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In the meantime, in order to make the most of your time, I wanted to let you know about the difference between:


… And why it’s MISSION CRITICAL to understand the difference between the two if you want to see the fastest possible results from using your kettlebell.

But first, here’s a question:

Do you remember the last time you drove to a new destination?

If you’re like most of us, you started from home, and then plotted your course on a map - usually the app on your phone.

And in order to get you from home to your destination, you had to make several turns, take several exits, and travel on different highways.

Essentially, you followed a PLAN.

While there’s no doubt 102 Kettlebell Workouts are highly valuable - they show you a variety of kettlebell workout structures to get leaner, stronger, and better conditioned than you may ever have been…

… They are also similar to specific points or locations on a map.

And yes, you can literally do each one of the 102 workouts every other day - maybe even every day - if you have exceptional recovery…

But without knowing how to progress each workout - create a mechanism of overload that signals your brain to get stronger and make the changes in and to your body that you will see and feel…

Shortly, your progress will stall.

That’s because there is no -

“Continuity Of the Training Process”...

… Which is an athletic planning term used by Eastern European Coaches when training their athletes, that means, “similarity in the direction, frequency, and intensity of the stimulus.”

In other words, a 100m sprinter doesn’t run 4 miles one day, swim the second day, go bowling the following day, and then play pool on the 5th day, to “keep the body guessing.”

No, the majority of his time is spent sprinting various distances, doing drills that help his sprints, and some strength work to help him run faster.

He follows a progressive plan designed by his coach that’s similar to the map you followed to get to your destination.

First, do this.

Next, do that.

When you get here, do this.

And so on…

Those who are serious about seeing the fastest progress using kettlebells, prefer to have the “points” connected for them, to know where and when to “turn,” so they can get to their destinations as quickly and safely as possible, just like Google maps or Apple maps does for you.

That’s what a PROGRAM does for you.

All the sets, reps, rest, weights, and days to workout are planned for you by someone - a coach - who knows how to get you where you want to go…

… To practically guarantee you get the results you want to get…

Which for pretty much every person I’ve trained with kettlebells since 2002 is some combination of -

[+]  “Lose body fat so I look better without a shirt on and so my clothes fit better..”

[+]  “Have more energy so I can do the things I want to do in life (including not be so tired for my kids)...”

[+]  “Feel stronger, like I did when I was younger…”

And if one or more of those are your goals too, I want to hand you a “roadmap” to accomplish those goals, “sooner,” rather than “someday.”

It’s a training plan called - 


Look -

That’s 159 pages of comments, questions, and reviews on the StrongFirst forum.

Over 277,000 views and over 3000 replies.

Why so many?

It’s John’s Fault.

John Grahill is a retired, high-mileage police officer on the wrong side of 50.

He’s been a customer of mine since around 2012. He sent me this email about his results with ‘THE GIANT’ -

As you can see, in only 3 weeks, training 30 minutes a day, 3 days a week (90 minutes total), John -

  • Dropped 4.5 pounds...
  • Wearing a pair of 35 inch waist jeans that were "slightly uncomfortable" and are now "spot on" - demonstrating that some of the weight he lost was stomach fat - the most dangerous kind - the stuff that contributes to heart disease...
  • Did this without "significantly altering his diet"... 
  • His arms are "more vascular" - which means he's seeing more definition in them...
  • Improved his conditioning levels by adding almost 2 extra ladders...

Here's what else John said -

John emailed me after Day1, Week 4. He was able to improve his reps from 55 in one session to 72 in one session... in only 4 weeks.

That's a 24% increase in total work performed!

In other words, John saw a 24% increase in his strength endurance levels in only 4 weeks!

What’s even more amazing, is that John… 

Continues To Set Seemingly Non-Stop Personal Records!

Since John started THE GIANT, he's moved up a full kettlebell size from a pair of 32kg's to a pair of 36kg's.

That means he continues to get stronger and stronger, month after month.

Not only that, his heart rate is lower...

... which means he's improving his heart health, and decreasing his risk of cardiovascular disease...

... Which is something every man over 40 has to be concerned about.

And nearly every week, every month...

He's setting personal strength records, each and every week, while getting more and more muscular...

... And he still -

Stays Lean Without Radical Dieting

Most guys think that in order to drop fat and get stronger as fast as John did, you have to carefully measure your food, eat lots of salad, and deny yourself most things good in life.

So, point blank I asked John in an email what he was doing for his diet and he said,

“Nothing much really. I just cut back on the desserts and alcohol. That’s it.”

No radical dieting.

We Call This “Recomposition” -

Getting leaner, building muscle, gaining strength, and improving heart health at the same time.

It’s the “Holy Grail” of “working out.”

It’s not just John who’s experienced recomposition from ‘THE GIANT’ either.

