OK here it is;

Lots of little delays along the way. Christmas, New Year, School Holidays, studying for my Diploma and loads more responsibilities at work.

So all workouts have been offset by a day or two at a time.
I've never actually stopped but I'm only half way through Phase 2.

Now the good news is, my wife and I LOVE the workouts. It's become something we always strive to do and we're so buzzed when we finish a workout.

In that time I started with a 12kg Kettlebell then worked up to a 16kg then a 20kg and I've just bought and did my first workout with a 24kg Pro Grade kettlebell.

I'm pretty happy with that. I've also dropped about 3 kg (about 7lb) in weight.

So I'm hangin' in there and now that all that crazy holiday stuff is mainly out of the way, it's all systems go.

Thanks for the regular emails tapping me on the shoulder saying "Hey you made a commitment, I'm doing my bit, now you do yours"

Regards, Alex


“I am replacing fat with muscle ... wife says I have a tight little butt.”

Geoff doin good the 1 legged deadlifts were taxing but finally got in the groove. 1 point of interest when i started the swings were my weak link now there my strongest point also i am replacing fat with muscle people at the gym that now me say sam what ever your doin is working your upper body is bigger mainly shoulders, my wife says i have a tight little butt. thanks for the program

sam faulkner 


1 inch off waist in 4 workouts

Geoff: I had mentioned earlier that I started your program without following the diet component....with predictable results, no inches off, so I restarted and I have completed one week and am one workout into the second week with the net result of 1 inch off my waist. If I drop 7 more inches by the end I'll be a very happy camper. Thanks.

Michael Jeffcoat.


“My bodyfat is down to single digits now...”

Hey Geoff here are my numbers so far:

Phase 1

Session A all excercises used 20kg bell except for * a 16kg bell

Get ups (34,34,36,36,36,38)

Gob. Squat/Stag row - all sets of 5/5/5 (210,225,225,225,225,225)

2 Handed Swings (187,200,200,268,268, - )

Session B
C&P (72,114*,120*,120*,120*,84)

Get up sit up / Rev. Lunge sets of 5/5/5/5 (80,90,100,100,110,110)

2 Hand. Swings (199,203,210,271,-,-)

Phase 2 Session A

Get ups (39,40,40,40)

Gob. Squat / stag row sets of 8/8/8 thru 10/10/10 (216,243,270,270)

1 Hand Swings (201,210,260,190)

Session B

(120*, 96,96)

Get up sit up / Rev. Lunge - started at 6/6/8/8 up through 6/6/10/10 (112,120,128)

1 Hand swings (200,250,268)

Now I am a bit behind because I cant take the bells on my trips as a pilot. Ive asked TSA and they said no way. Ill do them when I am home the best I can. Oh and im weighing in around 140 lbs and at 5'9". My body fat is down to single digits now I think. Thanks for all the tips and any feedback you would have Id appreciate. I dropped down for some of my C&P's to the lighter kettlebell, because I have to cheat and dip my knees with the 20kg one. Im trying to do that as little as I can but Im sure I do a little still.

Jay Baileys


Lost 17.2lbs in 8 weeks!

Hi Geoff
Truly amazing!!!!!

Halfway through and my stats are:

Bodyweight Before      Now          Loss

                                    197.6         180.4        17.2LBS

Body Fat Before          Now          Loss

                                    18%          13.9%         4.1%

Muscle Mass Before    Now          Gain

                                    38.7%        40.1%        1.4%

Can’t wait to get started with phases 3 and 4....




“Simple but effective.”

Jeff, just wanted to say thanks for all of the support and extra materials. I am on week 8 now and feeling pretty good. Had a lapse in there with the holidays but am going strong now. I really like your program. It is simple but effective. I feel a lot stronger. Never knew I could do so many getups. Haha. Just wanted to say thanks and let you know I appreciate your encouragement. - Trish Marchant


“Impressed by the awesomeness”

I was really impressed by the awesomeness that Kettlebell Burn by Master RKC Geoff Neupert is. Josh Hillis, RKC 2


“If you have fat to lose, use Burn.”

I too was very impressed. i ran that program [Kettlebell Burn] along with a more standard type of program and his beat it even after what would normally be diminished returns. I am also a fat loss trainer that has seen and used many programs and that program has become my "system" to produce incredible fat loss results. I use Dave Whitley's furnace workout as the program minimum and Burn as the rite of passage when it comes to fat loss programming. if you have fat to lose, use burn.

- Eric J. Moss, RKC


“I still have excess fat in the core area, but am now seeing it shrinking.”


I wanted to send you a note updating you on my progress with KB Burn 2.0. I got pretty sick after the second week and took a week off. This usually has happened to me in the past and I would discard the program and go back to my traditional ways.

I refused to continue that process. I believe I have broken through a barrier. I have also grown to really appreciate the Turkish Get Up, after cursing your name for a few weeks. I am now to the point where the movement is fluid instead of choppy. Going back and watching Enter the Kettlebell helped as well.

KB 2.0 will be the first program I will complete. I have noticed that my core is now strong. I still have excess fat in the core area, but am now seeing it shrinking. Of course, paying attention to the diet portion has helped. I now know the true meaning of “You can’t out Shrug a doughnut” means.

I appreciate your weekly blog. It really shows you are more interested in success than moving product. I also wanted to mention that I saw you on Facebook and sent you a friend request. I just wanted to let you know that I am not stalking you, just appreciative of having been introduced to you books.

Again thanks and I will keep you posted.

Mark Macknis


“Excited to start it”

Thanks for getting back with me, hope your vacation was relaxing and went as planned. I went ahead and ordered the kettlebell burn program and now see the difference and am excited to start it. I also want to prepare myself for the RKC, what advice or guidance would you give me?

P.S. The reason I ordered the kettlebell burn program before you responded was the high quality information and details that you provided in kettlebell muscle which allowed me to trust you and your offer (thanks again). 


“My midsection is getting freaky muscular.”

Hi Geoff,

I'm loving this program! I've killed all my PRs so far, even during the deloading weeks. And my midsection is getting freaky muscular.

Sara T. Shafer


“Just what the Dr. ordered...”

Just letting you know I started Kettlebell Burn. Just what the Dr. Ordered literally. He wanted me to do some cardio and this definitely is that with strength included as well. The first session ki led my butt and I loved every agonizing minute. It was a real eye opener. Steve Maxwell said it's all how you put it together and you put it together right.


Donnie Howell


“I am getting much more than I bargained for with my Kettlebell Burn purchase.”

Thanks again for you all your support!! I am getting much more than I bargained for with my Kettlebell Burn purchase.



“Extremely pleased...”


I have to admit, my husband and I both considered ourselves "kettlebell people" having used them for many years now. Your workout program opened our eyes to some weaknesses we had let slip in our programs and has pushed us to new limits. The diet was a definite life style change but it has eliminated cravings and seems to give us more energy to handle the day. Overall, in our first 4 days of the program, we are extremely pleased and look forward to the results in 16 weeks.

Thank you for the great kettlebell burn.

Jennifer Farley


“... My muscles are becoming extremely hard and dense.”

Your Kettlebell Burn program is fantastic! I am currently in week 8 and can see my body changing dynamically. I started with the 54# bell in all exercises and now I have started using the 72# in the strength portions. I have not lost any weight, however, I have changed fat into muscle. My strength has improved and my muscles are becoming extremely hard and dense. I am 54 years old and sometimes I get gassed out when I really push it. With age comes wisdom and I listen to my body.

I really enjoy your motivational emails and look forward to successfully completing the program. I have already completed P90X, VO2 Max and have been training with kettlebells regurlarly for about two years. I am 6' tall and weigh 245.

Thanks for all you do!

Scott Girdley


“... Never seen these kinds of change that quickly...”

Hey Geoff,

I'm 51 years of age. Long time fitness "freak" I was given a copy of your latest book KB muscle. It looked challenging to say the least. I have been using the program for about 10 weeks. I have unintentionally put on about 10lbs and look / feel great. I have never seen these kind of changes that quickly and at age 51 it is extremely impressive. While the workouts can be brutal at times, I find them very satisfying. I ran a few miles the other day for something different and was surprised how quickly I recovered. Thanks again and Merry Christmas..


“My size 2s are loose.”

Hi Geoff,

I've been doing the KB Burn 2.0 for four weeks now. I wish I took measurements of everything but I can tell you this: down three pounds, up a smidge on muscle, I think I look better, and my size 2s are loose. Love it and recommend it.

Also love that I'm on your email/ blog list now. I love getting your tips and tricks. Soon I will be asking you more about possibly getting RKC certified. ;-)

Thank you for everything!



“... Oh boy my clothes are loose.”

Hey Geoff,

Hope your Thanksgiving was full of goodies, how's the new parents to be feeling?

Okay, here is my update, finished my fouth week and thank GOD there was no finisher because man o man, that 40/20 was a killer. I am now able to TGU with 16k (35 bls), I started with 12K (26 lbs), I'm 4'11, usually around 105, I have always tried to go up to 110 and I need to keep weight on, my weight really didnt change much, but oh boy my clothes are loose.

Looking for advise

Thanks again



“... Still down over 7 pounds from my starting weight!”

Hi Geoff,
i bought your Kettlebell Burn 2.0 when it first came out about 3 weeks ago.. I was pretty sick at the time and couldn't start on the program for a week, so i'm about a week behind, then Thanksgiving came along and i missed two more workouts... -more about that in a minute! :)
But you know what?
I weighed myself yesterday, and i'm still down over 7 pounds from my starting weight! :D
My back feels great, i love the program because the exercises are great and effective! (even though i'm not using the nutrition part yet, just eating less than i was previously). And though they're extremely hard i love the training sessions. I can't imagine anyone actually doing these workouts and thinking they're not hard enough or advanced enough.. OMG!

One more thing... remember a minute ago where i said i'd missed a couple workouts because of Thanksgiving? Well, there's more to it.
Thanksgiving morning i ran a 5K race -ok, I was slow, and had to walk some of it, but i finished- my first 5K in 20 years. And i haven't been training for running... just your metabolic workouts with Kettlebells. (This stuff works for getting your entire body into shape.. THANKS!)

The next morning (after not sleeping, and standing in line at WallyWorld all night for a tv for my son) i ran through the woods playing paintball for 5 hours with a crew of Hapkido students all half my age! :) I finally got to sleep that night after 40 hours awake...

Not something i would tell anyone to ever do, but it just goes to show... when you have to do something and your body is undergoing training, you CAN do it.
I feel great, and i just wanted to let you know.
Someday soon i want to drive up from Wilmington and see your gym!

Have a great day...

Don Perkins


“I have lost 25 pounds and gone down 2 pant sizes, and feel much healthier.”


I wanted to thank you for your program. I just completed the kettlebell burn program and loved it. It was challenging but fun. I have lost 25 pounds and gone down 2 pant sizes, and feel much healthier. I have scoliosis and have had back problems much of my life. This program has help with that tremendously. I ride dirt bikes on the weekend and can't believe how much it has helped my strength, endurance, and balance. My only problem is where to go next? Do you have any suggestions or any other programs or should I just start the program again?

Robert Burton


“... It’s working like a charm!”

Hi Geoff,

Just wanted to send you a little note to say that I've had cause for celebration... I've been working your Burn program for just over 3 weeks now. It's an off day so no workout today but I was walking by a 24KG and got curious. Now at 150 lbs that bell is 35% of my body weight. I have been able to do about 2-3 presses with my right side and generally 1 with my left... most of the time. I've actually been stalled there for months. Well after doing burn for 10 workouts (a 20KG for all exercises except for a 32KG on the finishing swings) I have blasted through the plateau! I picked up the 24KG, did 5 easy presses on the left and then did the same on the right! What's more... the strength imbalance that used to be so pronounced hardly seemed to be there at all.

Burn for me hasn't been about fat loss... it's been about increasing strength, increasing work capacity and ensuring that I'm ready for my RKC in 6 months. So far it's working like a charm!


Daniel Hanscom HKC

PS: Not sure if you need this but permission granted to use the above in whole or in part for ad copy or whatever. I'd hate to see anybody missing out because they thought the program was just for people looking to burn fat.


The price of admission is nothing compared to what I have learned about program design with Geoff's books. - mozz64, DD forum member


“I’m way leaner, stronger and I don’t feel banged up.”

I agree as well. The beauty and brutal simplicity of the program isn't evident until you've done a few sessions. At first glance I didn't think that it was a sufficient workload as I've been doing VWC 3x/week 80x8 with a 20kg and two days a week of double LCCJ ladders with 28's. Was doing that program for about 3 months for fat loss. They work! Needless to say my work capacity was good and KBurn didn't feel overly difficult, but I gave it the benefit of the doubt. Bottom line: 1 month later, I'm way leaner, stronger and I don't feel banged up. I am cycling 1 month of burn with 1 month of Kettlebell Muscle, also an amazing program.

Not putting down the chief because his programs have been instrumental in my training over the last few years, but for me VWC, Kettlebell Burn and Kettlebell Muscle are the best programs out there right now, and I have them all and have done them all. Just my two cents, for what it's worth. - patdc1, DD forum member


“Glad I purchased it.”

This workout is a smoker all right

I am coming off a pretty long layoff...and they say its not for people in my shoes...but I disagree since it is based on density, you can start where you are and progress

I wanted a tough workout that will blast fat quick...just like the original Art of Strength did....otherwise I lose motivation

I can tell this workout will get the job done

Glad I purchased it

-Mark Dickenson


“Burn is awesome”

Burn is awesome...I am on week 14 and am lovin' it. I will definitely revisit it again after a slight break from it once I am finished. - Razorburne, DD forum member


“The program works”

Great! The program works and will kick your butt. Keep it up and you will see major progress. - thinkink27, DD forum member


Down 7 pounds in less than 3 weeks

I am on Phase 1, week 3 now and loving KB Burn. Down 7 lbs since my first workout. - Matt Ramsey


Lost 13lbs in 10 weeks

First off let me say thanks for your kettlebell burn program.

I have almost reached my goal with this program for fat
loss. I've lost 13 lbs so far hoping to maintain 195.
I will be starting wk 11 Monday. Thanks again. - David J. Ballantine



Just finished Week 3, Phase 3....GREAT PROGRAM. GEOFF IS A BAD MAN -Zach61 (DragonDoor forum)


“... Definitely noticed that I’m getting leaner AND stronger.”

If you follow the program AS WRITTEN, it is definitely worth the money. As another poster mentioned, it can certainly beat the sh*t out of you - I too had times where I thought I couldn't finish.

I just started phase 3 this week and have definitely noticed that I'm getting leaner AND stronger.

Buy it... follow it... get leaner and stronger.... and join the rest of us KB Burn folks in cursing Geoff Neupert

- huds85 (Dragon Door forum)


“I think it is well worth the money if u commit to it.”

I'm on Phase 1, Week 2 and I think it's a really good program. You only have 3 sessions per week so it gives you time to recover and frees up time on other days. Not for the faint of heart, it is very intense for nearly 40 minutes. I want to quit about 10 times every session but somehow suck it up and move on. As far as the nutrition part goes, I don't follow it as outlined. I opted for the Eat Stop Eat and fast 2-24 hour periods a week. It has been working, down about 6 lbs so far. I think it is well worth the money if u commit to it. - matterny5 (Dragon Door Forum)


“It’s certainly worth the $$.”

I'm a little more than half way through the program and I like it. I've definitely gotten leaner and stronger. It was a good break from a year or so of doing the PM and ROP. The nutrition stuff is solid, but not necessarily ground breaking. It's certainly worth the $$. It is not a beginner program though, best to have a solid foundation in the basic kb lifts (particularly the turkish get up).

Erik (bluekey88, Dragon Door Forum)


“I am losing body fat.”

I am getting stronger and my stamina is increasing. My body is getting hard! It's definitely not a weightlifters build. It is a kettlebeller's build! Perhaps more compact, tight, flexible and strong. My shoulders have always given me problems due to excessive and perhaps improper weightlifting technique. They are both considerably less achy now and getting better all

the time! Strike up another benefit of the KBs. Bryan also noted that my definition is increasing. I'm thinking that the diet is really kicking in
and I am losing body fat. A friend recently told me he thought I was losing weight. My weight is the same, in fact I have to be very vigilant about my eating to keep my weight up due to the increased metabolic burn.

Kevin Higgins


“I have lost 2 inches in my hips so far and for a woman I am LOVING that.”

Hi Geoff,

Just want to say thank you for the kettlebell burn.. the videos are GREAT!!! You explain everything to the point with your zesty humor. Judi

ok... just starting phase 3 week 9.... we have kicked it up a notch for sure.... I have lost 2 inches in my hips so far and for a women I am LOVING that... i expect with all that snatching it will begin to drop off... glad to hear your trip a success.. Looking forward to the next adventure in 8 weeks.. :)

Wendy Pond RKC


“... Noticed that I feel more solid... I feel different.”

Hey Geoff just wanted to give you an update on the kbburn program. I am in the middle of the fourth week with a friend and for me I just discovered yesterday that I have put on about 7-10lbs of mass and he had a nagging shoulder issue that has disappeared. I have noticed that I feel more solid in my movements even just walking around I feel different.

So thanks.

Jesus Revezzo


“I have more room in my clothes... I almost didn’t believe I was looking at myself!”

Hey Geoff,

I am loving the Kettlebell Burn program so far! I didn't have any great way to measure my body fat %, etc. before starting the program - rather I am relying on how my clothes fit and how I look in the mirror. I've gotta tell you that I have more room in my clothes (most notably in my dress pants for work) and I am definitely seeing significantly more definition in my body. After a workout just the other day, I was removing my sweat soaked t-shirt and happened to catch myself in the mirror - I almost didn't believe I was looking at myself! I guess the progress sort of snuck up on me. No complaints here...just wanted to extend a "thank you". And I'm not done with the program...I just finished week 8 yesterday...halfway there!