Other guys like Brian, Larry, and Joe confirmed the same thing -

Or even YouTube subscriber, “yabbayuya8788,” who lost 9kg (19.8 pounds) in just under 5 weeks while getting stronger:

How Does ‘THE GIANT’ Work So Well?

‘THE GIANT’ uses a compound exercise (2 exercises performed back to back) that engages every single muscle in your body -

From your fingers to your toes and everything in between.

It works:

[+]  Your posterior chain - feet, calves, hamstrings, glutes, hips, lower back

[+]  Your abs and obliques

[+]  Your upper back and shoulders

[+] Your biceps, triceps, forearms and grip

[+]  The front of your legs - your quads

[+]  And even your heart and lungs

That exercise?

The Kettlebell Clean + Press.

The Single Kettlebell Clean + Press, or…

The Double Kettlebell Clean + Press -

Your choice.

“Just ONE exercise?” you might be wondering?

Yes, “just” ONE.

Don’t worry - you won’t get bored.

And that’s because the Kettlebell Clean + Press DEMANDS your attention.

(And yes, you can add in a few other exercises after you’re through with your Clean + Presses. I’ll show you exactly how…)

And unlike most popular workouts which are designed for guys in their 20s or on steroids and have you “training to failure”...

Which leads to excessively sore muscles, stiff joints, physical exhaustion and even injuries…

‘THE GIANT’ delivers that “great workout feeling” like a hot fresh pizza…

But, does so without leaving you feeling like you were run over by a Mack truck.


‘THE GIANT’ Uses The ‘RVA Method’

The RVA Method is a 3-pronged training approach based upon Soviet sports science, Western exercise science, and 25+ years of “in-the-trenches” experience.

It maximizes the amount of work you can do, while minimizing fatigue, so you can recover sooner between workouts and therefore see results faster.

Here’s a quick look at these 3 “prongs:”

1. The Repetition Max (RM)
2. Variable Loading
3. Autoregulation 

Let’s briefly take a closer look at each…

R - The Repetition Max (RM) 

Repetition Maxes (RMs) are great training tools because they allow you to train hard without burning out your Central Nervous System.

Furthermore, RMs allow us to use percentages of fixed loads - like kettlebells - so our bodies adapt to the load - making the load feel easy - but not the stimulus.

This is the key to adaptation - making progress.

However, unlike many bodybuilding style workouts, you’re not using RMs every single workout because that would make you constantly sore, tired, and often leads to burnout and injury.

You’ll discover the most effective way for those of us over 40 to use RMs inside ‘THE GIANT.’

Finally, RMs allow you to measure progress quickly - week-to-week - as well, especially when you use -

V - Variable Loading

Variable Loading was used by the Soviet Weightlifting Teams in the 1970s and 80s and has been recently re-popularized by StrongFirst’s PlanStrong programming and Johnny Parker’s book, The System.

In traditional American strength programming, volume and intensity are coupled - as volume decreases, intensity increases, and vice versa. This usually happens across a given training cycle, ending with the heaviest weights possible. This is known as Linear Periodization.

In Variable Loading, volume and intensity are not related. They change and may seem random. And many times, heavy weights are strategically planned across a training cycle.

Soviet researchers Dr. A. Vorobyev and A. Ermakov demonstrated that Variable Loading produced 61% greater results in strength when compared to traditional Linear Periodization.

What drives the Variable Loading in ‘THE GIANT’ is -

A - Autoregulation

Autoregulation is when the output during a training session is governed by the athlete/trainee, based on a “loose” or predetermined set criteria or guidelines.

A 2021 systematic research review found that autoregulation was superior for producing results in upper and lower body strength than traditional methods.

‘THE GIANT’ uses two different forms of autoregulation.

As a result, on “good” days, when you have lots of energy, you can “push hard” and do a lot of work. On “bad” days, if you’re dragging, you can “coast” and do a bare minimum. Both contribute to training variability and therefore faster progress.

5 Different Programs In One!

Here's what's inside:

  • THE GIANT 1.0 - A basic 10RM program for those with lower endurance...

  • THE GIANT 1.1 - An intermediate 10RM program for those with average endurance...

  • THE GIANT 1.2 - An intermediate 10RM program for those with better than average endurance...

  • THE GIANT 2.0 - An advanced 10RM program for those with average endurance and high levels of strength...

  • THE GIANT 3.0 - A 5RM program for those who want to make a heavy pair of kettlebells feel light...

And the best part is -

You can run all these programs back-to-back for 20 weeks of high quality programming!

All you need to do to grab your “Road Map to Recomposition” is pick the version of ‘THE GIANT’ that’s better for you:


Here's what's inside:

  • THE GIANT 1.0 - A basic 10RM program for those with lower endurance...

  • THE GIANT 1.1 - An intermediate 10RM program for those with average endurance...

  • THE GIANT 1.2 - An intermediate 10RM program for those with better than average endurance...