Keith Woythaler


Burned 780 Calories In One Workout!

Hey Geoff,

I love the "the Burn" so far! Yesterday was my first session. What a great program!!!

I put my heart rate monitor on and in just 43 short minutes I burned 780 calories and that was taking the conservative route. I didn't push myself too hard yesterday...training smart!

Joe Golding


Down 2lbs In One Week


I just finished my first week!!! Love the feeling. It is very inspiring to do. Thanks.

I am down 2lbs. For me, that is progress.....have to admit that after 40 minutes I am done with a kettlebell workout.

The energy I get from these exercises stays with me for long hours after, and that is just what I need for my work.


Shannon Swartz


“Love it!”

Hi Geoff,
Just finished my 1st workout with kettlebellburn, love it!




“Wish I had this info 25 years ago!”

Nice job with kettlebell burn! I've done metabolic barbell workouts (from A. Cosgrove) and I'm familiar with Charles Staley's EDT. I really like how you have elements of both in your program. I also love the get-ups. I've never done more than 5 min at a time, the 15 min was a real eye opener. It was really amazing how the side to side differences jump out ( and how weak my abs are!)
I''d also like to tell you that the primary reason I bought the program was to pay you back for all the great information that you share through your blog and kettlebell secret series. I'm a 45 year old ex-athelete, relatively new to kettlebells. Your info has helped me quite a lot! I went through the Enter the Kettlebell with a 20kg and then a 24kg. Still working on the snatch test with a 24, I can do it with the 20. Wish I had this info 25 years ago! Maybe I'll see you at a RKC in the future.


Phil Goetz


“Simple and effective”

what I like about kettlebells: simple and effective

what I like about kettlebell burn: simple and effective



“Takes the mystery out of eating properly”

Hey Geoff, >

  • >  I was able to down load the information yesterday and read it front to
  • >  back the minute I got it. Your writing style is very straight forward
  • >  and easy to comprehend. I was really impressed with the nutritional
  • >  chapter. The calculation of how much protein, carbs and fats to eat
  • >  really takes the mystery out of eating properly. I also liked the list
  • >  of which foods to eat in each category. This will make shopping easier.
  • >  Now all I have to do is fill out my meal plan for the week. >
  • >  The training routines were easy to understand and the progression
  • >  through the four phases over the sixteen week period makes sense. I
  • >  would say that you have nailed the KISS (Keep It Simply Stupid) method
  • >  of training. All in all I am very pleased with the program. I am taking
  • >  the rest of this week to get everything together and will be officially
  • >  starting my training on April 12th 2010. I am 6'3"and currently weigh
  • >  280lbs. and my goal is to get down to 225lbs. My girl friend is going to
  • >  take pictures of my progress. I'll keep you posted.

Joe Pachan, San Ramon, CA

“You’ve done what I’ve tried to do unsuccessfully... It’s just what I’ve been looking for.”

Hi Geoff,
I thought I'd drop you a line letting you know how much I'm looking forward to dropping some fat and gaining some strength using the 'Kettlebell Burn' programme.

I started phase 1 last night and like I normally do was going to do the bits that I like and miss out the Turkish Get Up's as I'm not that keen on them.
I resisted that urge and did the programme as is and I swear today my shoulders look fuller and rounder and this from the Get Up which I was going to miss out. I look forward to greater results in the future as my form improves.

With the 'Kettlebell Burn' programme you've done what I've tried to do myself unsuccessfully, which is create a fat burning strength building template with progressions; incorporating exercises that will improve structural integrity without making it too complex. I can see which other programmes and individuals have influenced your planning and yet it's still quite original.

Thank you for putting this together, it's just what I've been looking for.

Neil Scothern


“I now have a plan and it’s already showing signs of progress... I’m stoked.”

Hey Geoff,

So far, so good. I really like the "Burn" program as it is just what I was looking for, but couldn't seem to put together in my head. Being relatively new (1 year) to the Kettlebell, I've struggled with how to use it intermixed with my lifting program. This is perfect as I now have a plan and it's already showing signs of progress. I have always seen the kettlebell as more of 'my' cardio side (I hate regular cardio) and never really approached it as a strength tool too. Now I can and I'm stoked. I'll keep ya posted and thanks again.

Paul D Parrott


“... Hard but left me totally energized.”


Well today was day 1 and the workout was hard but left me totally energized.

After working with kettlebells for a couple years now, it was nice to have a program pre-designed that I could just follow. I have certainly had great results with KB1s thus far, but looking for that last little bit of lean.. I am confident that the Burn program can get me there. I also like the simple eating plan. Good inclusion.

David Ellis



“It’s fantastic”

wow geoff! i just finished the first workout. i thought i was a
kettlebell maniac but i was doing NOTHING compared to this!! its fantastic...

a million thanks...


LOVE the diet advice too - its great!!


“LOVE KB Burn”

Thank you for getting babk to me! LOVE KB burn so far and I am only going to be on Training day #3 tommorrow!!!

Renee Yorkievitz


“My clothes are fitting much better (looser) and more comfortable in just one week’s time. Crazy...”

I DO believe those results b/c my clothes are fitting much better (looser) and more comfortable in just one week’s time. Crazy b/c I am working out less days (3 instead of 5) and I am now eating carbs and fat with every meal rather than low carbing it! Crazy I say! Lovin it!

Thanks again,

Renee Yorkievitz


“... You really care about helping people attain their goals...”


Thank You for the offer for a refund. I appreciate the fact that you and your company a VERY HONEST! That goes a long way with me.

I got a new printer tonight and printed the material. I am very excited to start the program!

Therefore I do not need a refund.

Once again Thank You for the offer. I feel that you really care about helping people attain their goals and live healtier lives.

Thank You for all the great work you are doing.

I certainly will keep you in mind for my future workout needs.

Your Friend,

Robert Garcia

PS Thanks for the great newsletters. I love working out with my York Barbell Club Tees and my Captain Crush gripper!



Having a great time with it! I have always had problems with the TGU. Truly never able to do them. I always knew that I'd have to practise them but avoided it like the plague. I do them unweighted and they have already improved. The Burn is making me do them. I practiced getting down with a 12kg bell today and was able to do it!
AMAZING!!! Thanks!

Renny Lupo


“Feel like I’m getting stronger.”

Hey Geoff! The "Burn" is going great so far. I'm on week 2, and already, the weight I use for my Turkish get-ups has increased from 26lbs on the first workout to 45lbs on the 4th! I may just be becoming more efficient with form, but I definitely feel like I'm getting stronger.


Joey (Joellen Howell)


“The best practice, fitness and fat loss program I’ve ever used”

Dear Geoff,

KB burn is definitely the best practice, fitness and fat loss program I've ever used: Week 1: - 1 kg.

The results when working with a heart rate monitor are just plain frightening.

My wife has become interested and is gradually working her way into the program. – With a bit of luck I may finally have a training buddy.


Ben Pooley


“I’m lovin’ it... Tells me exactly what to do for exactly how long, and when to make changes.”

Hey Geoff,

I figured I would take a minute just to let you know what I'm liking about Kettlebell Burn so far. Tomorrow will be the day I complete my 6th training session (2 weeks), and so far I'm lovin' it. I love working out with my kettlebells and this program tells me exactly what I have to do for exactly how long, and when to make changes. Now I am by no means lazy, but I do love a detailed program that tells me exactly what to do - it removes the "me" factor in deciding what's best for my training on a given day - and as I know that freestyle kettlebelling doesn't lead to the greatest results, Kettlbell Burn seems great so far. I like that it involves the essentials that I love from the Program Minimum but ramps up the intensity as well as adds other exercises that I'm not used to doing most of the time with my workouts - it makes things more interesting (that's good b/c as self- motivated as I might be, if I'm bored with my training it's not as enjoyable). With the workout logs included, I end up trying to outdo my last performance whether it be by an entire ladder or just one rep - either way it keeps me on my toes and engaged rather than going through the motions and hoping the workout is almost over. The other really big positive to your program is how it is paced - by training 3 times a week, I am getting good recovery time, which I think I may not have been doing on my own in the past. Following your program, I am eager to get to my next workout and do not feel overtrained whatsoever.

Again, I'm only 2 weeks into it, but I'm looking forward to finishing all 16 weeks...maybe then I'll go through the program again with an even heavier bell. Can't wait to see the videos - I'm a very visual learner, so the videos will be great for me to get even more out of my training. Thanks for everything so far - I'll keep you updated with my progress.

-Keith Woythaler


“I’m getting stronger. Actually a lot stronger... I wouldn’t have expected it. I’m a 51 year old woman...”

Hi Geoff
I'm in my third week of the kettlebell burn program and I'm getting stronger. Actually a lot stronger. The amazing thing is that I wouldn't have expected it. I'm a 51 year old woman. I weigh 120 lbs on a heavy day and I've been training with weights for 34 years continuously (kettlebells for 2 years). I'm small - size 2 - so I truthfully thought I'd hit my strength potential a long time ago.

I bought your program mostly for motivation - to counter the boredom that's been building.

Today I did my workout and it was easy. I need to increase weights in almost every exercise. (I'm already using 25- 30- 35 lbs depending on the exercise).

I can't get over it...can't wait to see what I'll be doing in week 12!!!

Thanks so much!!! I love it!!



Lost 1.9% Bodyfat

The bodyfat is doing well!

I started at 9.2%, by my measurements, and I am now at 7.3%. I still don't have a six pack, so I worry how accurate my measurements are...I hold most of my fat at my abdomen though...it is stubborn.

Just to let you know, I follow the Warrior Diet because it fits my lifestyle, but I am "cheating" to make sure I get enough protein.

...I am eating more protein throughout the day than I normally do... Thanks,


“I am thanking you.”

Hey how are you..., I am loving kettlebell burn I am just finishing up week 4 of phase 1... I feel stronger my shoulders feel great, my squat has improved 100% Turkish get-up has helped everything....I felt tired of the same old stuff doing it over and over and then I remember what Pavel said.. we live in a society where we want constant change sometimes you got to stick to the basics... So in short I am thanking you...I will keep you posted on the progress.. :)

Wendy Pond RKC


“I really like the level of detail, it keeps me focused and on track.”

I will tell you I just finished week four of Kettlebell Burn. I'm always hungry. I start the 5th week tomorrow. I like it. I'm getting stronger.

I never had such a detailed program to follow before. I really like the level of detail, it keeps me focused and on track. I use a wind up kitchen timer for the timed periods and an old electric clock with a second hand to time my finishers. I have my wife working out with me. It keeps us motivated doing it together.

- Steve Golber.


“Without any food changes, and after struggles to lose weight, I am down 7 lbs.”

I am on the second phase, week 2. Without any food changes, and after struggles to lose weight, I am down 7 lbs. I am implementing some food changes this month, but am glad to be feeling stronger, and leaner after a short period of time. I agree about the 15min of TGU as being the toughest part, although the double arm swings at 40 work, and 20 sec rest was exhausting. This second phase is even more challenging mentally as I have to shorten the rests in order to increase the reps and maintain the number of sets. I need a training partner, but am being faithful on my own.

- Wendy Beitel


“It’s pushed me to a whole new level!... Happy that I spent the money on it.”

Ok Geoff, since you asked, I think it’s going pretty well. I’m resting today after completing the third workout of the second week yesterday.

I don’t have an accurate way to measure what’s going on with my body fat. For whatever reason (my unique fat distribution, maybe?) my calipers bottomed out at 3-4mm (iliac crest) a long time ago and haven’t changed since. So I’m relying on the ‘mirror test’ and am certain I am seeing results. I’m really trying to burn off the last of my belly fat, so success will be measured by any noticeable definition in my abs.

Honestly what I’m really loving about the program at this point is the intensity of the workouts and the volume I am able to accomplish! It’s pushed me to a whole new level. I’m 49 years old and have only been working out for about four years (coming off of 20 years of sedentary living and poor eating habits). I’ve been working with kettlebells for the last couple of years and have mostly relied on the RKC ‘program minimum’ as my workout guide, but have always had trouble sustaining the 4-day workout schedule. I think it just doesn’t allow enough recovery time for me.

The Kettlebell Burn workouts leave me totally spent – but I am ready to go again with one or two days off before the next workout. I am really benefitting from the attention you paid to managing recovery in this program – and really appreciating for the first time the value in having a real, professionally-designed program to follow instead of doing the random things I was doing before. My body feels better glued together than it has in years after just two weeks of Kettlebell Burn.

I am both looking forward to and dreading week three! It’s the finishers. I find that my swing cadence is about 2 seconds per swing so I time my intervals by counting reps. Week 1: 10 reps for 20 seconds – or 10 sets of 10 swings in 10 minutes (I’m using a 24kg bell). That was easy. Week 2: 15 reps for 30 seconds – or 10 sets of 15 swings in 10 minutes – 150 total. That wasn’t so easy. It really did leave me ‘gassed’ as you said you were going for.

But this week? 20 reps for 40 seconds. 10 sets of 20 swings. 200 swings in 10 minutes. Only 20 seconds to catch my breath between sets. It really may just finish me! Or maybe... just maybe...

I hadn’t thought I’d be able to do the 150 this week. Week 1 really did prepare me for week 2. Maybe – just maybe – week 2 has prepared me for week 3. I know you paid as much attention to progression in this program as you did to recovery, so right now I’m trusting you. And reminding myself that it’s only three more workouts until week 4 – and no finishers.

Anyway, thanks for a great program and know that I am already happy that I spent the money on it.

Patrick (Pat) McHenry

Jamesville, NY


“I’ve lost 2 kilos in the first week”

Hi Geoff,
How are you ?

The programs going great,
Ive lost 2 kilos in the first week,
the programs great I love the exercises especially the get up
i was doing them alittle different to the way they were described in your exercise index but now i do them as you do them and I've found this to be a bit of a challenge.....A good one at that.

The diet has proven aliitle akward at first but as the days progress so does the diet it becomes easier everyday..........except for weekends,lol
I have however still been having my morning espresso shot..........is coffee ok ?

I will let you know or a regular basis how I am progressing....... thanks again and take care,

Joe Crisafi


“I’ve lost nearly 5 lbs my first week! ... You have made this program very doable...”


I've lost nearly 5 lbs my first week! This is exactly the program I have been looking for. This past summer I turned 30 and my son was born so I hit two big milestones. I had worked with kbs before and was wanting to get back to a healthier lifestyle since I have new accountabilities as a father. I had been doing some workouts but wasn't getting the results I wanted. Then I saw a link to your stuff and thought that it looked exactly like what I was wanting. Man was I right! I appreciate the work you put into getting these workouts and the supporting dietary info together all in one. You have made this program very doable and the successes just multiply the motivation to keep pushing. Can't wait to see what this week brings!


Stoney Lee


“I am losing inches off my waist.”


This program is amazing. Even though I've only done 4 workouts, I've noticed that my reps per workout our going up substantially.

I definitely see huge differences in everything except my abs, but I guess it's gonna take awhile. If it's any consolation though, I am losing inches off my waist. Haven't measured but pants are significantly looser.

My abs have always been a problem area. I can always get it somewhat flat, but never that six or eight pack(only a 3 pack, lol). At any rate, I hope that your program gets me there. Something tells me it will. It's just may take the full 16 weeks. At any rate, I'm on board.

Thanks for reaching out to me and thank you for your transformational program.



“After just 2 days I was able to move my belt one notch.”

Good evening Geoff. I started the burn program Saturday, so I completed the second workout yesterday. The program is definitely a work out. I thought I was in shape, but it has been tough, but in a very good way. Session A either worked some muscles I hadn't been using or worked some that I had with a resistance that I wasn't use to so I was sore in the thigh area Sunday and Monday. Of course the second day of soreness is always worse than the first.

Session A was a very good workout, but I thought I would die with Session B. After 15 minutes of clean and presses, the getup situps were killer. Maintaining the kettlebell in good form while sitting up was definitely a struggle, but this is a great workout. After just 2 days I was able to move my belt one notch.



“It’s fast, fun, and most importantly EFFECTIVE!”

Hi Geoff,

Just wanted to write and thank you for your phenomenal Kettlebell Burn workout program.

I apologize for not taking “before” measurements ( I sure do regret that now), but I really wasn't looking for a dramatic change in my body. However, after 7 weeks on the program, I had to write and tell you WOW, am I pleasantly surprised! Kettlebell Burn delivers exactly what is promised. My shoulders are gaining definition, my biceps are popping and my abs look great! The workouts are tough, but not impossible. They are brilliantly structured in a way that allows you to build strength and endurance from workout to workout. With each workout, I feel my strength and endurance improve and I see my body changing.

As a busy 48-year old mother of 2 children (11 and 5 years old), Kettlebell Burn has given me everything I am looking for and need in a workout program – increased muscle and strength, fat loss, increased energy and endurance – all in 3 days a week and under an hour per session. It's fast, fun and most importantly EFFECTIVE! Thank you Geoff for your fantastic program, for continually sharing your exceptional kettlebell expertise and for going “above and beyond” customer expectations by providing outstanding support of your extraordinary product.

Respectfully yours,

Karen Gallo


Down 5 Pounds In 3 Weeks And Enjoying Workouts


I'm in my third week on your Burn program and I must say I am pleased with the results. Started off at 205 lbs; weighed myself this morning and I'm at an even 200. Feeling good too...

I admit that when I first started skimming over the training plan I thought that this was going to be a cakewalk. I had taken ten classes with Dave Kallas RKCTL so my form was decent. I've completed the ROP with the 24kg and also smashed the VO2 15:15 @ 80 sets of 7 reps with the 16kg. I was a man baby! I even considered adding a couple of sets of VO2 on the off days. Well...

Day one was a puker. Barely made the finisher part. Decided then to downgrade to 16kg for TGU and slow down the pace between the squats and rows. Ditto for day two; 16kg for get up sit ups and lunges. Alternate between the 32 and 24 for the press ladders. (Is that acceptable or do I need to stay with one weight?). Also had to move down on last three sets of swings to the 16kg...