  • THE GIANT 2.0 - An advanced 10RM program for those with average endurance and high levels of strength...

  • THE GIANT 3.0 - A 5RM program for those who want to make a heavy pair of kettlebells feel light...

For less than $20 -



If you need to brush up on your kettlebell technique.

Here's what's inside:

  • THE GIANT 1.0 - A basic 10RM program for those with lower endurance...

  • THE GIANT 1.1 - An intermediate 10RM program for those with average endurance...

  • THE GIANT 1.2 - An intermediate 10RM program for those with better than average endurance...

  • THE GIANT 2.0 - An advanced 10RM program for those with average endurance and high levels of strength...

  • THE GIANT 3.0 - A 5RM program for those who want to make a heavy pair of kettlebells feel light...

PLUS: These Three (3) BONUSES

BONUS #1: How To Kettlebell Clean Videos (Value: $97)

Here’s how you:

[+]  Keep the kettlebell from smacking you on the back of your wrist

[+]  Avoid slamming the kettlebell into your shoulder 

[+]  Prevent hurting your back in the Rack position

[+]  Position your arm to avoid Golfers or Tennis elbow 

[+]  Grip the kettlebell for maximum comfort and stability

[+]  “Tame the arc” for the perfect landing position 

[+]  “Tame the arc” on the backswing so you don’t hurt your lower back

[+]  And much, much more…

BONUS #2: THE BIG 6 - How To Kettlebell Press Videos
(Value: $97)

Inside, you’ll discover -

[+]  How to build a “Pillar of Power” upon which to project a strong and stable Press

[+]  The role of your feet for stabilizing a big overhead lift 

[+]  How to use your quads for more strength

[+]  What your abs and gluts should be doing to protect your lower back so you can hoist heavy weights overhead 

[+]  How to protect your shoulders - and especially your rotator cuffs, by learning how to engage your lats both on the way up AND more importantly, on the way DOWN

[+]  Where your eyes and head should be for an immediately stronger and shoulder-healthy Press 

[+]  And much, much more…

BONUS #3: THE BIG 6 - How To Swing… Turkish Get Up… Goblet Squat… and Snatch Videos
(Value: $388)

Here’s Why:

[+]  The Swing is your "kettlebell foundation" -

If you're Clean is wrong, most likely your Swing is Wrong...

... So if what you learn in the Clean videos doesn't fix your Clean, fix your Swing.

[+]  The Goblet Squat “greases” your hips and knees for maximum power in the Swing...

[+]  The Turkish Get Up is perfect for restoring movement in stiff, tight shoulders that hurt when pressing...

[+]  Plus - the Turkish Get Up is a perfect exercise for opening tight hips, and teaching your core and shoulder to "play together" for shoulder safety and longevity - critical for long term success in the Press...

[+]  And the Snatch is perfect to alternate after 3 or 4 months of training with the Clean and Press...

[+]  And much, much more…


Get It All Right Now

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"Extra Strength" Guarantee

I'm so sure that you'll get "Extra Strength" on your Clean & Presses AND actually SEE a visible difference in your body in the next 30 days, like John Grahill did, that if for some strange reason you don't, I'll happily refund you your purchase price.

Simply send me an email showing me your training journal and we'll part friends. Deal?


Regardless of which option you choose, please email me your ‘Recomposition Results’ from using ‘THE GIANT’ at

Thanks for reading.

Stay Strong,


Q: How long is each workout?

A: Each workout is 20 to 30 minutes long. You decide.

Q: How long is THE GIANT program?

A: There are FIVE programs and each is 4 weeks long - so 20 weeks - almost 5 months worth of programs.

Q: What size kettlebell do I need?

A: Something that you can Clean & Press for a max of about 10 times. Or a PAIR of kettlebells you can Clean & Press 10 times.

Q: What's better - using a single kettlebell for THE GIANT or a pair of kettlebells?

A: A Pair. They create greater systemic demand and therefore faster, more noticeable results (like John's).

Q: If I use a pair of kettlebells, do they have to be equal?

A: No, you can use mixed-matched kettlebells.

Q: Does this work for women as well as men?

A: Yes. The higher rep sets probably work better for women because women respond to strength training through a "growth hormone response" - which is based on higher training volumes and densities. So I fully expect a woman, based on my experience of training women for the last 25+ years, including my wife, to see results.

Q: Will THE GIANT work for people over 40?

A: Yes. John Grahill is over 50. It worked for him, it'll work for you. Incidentally, I'm in my late 40s, and these types of programs seem to work BETTER for me the older I get. They seem to work better for my recovery.

Q: How long do I have to try this out?

A: You can have a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. I fully expect you to see similar gains to John Grahill, who is over 50. If for some strange reason you don't - email me at with a copy of your training log showing me your lack of progress, and I'll happily refund you and we'll part friends.