Best part of the program is the nutritional part. Thanks for going to the trouble of making the daily journals and breaking down what you can eat and what you can't. Question: why isn't Ben and Jerrys ice cream on that list?! I love the idea of trading off on training days and non training days; makes sense that your body needs more carbs on the day you train.

I'm enjoying myself and I look forward to my workouts. Its so nice to have everything all planned out for you and the way you progress is solely based on what you can do as opposed to aiming for "five sets of five reps" which can either be too hard or too easy.

Great stuff Geoff! Will send you another update in a couple of weeks...

Thanks again for all your help.

Alan Gaa


“Dropped roughly 4-5 kilos in the first two weeks”

how are you ?

Im going good Ive dropped roughly 4-5 kilos in the first two wks,
I havent as yet measured anything but my jeans fit allot better around my gut,lol

joe crisafi


“Feel a sense of relief...”

Just wanted to send you a" Thank You" for your consistent follow-up. There is so

much info out there re: training, kb, increasing strength, remaining injury-
free, etc. For those of us who, (well, at least for me I know) have purchased your publications, made the choice to work/train within your frame work, must feel a sense of relief that they no longer feel the need to spend time gathering information from other sources. Therefore freeing one up to just train.

Thank You,



“Thank you again for such a superb program.”

Dear Mr.Neupert,
I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate Kettlebell Muscle and Kettlebell Burn. I finished the KM program about 3 months ago; it was definitely one of the most intense programs I've ever attempted. Although I didn't keep any precise records on my progress, this I do know, I went from 106 pounds to about 111 without gaining any inches on my waist (my clothes felt so loose). I stand about 5 feet tall so the extra mass made me look a little like a fireplug at the time, but the sense of accomplishment I felt at managing to keep up with the protocol and focus on my technique can never be bought; it really makes a person concentrate on form when they feel like their forearms and legs are about to go South. Anyway just wanted to give you some feedback and thank you again for such a superb program.
Penelope Ramirez HKC


“Having fun with the program...”

Hey Geoff,

I'm having fun with the program. And I'm getting good results. (No problems downloading at all.)

I have to be honest and say that at 63 years old I'm not exactly "kicking it" but I'm getting through ten minute sessions most days. I'm a golfer so I have to have a little left over for the round. Currently in Phase Two. The thing I like most about it is its progressive aspect. Training can get tedious but when you have a program that grows in scope and provides variety it's easier to get in the room and keep at it.

Really appreciate all the info you provide on a daily basis. You're making a terrific contribution!


Tom Snow


“6 pounds lighter after 4 workouts”

“As far as progress goes I just jumped on the scales after a large cup of coffee and am 6 pounds lighter after 4 workouts so may even b 7 due to my huge mug of coffee not just regular size coffee!!”

- Aaron Snee


“I wish I'd had it a long time ago back when I was starting out with kettlebells.”

Mr Neupert,

I purchased Kettlebell Burn 2.0 in December 2010. I've been using kettlebells since 1998 so obviously I have some degree of experience with them. I have good kettlebell skills but to be honest I have a life-long history of not applying skills over time. For example, I can snatch or press a 32kg with perfect form a few times, but I've never put in the time to build on that and attain any sort of proficiency or cause any noticeable physical changes. But the procrastination and apathy are my own problems!

What I wanted to tell you today was that after not doing much with kettlebells, or anything else really, in the past couple of years, I decided to give Kettlebell Burn a go again. In February I had a situation with a disc in my spine which caused sudden and noticeable weakness in my left leg. I already had weakness in my left arm from an unrelated disc problem which I've known about since I was 17 and have just lived with, but this thing with my leg was new. After some tests to confirm it was a bulging disc and not something more serious like a rupture or a cancerous growth causing the neurological condition, I set about doing my own physical therapy. I've had nothing but horrible experiences with friends and co- workers who tell me about their physical therapy so I'm rather jaded about it. In all cases the therapist was doing what I felt were either useless or outright counter-productive movements. My neurologist said it would be at least a year before I would get any strength back in the leg. I was able to regain most of the strength in my leg in about two months and also got the patellar reflex back. The reflex was completely dead when this was diagnosed, which was a seriously creepy feeling. I've used what I've learnt from Pavel over the past 15 years to fix all physical and wellness related problems whenever they occurred, and this situation was no different. Or so I thought.

One of the things I knew about a bulging disc was that it would be a great benefit if I could remove some fat as quickly as possible. In addition, some sideways and twisting loading would be great for my trunk and spine, which was a concept I'd already been using doing my own therapy. But because I wanted to switch my focus from neurological strength and spinal strength to fat loss, I started Kettlebell Burn again. I'm currently in phase 3 week 1, and so far I've seen excellent results. You've taken concepts I've known about for years, or even decades in some cases, and compiled them into one concise plan. That to me is the single biggest difference about Kettlebell Burn which makes it stand out. I have purchased, read or watched, and promptly returned almost everything not written by Pavel because I disagreed with it, it was poorly thought out, it was simply full of bad ideas and advice, it had a bunch of filler and fluff and no real subject matter, or it was a repeat of things I already learnt from Pavel and had no new information. Your Kettlebell Burn is an exception! I think I've done more getups or variations of them in the past 13 weeks than I have in the previous 13 years. I've always enjoyed them, and fortunately I can do them well, but they've become extra special, not only for their known benefits but for what they've done to help my spinal situation, both in my low back and my long-suffering left arm. The high hip bridge phase of the getup is to credit for the arm benefits, supporting my weight plus a kettlebell, pressing the floor down with the shoulder pulled in. A great feeling. And I must commend you on your concise and accurate description of the swing method. I figured it out myself over the years through trial and error, plus going back and rereading the basics from Pavel, but you're the first person I've seen who put it down in writing, worded in a way that accurately describes the nuances of the motion. I wish I'd had it a long time ago back when I was starting out with kettlebells. Could have avoided some back pain for sure.

Because of my spine thing I am using less weight than I normally would. I don't want to chance loading up my spine, at least not right now, so I'm using a minimal weight. So far I've had zero problems, have had good fat loss results, and continue to regain strength. For the first two phases I used a 16kg, and for phase 3 I have been experimenting with a 24kg since the drills and rep counts are designed with a heavier weight in mind. It's not like doing lots of work with a lighter kettlebell is easy anyway.

I just wanted to thank you again for putting together a great programme.

- Ric Babet


“I have lost a total of 17 pounds in the 8-9 weeks.”

Mr. Neupert,

I have enjoyed the program thus far and must admit I am somehow 2 weeks ahead of schedule. Not sure how it happened, but nonetheless the results are amazing and I have lost a total of 17 pounds in the 8-9 weeks. I hope to cross the 200lbs mark soon, just 5 pounds to go.

Thanks, Matthew Wilson


“Happy with the results.”

Just wanted to say that I finished your Kettlebell Burn 2.0 program and am happy with the results. I lost about 10 to 15 lbs and my body core is definately leaner and stronger. I used a 35 lb kettlebell for all the exercises and liked that there's a structured program to follow. I think at this point I would like to try a double kettlebell program that has several routines I can follow. I'd like to put on more muscle in the chest and arms and continue to firm my stomach (abs). I'm pretty lean at this point (6'2" 175 lbs) and am supplementing my diet with whey isolate on my workout days."

- Robert Smith


“... Amazed at the quality of the work out...”

I want to thank you for kettlebell's
Burn 2.0 since iv'e purchased it
I've bin amazed at the quality of the
Work out ,well thought out I appreciate it very much.

Robert Ryan


“I love your program! I have removed 4 inches off my "middle belly" so far and more to go.”

I love your program! I have removed 4 inches off my "middle belly" so far and more to go. I appreciate the good work that went into your creation of the program and can't wait to graduate to your new extreme program. I am having a wickedly hard time keeping up with how many calories I am supposed to be eating (been eating too few) and think that if I can manage to eat more I might see even better results. I am not letting that get me down! I love my curves and that they are appearing to become leaner curves which is my goal. I love it! Thanks again.

Chante Fields

P.S. I saw a bio picture of you. The way you stared into the camera made me think, "This guy believes in me. He thinks I can do this totally difficult program." That was what made me buy your program. And it turns out that "you" were right, I could totally do the program!


“... It is kicking my butt. And burning off lots of fat.”

Dear Geoff,

I am in my second week of your program. Although you have a great product, you should know that it was the You Tube video of your pregnant wife doing pull ups that forced me to put down my ice cream sandwich and start burning some butter! I had 2 children within 2 years (both via c-section) and this year I turned 40. I didn't want to turn 41 still carrying around my "baby weight" so after seeing Yoana Snideman's endorsement of your program, I ordered it. And it is kicking my butt. And burning off lots of fat. Even though I still ate a few more ice cream sandwiches - ok, more than a few. But I still lost a lot of fat. Your program is awesome.

Best regards,

Tina Fryar


“I love this program!”

I love this program! My hamstrings are killing me from sl deadlfts! Just did session C! I am used to using double bells and when I use singles for this program it's just as hard because of the rotary stability required ! - Jordan Alcantar


“... Knocked off about 7 inches off my waist.”

I started with Kettle Bell burn, no weight loss but knocked off about 7 inches off my waist.
Calvin P. Poole, Jr, MD



I just completed the Chicago HKC AND I PASSED!!! I am not an athelete or a fitness professional just a girl who fell in love with kettlebells 3 months ago, so passing the HKC is a HUGE accomplishment for me (and still a little bit of a shock). I really believe Phase 1 along with a few private sessions with an RKC REALLY helped me to have the framework going into the HKC that I needed to pass. Many many thanks, now on to Phase 2!!! - Faith Smith


“... Excellent break down of how to figure out your nutritional requirements...”

I can't recall ever seeing such an excellent break down of how to figure out your nutritional requirements - breaking it down completely into protein, carbs and fats. that's a great help!

Joyce Andries


Lost 4 Inches Off Waist


Finished up Kettlebell Burn a week ahead of sched. Due to some inconsistencies during my last week I actually completed the final week of training twice. After my week off (from which I seemed to lose more weight during this time) I'm down from a 36" waist to a 32. Last weigh in at 160, down 4lbs from update midway through the program.

Not sure if you keep stats on results or not but figured I'd share mine.

Dj Wittekind


“I was a bit taken back by the end results, I certainly wasn't expecting them to be as significant as they were.”


Started the program around 185, give or take on the day. I was never really a "fat" guy by any means, just not as lean as I would have liked to be. I will admit I was a bit taken back by the end results, I certainly wasn't expecting them to be as significant as they were. I am a fan of the sportier, slimmer me though!

I appreciate the positive reenforcement and I'm looking forward to what comes next.

Thanks again!



http://lawstrengthnumbers.wordpress.com/2010/08/29/training-week-of-822- to-828/


“... the girls in eastern Europe were quite amazed to see me in such a shape at my age on the beach there.”

Before I left on vacation I was a vibrant 171 pounds on my 5'9" frame (53 years old). Please excuse my immodesty but the girls in eastern Europe were quite amazed to see me in such a shape at my age on the beach there. Thanks Geoff! Geoff, your first program has worked for me. Thank you!

Kevin Higgins


“What an outstanding program it is!!!”

I am in my last week of the original program. What an outstanding program it is!!! Tremendous gains in strength, loss of body fat (6% and counting).

Chris Lanclos


“The videos are great... some of the best I’ve seen...”

The videos are great, very concise with good pointers, probably some of the best I've seen in my short KB career of the last 1.5 years.

- Larry Franks


“... I love it.”

Geoff Just wanted to say Thank You,
I've almost finished Kettlebell Burn and I love it.

Being a Strength Professional, I spend my days writing programs, motivating, and in general telling people what to do to reach their goals. At the end of the day designing my own program and motivating myself can be difficult. After reading about Kettlebell Burn, knowing your reputation as A Strength Coach, Master RKC, and competitor, I had to give it a try... I'm loving it. It's simple to follow, everything is laid out in black and white. You even supply workout logs. I could feel the strength ramping up through the phases. I've never been a big follower of nutrition programs, but yours is so simple and easy to follow. Kettlebell Burn brings you back to the simple get it do training without all the bells and whistles of the TV programs as of late.
Great Program. Again thank you for taking the time to put Kettlebell Burn together and sharing it with us all..

Yours in Health,
Tim Shuman, C.S.C.S., RKC



“I just look at my abs, and that says it all.”

But, as for the program, I think it is great. I am 60 and am in good shape. I don't measure things by body fat percentage. I just look at my abs, and that says it all. I could feel a very real difference in strength just
after two weeks on the program and could see my abs tightening up and getting stronger, as well as the rest of me too. Having been working out seriously for over thirty years with weights, I can see how this program when carried out to its fullest will literally melt the fat off of you.

Dana Strout


Lost 12cm (4.7 inches) Off Waist Only Training 3 Times A Week

Dear Geoff,
Geoff, I just wanted to let you know that... - I purchased the
"Kettlebell Burn", because as the majority of the current male population (at least in Hungary) I'm overweighted. I have a nice pot-belly. I've been training with kettlebell for the last 2 years and succesfully lost about 7 kg, but I'm
still very far from having six pak. I saw your advertisment about Kettlebell
Burn and decided to sign up. I was a bit sceptic about the program, because I beleive in the personal training concept, that the tailormade program would be the best. Because of lacking time for going to private tuition I chose your program. - At the moment I'm about finishing the 3rd phase and honestly it is
the best program I've done in the past 2 years . I normally train alone and
it's always a great help if sombody tells me what, how, how long to do.
Kettlebell Burn fulfils this, so I didn't have to spend any time on preparing
my "own" program. I really like the structure of the program, because it varies the exercises. I've never felt to be bored since I'm doing Burn. It's very important for solo practicioner like me. - There is an advice about nutrition
in the program, which I couldn't 100% follow, because I'm addicted to sweets. Getting closer to the end of the program, I can judge the results I achieved,
and I know I could reach more with taking back from sweets. I weighted 100 kg, when I started the program and I'm 100 kg now, my waistline was 110 cm when I started and I measured 98 cm last week. I lost 12 cm (4,7 inch) in 3 months
with only training 3 times a week, following the Kettlebell Burn regime. I know
if I could cut off the sweets I would lost much more. Best regards
- Tamás Szabó from Hungary


“I am at a weight that I haven’t been at in almost 12 years (I broke the magical 200 mark!)”


A big THANK YOU for putting out your Kettlebell Burn program. I picked it up because I was looking for a kettlebell program that focused on burning fat to help me improve my body composition. To be honest, your reputation precedes you, and anyone I asked said that anything you put out would be well worth the money. They weren't kidding. Not only has it helped me go from a 40 inch waist down to a 36, but overall, my body fat has gone down to the point that I am at a weight that I haven't been at in almost 12 years (I broke the magical 200 mark!). I get excited when I see myself in the mirror now because I am seeing definition that

I have NEVER seen before and I'm so damn happy. I just started week 15 today, so I have just under 2 weeks left and I am very pleased. Oh, and although the program is not snatch intensive in its focus, I can now
snatch the 24kg with ease - this used to be something I would struggle with. One of the greatest things about the program is everything is laid out for you. I already have a job and don't necessarily want to have to do the programming myself - the fact that all I have to do is follow what you have planned out ahead of time makes it very easy - no thought involved - simply "Do this". With a workout frequency of 3x/week and workout duration of about one hour or less each, it fits
into my busy schedule also - anyone who actually wants results would have to work extremely hard to not find the time to comply with the schedule. Overall, a great program - when I finish it, I'll take a
short break and then do it all over again with my next heaviest
bell...I'm looking forward to it!

Keith W.
Long Island, New York


“Kettlebell Burn is the ‘BOMB!’”

Geoff, I just wanted to let you know that...
Kettlebell Burn is the "BOMB!" A real butt kicker! Two weeks into "Kettlebell Burn", my clients are seeing WEIGHT LOSS! This program delivers exactly what it says!

I strongly recommend "Kettlebell Burn" if you are up for the challenge! Thanks again Geoff!

La Saun Taylor, AFAA-CPT, RKC


(703) 360-2767



“This is the first time in 20 years that several people have commented on the improvement on the way I look.”

Geoff, I wanted to let you know that I have been a student of kettlebells
for several years and was not progressing. I bought "kettlebell burn" because I was struggling to get consistent with my training and my eating while being married to a working professional, have 2 kids, and building a business while working full-time. I like "kettlebell burn" because it gives
me an efficient, comprehensive, and measurable progression to to build stability, strength, and metabolic conditioning in training sessions that I
can fit into my life on a consistent basis. "Kettlebell burn" also quickly identifies where I need help and more work. I am 49 years old and I started

“Kettlebell Burn is the ‘BOMB!’” at 270lb and 24% body fat. I was working with 20kg and 24kg kettlebells, and could do 30 clean and presses, 20 squats, and 100 swings. My get-ups and snatches were a little sloppy. I am now 255lb and 22% fat, I am doing 80 clean and presses and 50 squats with 28kg, 250 swings and 120 good snatches with 24kg, and the form of my get-ups is much better. I have lost 15 lbs and 2% body fat with "kettlebell burn", so far. This is the first time in 20 years that several people have commented on the improvement on the way I look. Thank you for putting together "kettlebell burn."

Andrei Jablokow


“... Lost about 5kg... I did not expect... is more muscles than I have ever gained from weight training for more than 25 years.”


I bought your Kettlebell Burn to loose some fat, which I did. During the first three months I have lost about 5 kg (from 81 kg to 76 kg).

What I did not expect but also got from KB Burn is more muscles than I have ever gained from weight training for more than 25 years. And the pain in my shoulders and my back is almost gone.

This is a result of training 45 minutes three times each week doing "not sexy" exercises such as the getup and swing. And you can begin easy and let the progressions make sure you end up being in really good shape.


Egil Husum, Denmark


“At 40 years of age, I'm not interested in programs that waste my time. With KB Burn, I'm honestly getting the best of both worlds - I'm burning fat while also gaining strength.”

Hey Geoff,
I wanted to let you know how much I'm enjoying Kettlebell Burn. It's simply a terrific program.

I purchased Kettlebell Burn so I could put myself through it and determine if it's a program I could recommend to my clients and friends. It turned out to be even better than I hoped.

I expected the fat loss I've had. You can't work this hard and not get results. I'm a fairly lean guy already so I didn't track the percentages, but I can clearly see more definition in my body than I had before.

Yet what I'm enjoying so much about the program isn't necessarily the fat loss but how much more fundamentally sound I feel. The program structure is based heavily on the RKC foundation moves, and it gives them such an extended amount of attention that I've gotten an even greater appreciation for the depth we often take for granted in the RKC. The program is straightforward, while the workload is extremely demanding.

At 40 years of age, I'm not interested in programs that waste my time. With KB Burn, I'm honestly getting the best of both worlds - I'm burning fat while also gaining strength. I'm using a 32kg for the entire program, and after working with it for 10 weeks (only 6 to go) I'm amazed at how much more comfortable it has become.

KB Burn has been a wonderfully challenging experience. Thanks again Geoff, much appreciated.

Tim Tweedy RKC

Burnsville MN


Down 6 Pounds And 2 Belt Notches In 4 Weeks

Hi Geoff, thanks for developing Kettlebell Burn. I bought it for one main reason - I suspected that with your background, you would emphasis strength development and that the fat loss would be a welcome addition, and you did not disappoint me in that regard! I recently completed phase I, and while I haven't been overly focused on the numbers, I can say I'm down 6 lbs and 2 belt notches - gonna need a new belt soon at this rate. More importantly for me is that I'm stronger and fitter than I've been in a long time - the way the program is structured, by the time I completed phase I, the numbers I put up in the end dwarfed the numbers I put up early in the program.

I'm really looking forward to returning to this program often in the future - I don't expect to need the fat loss, I just love the other things that come along with it!

George Pazin


“I dedicate less than 1 hour, 3 days a week to making myself a better man.”

Geoff, I just wanted you to know I purchased KB Burn because I thought it
could help me shed some extra weight I haven't been able to lose. I started 5 1/2 weeks ago not knowing what to expect and I write this after finishing a session about 15 minutes ago. I can say this program has challenged me both mentally and physically in ways I had yet to experience.

I have lost 8.5 pounds since the day I started and my eating habits have been sub-optimal to say the least. I have also gotten stronger, something I wasn't banking on with a fat loss program. Using 28kg for the C&P, I hit 30 reps per arm in 15 minutes my first session. Tuesday I managed 37 per arm and probably left a little in the tank. That is quite an improvement for myself, and I look forward to the end result.

I have to say though, what I love most is the guesswork is taken out. The program is there, just do it and go about your day. I dedicate less than 1 hour, 3 days a week to making myself a better man. I even look forward to my workouts, can't say that has always been the case.

If you are thinking of purchasing KB Burn, do yourself a favor a buy it do it, and reap the benefits.

P.S. I am really looking excited about transitioning from this program to KB Muscle, I'm sure it will deliver as KB Burn has.

Matt Ramsey, Owensboro, KY


“I will be very glad to say to other people the greatness of your system. IT REALLY WORKS.”

I will be very glad to share with you an your audience my experience on the kbburn program.

in my condition I am A 47 year old full time physician. and practice different sports tennis , roadcycling , jiu jitsu. basically and basketball ,I want to thank you very much for your help Geoff real I mean it first sime time ago I pechase your question and answer of experts conference of kb and I star to understand it better. but until the kbburn program things start changing in my country is verry difficult to get kbells I have a 16kg and trying to have a 24kg but for the moment I started the program with the 16kg .

since the verry first week my body start to feel different strong but with mobility on the weekend that is the roadcycling days I did with light intensity due to your recomendation, and any way I fell improve on my endurance during the rides as well as better mobility with power at the same time as the program advance I star seeing an important change on my body leaner muscles and a better shape even that I couldn’t follow as it is nescesary the nutrition plan because of my job now I am on the latest part of the program and I feel extraordinary well with a grat physical condition even my friends tell me what do I do because they say i am in very good shape. I did the program to improve my ahtletic endurance capacity and its GREAT. this program I have recommend it to my friends. but first I have to teach them what is a kb and how it works , the program with the video support of the excercises y really great. when I fight in jiu jistu with partners on their 20s or early 30s they ask me how I train, they say that how at my age twice theirs and many times they get more tierd than me and many times I beat them because the get exausted trying to move fast and strong at the same time.

I know that Lance armstrong worked on his preparation for the tour the france with kb. you know the workout for road cycling?

Geoff now that I will almost finish the program what did you suggest to make a maintainance porgram. or a short routine for the days that there is not enough time. a recommendation you can give me on the best excercise for the belly an lovehandells.

I am planinng to do it again further on but with more disciplined on the nutrition plan. for a better result.

Geoff I want to thank you verry verry much for your support and congratulate you for your job I dont have the chance yet to know you personally but I know maybe soon we can have that chance any time you plan to visit mexico please let me know to segguest you or make some plan to make your visit nice.

please any help I can give you let me know I will be very glad to say to other people the greatness of your system. IT REALLY WORKS.

contacte me if you need some aditional information that you need.

best regards.

juancarlos garcia lara, mexico


Lost 9 Pounds The First Week!

Hey Geoff, during the first week of 'Burn' I followed the program to a "T" including the eating suggestions and lost 9 pounds. I love it! BTW, I have limited space and am able to perform the program in just a few square feet. Thanks!

Guy Bedard.


“I haven't fit into 34" jeans since I came home from basic training 38 years ago!

Why you purchased "Kettlebell Burn?"

In the past 3 years I've gone from 300# to 196#. All of the weight loss happened during the first 12 months. However, as with most weight loss regimens, I lost muscle as well as fat. I have been working hard with kettlebells for the past 2.5 years & have added quite a bit of muscle mass. However, there is still a layer of fat around my midsection that refuses to go away. I'm 57 years old & I know I'll never have the body of a fit 20-something, but one can dream. I was looking for a program that used kettlebells that would address that stubborn fat layer. The promise of "Kettlebell Burn" seemed to fit perfectly with what I want to accomplish.

What you like most about it?

I am currently in week 2 of phase 4 & there are several things that have kept me in the program.
* time: 3 x 45 minute sessions per week
* varied: There are 2 different workouts per each of the 4 phases. Your body doesn't have a chance to become acclimated so you don't plateau.

* graduated: Each phase is a bit tougher than the previous. You don't have to jump into the deep end immediately
* intense: Although each phase ups the load, none of the phases is easy. You are sure to get a thorough workout from each session
* results: Although modest, I can see changes. One really shouldn't expect radical changes in 4 months. This is a life-long commitment.
* complete: In addition to a kettlebell routine, the program also has a nutrition plan. I have found that most workout regimens only deal with the workout & leave the other, equally important nutrition up to you

Where you started?

I rarely step on a scale. When I was fat, the scale only brought bad news - plus I knew I was fat! The mirror told me everything I needed to know. I didn't need to put a number to it. I also have never measured %-age body fat so I don't have any hard data other than my pant size. Three years ago I had a 46" waist and those were getting snug. It was almost to the point where I was going to have to go to the next size.

Where you are now?

After the first year of weight loss I was down to a comfortably fitting 36" waist. This has remained constant for two years. After nearly four months with "Kettlebell Burn" my 36" pants are loose & I'm almost to the point where I'm going to have to buy new jeans.

What kind of specific results you have achieved (inches lost, pounds lost, body fat % lost)?

My weight hasn't changed much as it is only down 3# to 193. But I'm almost to the point where I need to buy new pants. I haven't fit into 34" jeans since I came home from basic training 38 years ago! I can also see some muscle growth/ definition in all areas. I don't have 6-pack abs (yet?), but it's close!

Thanks for a wonderful program. After next week's HKC, I don't know if I'll jump into KB Muscle or do the Burn again. I'll see you in St. Paul.



“4 more inches off my hips”

Hi Geoff,
4 more inches off my hips from may 5th...whoooooo...... I have 2 more weeks. I will keep you posted :)

Wendy Pond RKC


“Just finished Phase 1 and have already lost 6 lbs while also experiencing very solid strength and conditioning gains.”


Just wanted touch base to convey how pleased I am with the purchase of your excellent Kettlebell Burn program. I have just finished Phase 1 and have already lost 6 lbs while also experiencing very solid strength and conditioning gains. The "Finishers" segment in week 3 was especially brutal. The program is beautifully structured in terms of simplicity and effectiveness, and combined with the nutritional plan provides a comprehensive, synergistic whole. The corresponding videos you provided were also most helpful in clarifying any questions I had prior to beginning the program. Thanks again for a program that is at once effective, efficient and most of all fun.

All the Best,

Jim Skislak


“Kettlebell Burn is really the best Kettlebell fat loss book out there.”

Kettlebell Burn is really the best Kettlebell fat loss book out there. I
came to know kettlebells through Pavel's work and I have been doing kettlebell training for now more than 2 years. My delts got bigger and stronger than ever and my hamstring and glutes really activated. But I was getting fatter and fatter. Geoff's book is unique in the aspect that he combines a sound training methodology with a logic exercise order and diet. It is simple and it works. I'm not yet where I want to be in terms of bodyfat (still like 10 pounds or so to lose) but this is the best kettlebell way to burn it all!

Abdiel Rodriguez, Puerto Rico (PR)


“Thank you for an excellent product and your great teaching style.”

Geoff: Just wanted to let you know I love Kettlebell Burn. I purchased Kettlebell Burn because I wanted decrease the amount of time I was spending in my workouts. I have been doing a Kettlebell program designed for women for about 6 months prior to starting Kettlebell Burn. The workouts were taking over an hour. I started about six weeks ago however the first 4 weeks I spent learning the exercises, working on form and finding my max weight. Two weeks ago I restarted with Phase 1. My training sessions are progressing well. I see improvement in my form and my endurance. Even though your Nutrition plan is easy to understand, at this time I'm having trouble following any diet. I'm looking forward to all the benefits Kettlebell Burn has in store for me. I really want to thank you for your Secret Special Report. That is exactly what I need for all of the Kettlebell exercises. I need the detailed explanation of which muscle I should be feeling and how to prevent injury. Thank you for an excellent product and your great teaching style.

- Sue W.


“Not only did I drop body fat and get back to my high school waistline of 32 inches, I put on some muscle and my conditioning is through the roof!”


The Kettlebell Burn program is excellent. I started the program at 10% body fat and now I am at 7.5% body fat with 3 weeks left in the program. Not only did I drop body fat and get back to my high school waist line of 32 inches, I put on some muscle and my conditioning is through the roof!

I will integrate this program into my training on a regular basis just for the strength gains and conditioning it has provided me.

Thanks again Geoff!



“You won’t regret the time invested.”

Geoff, I had not done much KB work in some time and thought your program would be a good change from my bodyweight and sandbag routine.

One works within their capacity without any need for excess strain and going to failure. The incremental progressions in weight and reps prepares the body for the more demanding work that lies ahead. The structure is easy to follow; only a few compound exercises are used, and results are seen. After completing 3 weeks, work capacity and shoulder stabilization has improved.

For someone looking for a program that will improve strength and conditioning with plenty of time left over to pursue other interests, give this one a try-you wont regret the time invested.



“My abs are more defined and my chest and shoulders are looking more chiseled.”


I just have to let you know that I bought KB Burn because I need and want to lose weight, I am currently in week 3 of phase 1 and I absolutely love it. I have already started to notice a change in the mirror, my abs are more defined and my chest and shoulders are looking more chisled. I've got to say that the finishers are very hard but very productive. Great Program!
Gary Gant, Apple Valley, CA



"KB Burn taught me several lessons, none of them related to fat loss. I've
never followed a precisely structured routine before, and Geoff Neupert has engineered a little four stage rocket that ingeniously allows you to incorporate all those other KB lifts that float outside the Program Minimum – The Snatch, The Front Squat, The Goblet Squat, Contralateral Deadlifts, The Single Arm Swing, The Double Arm Swing, Lunges, Rows. I'm sure I've missed some.

Like many of you, I struggle with compensations that I'm only now fixing, thanks to Kalos Sthenos and some upcoming sessions with a CK-FMS who is booked solid (as are most successful instructors).

During Week 3 of Phase I, I experienced a jam up in my L5 that forced me to take a week off. As a precaution, I dropped the weight on one of my finishers probably below what was optimal for Fat Loss, but it still served the purpose of keeping the groove that Geoff had designed for and giving me some benefit. Being afraid of a re-injury, I was probably less aggressive than

I should have been in ruthlessly compressing rest intervals and upping the weights when things were becoming a little too easy.

But enough of the downside, what was the upside? Before this program I could only Snatch a 12kg for reps (don't laugh). Now? I've been snatching a 20 kg through phases 3 and 4. I'm TGUing a 24 kg (something I wasn't able to do before consistently) but, more importantly, I refused to panic when injured, said to hell with the scales, the mirror and fat loss calipers and worked on gutting out the improvements in movement groove, and enjoying the feeling of sweating up a storm.

There have been a few surprises:

(1) My arms. I have a solidity to them now that I wasn't expecting and have never achieved before, both bis and tris.

(2) Shoulders and traps. Geoff Neupert has built in an ingenious progression that not only improves your ability to snatch later in the program but really tightens up the entire shoulder girdle extending down your upper back.

(3) Fat loss. Ya, there's been fat loss, but its the increased density and solidity to my physique that's been the most satisfying. And my ability in several different kb lifts. Phase 4 sets you up for the jumping off point to KB Muscle's Complexes if you choose and is a great confidence builder. Phase 4, as much as its a puker, is my favorite part of the program, though I'm starting to have a problem with sweaty palms on KBs that I never had to contend with in Phases 1,2, and 3.

(4) Confidence. Any doubts I had about KB Muscle have evaporated. I can't wait to tear into it.

(5) Concentration. My mind used to wander even during short KB sessions. Not anymore. KB Burn breaks a 45 minute session up into 15 min and 10 min segments that have enough going on in them timing and rest wise that your concentration is fully occupied.

I honestly can't believe how quickly some of the segments go.

Final note: David Whitley mentioned awhile ago on the Dragon Door forum that sometimes Fat Loss is held back because the trainee isn't swinging around a heavy enough KB to really get a decent furnace going. I have to partly agree with him and look forward to hitting this program again once I've upped my strength and see what effect the heavier bell and additional muscle KB Muscle will pack on. Even if I never hit it again, though, this puppy has given me a springboard to KB work that would have taken me 5 years to do on my own. And the ex- musclehead did it in only 16 weeks.


Geoff M.


Used Kettlebell Burn To Train For A Triathlon – Beat Her Friends!

Dear Geoff,

I did something unconventional and I used your Kettlebell Burn program to train for my first triathlon, which took place this past weekend. It was a sprint tri with 1⁄2mile swim, 12.4 mile bike and 3.5 mile run. I had always intended to train for it primarily with kettlebells, because as an RKC instructor I wanted to do an experiment with it. But I was on a bit of information overload with how to structure my training program. I had also been in a strength rut for a while, so I felt pretty unconditioned. Then along came your Kettlebell Burn program.

I didn’t originally purchase Burn with the intention of using it for my triathlon training, I just wanted to have it. Once I read through it, the overall structure and progressive nature of it sounded like it might be just the thing I needed. I also didn’t purchase it in enough time to get through the entire 16 weeks before the triathlon, but I got through workout A of week 11.

I did break one of your rules, however, by doing more than just your program. Since I’m not a swimmer, I had to practice in order to learn how to breathe effectively in the water (very much the opposite of KB swings/snatches!) and I enjoy some recreational biking in the summer. All in all though, it wasn’t much. I think I swam less than a dozen times since March. For the bike, I did only 2 longer rides and then maybe a dozen short, flat rides commuting to work. But each time I got on the bike, I noticed that I was stronger and faster than the previous ride.

I have to admit that the week before my triathlon, as I was hearing about all the training that my friends were doing, I was getting very nervous wondering if I should have done some traditional triathlon training. I was thinking that it would probably take me about 2 1⁄2 hours to complete the race. You should have seen my surprise when I crossed the finish line in 2:04:30 and before my friends!! In hindsight, I think if I had done just a little more traditional tri-training along with kettlebell training, I would have finished under 2 hours. But I’m very proud of my first-time, kettlebell experiment triathlon. It is obvious to me that your Kettlebell Burn program gave me the tools I needed to reach this goal.

I can’t thank you enough for this program. You truly are a kettlebell Master!

Shari Wagner


Kettlebell Burn is everything you say it is. Which is what I was hoping.


Ryne Miller


“I have more defined abs, back, and leg muscles since using KB Burn the last few weeks.”

I don’t have quantitative data- I use a mirror and how my pants fit as a guide.

Prior to your program, I was pretty lean- good muscle tone and visible abs. I have more defined abs, back, and leg muscles since using KB Burn the last few weeks. I like the fact that I experience essentially no soreness following your workouts.

Steve Fink


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Thanks for reading this letter.

Stay Strong.

Due to recent statements from the Federal Trade Commission, I must disclose what “typical” results using these programs will be. Typically, most people will become really excited after reading this sales letter and will purchase this product thinking it’s some sort of magical pill. They will either never print out the programs and do them, or do one workout and think it’s “too h-a-a-r-r-d” (said in the best whiney voice ever) and abandon their attempts.

So, the typical person will do nothing and “hope” for change. So their results will be zero. Your results, should you wish to “not be typical,” are completely dependent on your ability to actually do the work and follow through. Again, this is not a magic bullet. Unicorns do not exist. And there is no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Testimonials, case studies, and examples found on this page are results that have been forwarded to us by users of 'EASY MUSCLE' products and related products, who have actually done the work, and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results, only show what's possible with follow through.